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Let's look back in the future.
Let's look back in the future.
For someone leaving year successful, for someone - less successful, it has seemed to someone difficult, and this year all was given to someone easily and simply, but, certainly, all will agree that year was interesting, eventful and, thank God, more and more good. The facts and the phenomena which have already affected or which else it is necessary to predetermine our further life, a life in Republic Moldova, have appeared the most important for the country in leaving year? About it is a retrospective calendar-2007.
01 - the Uniform window to Europe.
In April of this year in Kishinev the Uniform centre of issue of visas to the EU countries for citizens of Moldova has opened. And on October, 12th the vice-chairman of the European commission being on a visit in our country Ex has handed over to the president of Republic Moldova of the Agreement on simplification of a visa regime and which will come into force on January, 1st, 2008. Both these decisions of a management of EU are regarded as one more indicator of that our country successfully moves ahead on a way of integration to the European structures according to positions of the Plan of action Republic Moldova - the European union. Process of realisation of the plan which has been signed on February, 22nd, 2005 and which action expires this year, has received in Bruxelles as a whole positive estimations. At the same time the Eurocommission marks importance of continuation of processes of internal reforms, in particular, in sphere of human rights, freedom of the press, public administration, justice, struggle against corruption, improvement of an investment climate.
02 - Returning of lascivious wine.
After one and a half year, in November Moldova has renewed export of agroindustrial production, including, fault, to the Russian Federation. The decision on return of Moldavian wines on the market of Russia was accepted after problem discussion at level of heads of the states. After Vladimir Voronina and Vladimir Putin's last meeting in October, the president of Moldova declared, that in the near future Moldavian wines will arrive on the Russian counters. And here on first of November the first waggon with the Moldavian cognac has already arrived on a customs post in Moscow, and its direct delivery to consumers next day has begun. The Moldavian wine makers have returned on the market of Russia with new quality and the new prices - alcoholic production from Moldova has risen in price in the market of Russia for 30 %.
03 - Europe opens the market for Moldova.
One of the major events of 2007 in that, as to a strengthening of relations between Moldova and eurocommunity, was also granting to our country of a mode of asymmetric trade according to which the Moldavian manufacturers can deliver production to the EU countries, not paying the customs duties at export. At the given stage details about categories of the goods which will be included in a mode of asymmetric trade are discussed. In parallel EU enters for Moldova quotas on certain "sensitive" for the market of the European Union production. Quotas are established in an accruing mode for five years that will allow the domestic manufacturer to adapt for requirements of the market of the European countries. Not looking at all pedantry shown by eurocommissioners in a question of protection of the market of EU, the Moldavian management managed to convince them that volumes of our production in a global cut of the European market hardly represent a serious competition for the European commodity producers.
04 - Accident of year.
Accident of year unequivocally recognises a drought of this summer. It compare to a drought of 1946-47 which tragical consequences else are remembered by eyewitnesses. The country leaders managed to minimise negative effects of this act of nature, including, thanks to the help given more than 20 countries and the international organisations. Nevertheless, recession in agrarian sector in this year has made more than 30 %. Natural cataclysms have once again proved correctness of a policy of consolidation of the earths spent by the country leaders: large plots on which complex systems of agrotechnologies were applied, have suffered from a drought in a smaller measure.
05 - the Attraction of year.
This year will be remembered also by absolutely new approach to the permission of the Dnestr conflict, namely promotion by the president of the country of initiatives on trust strengthening between Kishinev and Tiraspol. Vladimir Voronin named a number of problems which, according to the head of the state, it is possible to resolve, not resorting at all to services of intermediaries. Besides other, it is a question of reduction of military potentials; realisation of some joint infrastructural and humanitarian projects; removal of all mutual restrictions on movings of officials. Initiatives have received positive responses at representatives of the international and European organisations; as a part of the Moldavian government working groups which have already started search of possibilities of their concrete realisation are created some.
06 - the Document of year.
The permission of the Dnestr conflict is one of five strategic priorities included in the National plan for development () of Republic Moldova for 2008-2011, approved in the end of this year the government. Other four major problems provide consolidation of the modern democratic state based on leadership of the law; increase of competitiveness of national economy; development of human resources; regional development. Priorities are predetermined by the purpose of approach of Moldova to the European quality standards of a life. A document major principle - a continuity of measures on development. And it means, that without dependence from a political conjuncture, within four next years - the period of realisation of the plan - all efforts of the state will be directed on making a life of each of us better.
07 - Moldova became the country of free economy.
