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Care of a skin. The modern person is simply obliged to look accurate and well-groomed. As they say, meet on одежке, both your person and a skin testify to your success first of all. How to look after a face skin in the winter, the cosmetician of a beauty
Care of a skin. The modern person is simply obliged to look accurate and well-groomed. As they say, meet on одежке, both your person and a skin testify to your success first of all. How to look after a face skin in the winter, the cosmetician of a beauty salon "Oasis" Lyudmila Bognibova advises.

Daily leaving.

If in the summer we humidify a skin in the morning, and nutritious creams we apply in the evening in the winter all occurs on the contrary. In the morning, after washing, we wipe the person tonic and we put a nutritious cream. In the evening, at least two hours prior to a dream, we clear a skin and we put humidifying cream. Why not at once before a dream? Yes because if you so arrive, in the morning to you is provided отечный an unhealthy kind! Directly ahead of a dream it is possible to put only whey is more liquid, than the cream, means, is present at each line of cosmetics respecting. Whey gets deeply into a skin, nothing leaving on surfaces, and in the morning a mirror will necessarily please you.

If to humidify a skin in the morning, before an exit on street, water which is present at each humidifying cream much, will simply freeze on a cold, will extend (recollect a school course of physics), and will increase skin pores. Also what we will receive as a result? All the same unhealthy kind. So this key rule on care of a face skin should be remembered all - both to women, and men.

Special leaving.

The summer has flown by, and ultraviolet influence on a skin should be neutralised somehow. With it you will be helped by a peeling. For a healthy skin enough one session, is simple to get rid of the old, become lifeless cages. If as a result of sunburn there were pigmentary stains, address to the cosmetician - he will advise a complex of procedures which will neutralise consequences of overdose of an ultraviolet. Especially it concerns men - after all they much less, than women use protective creams in the summer, as a result of their skin suffers more and requires special leaving.

The peeling makes active growth of new cages, skin updating. Undergoing this procedure at least once a year, you can be assured, as in ten years your skin will keep the freshness.

One more recommendation - a facial massage. It stimulates blood inflow, helps to smooth available small wrinkles and interferes with occurrence of the new. Besides, procedure so pleasantly weakens, that its termination introduces even some disappointment.

Influence of ultra-violet beams.

To fans of winter sunburn is advised not to take a great interest in imaginary beauty, and to recollect that pallor always was considered as the aristocracy privilege more often. Actually, of course, cloudy winter days our organism requires an ultraviolet. After all with its help vitamin D, so necessary for health of any person is developed. But to take a great interest in artificial sunburn nevertheless it is not necessary. Enough some sessions in a month of 3-5 minutes.

By the way, about vitamins. For a skin vital vitamin E, he allows as it is possible to keep a young and healthy kind longer. Some doctors advise to accept the multivitamin preparations, some register each vitamin separately. To whom to trust - to choose to you. Only remember, that some minerals and vitamins are incompatible with each other, therefore before acquisition of a treasured jar in a drugstore, nevertheless consult with the therapist.

These basic recommendations need to try to be carried out to everyone. If at you a problem skin, it is necessary to address to the expert, it will help to get rid of all negative phenomena. The main thing, remember: health and beauty - concepts inseparably linked and if you neglect the first very soon will lose also the second.
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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