Liberalisation of economy by introduction of three initiatives - amnesties of the capital, tax amnesty, the zero rate of surtax - is sign event of leaving year, perhaps, not only for our country. Such radical reforms accepted simultaneously and in a sheaf with each other, the economy of any state till now did not know. Capital legalisation is spent for 5 % from its sum: half of these means arrives in the state budget, and second half - in budgets of social insurance and obligatory medical insurance. For December, 1st, 2007 it has already been legalised the capital for the sum of 60 million therefore in procedure of the state registration in the state budget has arrived a 3 million order in the form of the legalisation rate. The size of the cancelled debts against the national public budget has exceeded to the beginning of December of 4,3 billion .
08 - From wood - in the mayoralty.
Elections in local authorities from June, 3rd, 2007 have seriously changed a political card of Moldova. But contrary to pessimistic comments of homebrew political analysts apropos loss in elections ̻, on all political canons the Party of their communists has won: political competitors following communists have typed in two-three times of less voices. The victory on local elections in Kishinev Liberal party and election of the nephew of the chairman of it on a post of the mayor has appeared a special surprise. And this family idyll became only the beginning of the big surprises of a management of the mayoralty in new structure. Since time of election town governors have surprised us with the most long procedure of creation of municipal council (4 months); the most original socially-ecological measure of protection of children (children's competition of drawings on the most functional garbage tank); Stopping delivery of hot water and decrease in temperature of the heat-carrier in the heat of winter, well and, at last, the most long and tiresome travel of a New Year tree from wood home. 
09 - "Steam locomotive" of year.
This year is characterised also by an aggravation of the Moldavian-Romanian relations. The Romanian press as never teems with newspaper materials, the Internet blogs and the forums calling into question the Moldavian identity, language, history, and the right to existence of the independent and sovereign country - Republic Moldova - in general earlier. Problems in relations of two countries are warmed up by visa scandal in which have appeared employees of consular department are got mixed up, and reach peak intensity in the autumn when two representatives have been sent from Moldova Romanian . Moldova sees the decision of bilateral problems in signing of two documents - the base contract and the contract about borders between two next states that Romania refuses to do. Now the "Moldavian-Romanian" file is considered in the European union, and, according to Vladimir Voronina, it is not so so much question of relations of Moldova and Romania, how many relations of Romania and EU. 
10 - Moldova became the sea country.
In 2007 in Moldova sale of the mineral oil imported into the country by sea - through the Dzhjurdzhjuleshtsky oil terminal has begun. Works on designing of passenger-and-freight port in the south of Moldova are simultaneously conducted. For providing of access to it the road Kahul-Dzhjurdzhjulesht site is constructed. For inhabitants of a southern zone of Moldova hundreds new workplaces are created. The authorities of the country expect serious jump in development of national economy as a result of successful realisation of a portfolio of investment projects within the limits of the terminal which total cost is estimated in 250 million dollars. 
11 - "Call" of year.
In the beginning of year in the country working out of the Program of full help of Corporation Calls of a millenium started the governments of the USA, and the first design offers for the financing, concerning infrastructures - modernisations of roads, increases of efficiency of a power system, rehabilitation of irrigational systems on October, 24th, 2007 are presented. The Corporation purpose Calls of a millenium is support of process of reduction of level of poverty by achievement of steady economic growth in the countries with the limited incomes. Georgia and the Armenia which has received in aggregate 530 million of dollars on development have already taken advantage of its help.
12 - Restoration of year.
It is considered one of the major cultural-historical events of year end of restoration of the Monastic complex - support of orthodox Christian traditions of the country which restoration was promoted by all society. Event is dated for the Temple holiday of the Keprijansky monastery marked on August, 28th. 
13 - Year Mastiffs.
In the centre of a cultural life of Moldova in leaving year there were three events: celebrated 70-year-old anniversary composer Evgenie Doga and 50-year-old anniversary of its creative activity; semicentenial anniversary of National opera and ballet theatre; the International competition Madame Butterfly which has passed for the first time in our country. But this list would be incomplete if we have not mentioned such important event of a cultural life of 2007 as opening on the Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow of monument - one of the most romantic film directors of the Soviet epoch. 
14 - the Sportsman of year.
By the best sportsman of 2007 weight-lifter Igor Bour, thanks to the won rank of the champion of Europe in a category to 56 kg and to 6 place in the World championship in is named by Association of the sports press of Moldova. Igor Bour has already won the permit on summer Olympic games of 2008 in Beijing. The command of year names the National national team of Moldova on football. By the way, its instructor - Igor Dobrovolsky - is recognised by Association of the sports press the trainer of year. We will make bold to include in number of the best sportsmen of year and Alexander Pljushkina - the Moldavian bicyclist who has won "gold" in the World championship on ring bicycle races in Cape Town (republic of South Africa). This victory it has won the permit on -2008.
Rita Svetlova,
Photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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