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Ilie Ilascu it is released from тюрмы Dnestr region after the lapse of 9 years. On Saturday the president of not recognised Dnestr republic Igor Smirnov has signed the Decree about pardon Илие Илашку, sentenced on December, 8th, 1993 to a death penalty on
Ilie Ilascu it is released from тюрмы Dnestr region after the lapse of 9 years. On Saturday the president of not recognised Dnestr republic Igor Smirnov has signed the Decree about pardon Илие Илашку, sentenced on December, 8th, 1993 to a death penalty on charge in terrorism. Right after it the minister of safety of Dnestr region Vadim Shevtsov (Антюфеев) delivered Илашку on the special car to Kishinev and has transferred to its director of Service of the information and safety of Moldova Валериу Пасату. Илие Илашку has told, that to it did not speak about clearing till last moment. Vadim Shevtsov said to it, that carries in the Moldavian capital to organise a meeting with representatives of the international organisations. Илие Илашку has stayed in Tiraspol prison without small nine years - since June, 1992. He has been detained in June, 1992 and condemned by the Supreme Court of Dnestr region on charge in fulfilment of acts of terrorism during a confrontation in Dnestr region. Илашку has been sentenced to a death penalty, and four its colleagues - to various imprisonment terms. One of them - Vladimir Garbuzov has been released several years ago, after imprisonment term departure. Three others - Andrey Ivantsok, Tudor Petrov-priest and Alexander Leshko continue to remain in prison. Contrary to the initial information on Saturday the Tiraspol authorities have released only Илашку, instead of all members of group. Representatives of Tiraspol administration have explained clearing Илашку as "good will gesture" and "a step towards to a new management of Moldova". In their opinion, this measure will serve trust strengthening between Kishinev and Tiraspol and to giving of efficiency to negotiating process. The new president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin at the first meeting with the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnovym has raised the question about clearing Илашку. The arrangement on its clearing on the eve of Easter has been reached, but term has been transferred because Илашку has flatly refused to write the application on the pardon addressed to Смирнова. In its opinion, such application would mean a recognition of Dnestr region from its party. Clearing Илие Илашку on Saturday became full unexpectedness for everything, including for it and members of his family. 
* the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has met on Saturday with Илие Илашку which has been released from Tiraspol prison in the morning. The meeting has taken place not in president residence, and in the house of receptions of parliament located in the neighbourhood where Илашку have brought from Service of the information and safety of Moldova. As have informed agency "ИНФОТАГ" informed circles, the former prisoner with tears on eyes thanked Воронина. Илие Илашку which always adhered to the extremely right sights and supports association of Moldova with Romania, has expressed gratitude Воронину. He has told, that the new president of republic - unique in Moldova the politician of a high rank who did not try to use Илашку with a view of reception of the political capital. He has declared to the president that does not divide its political views and considers as its political opponent, but at the same time is grateful for assistance in clearing. " I knew that negotiations are carried on, but did not believe, that my clearing becomes possible ", - has told Илашку. According to the same sources, on Saturday in telephone conversation president Vladimir Voronin has informed the president of Romania to Ion Илиеску on clearing Илашку and its intentions. Илие Илашку has told to president Voroninu that will leave to Romania only after clearing of three colleagues who have remained in prison." I can start discharge of duties of a member of the Senate of Romania only after my companions "will be released, - has told Илашку. 

* it is indisputable, the important event for Moldova is clearing by the Tiraspol authorities of political prisoner Ilie Ilashku. Press conference in which have taken part Илие Илашку and the chairman of the State commission on settlement of a Dnestr problem Vasil Sturza Yesterday has taken place. From the very beginning Илие Илашку has noticed, that cannot speak about many things, will not be released yet it товорищи: Тудор the Priest, Andrey Ivantsok, Alexander Leshko. He also does not agree that military actions of 92nd year are called as a confrontation, instead of war. Илие Илашку has denied the information that the authorities of Tiraspol have shown it any official conditions, its concerning clearings. All it has been made by Shevtsov in the oral form on road to Kishinev. The minister of a state security of Dnestr region "has asked" Илашку not to revenge the Left bank population, never to take in weapon hands, not to submit on anybody from 92nd year involved in events to court, and also to withdraw the statement from the European court under human rights, on what Илие Илашку has refused. "Those who does harm, should be punished", - the former political prisoner has told. Илие Илашку and further is going to struggle for reunion of Moldova with Romania. "I am in territory of Great Romania", - he has noted. According to Илашку, everything, that has been made for the decision of a Dnestr problem, has been made not correctly, therefore it пессемистически estimates the further settlement of the conflict. It supports occurrence of Romania in the European Union, but with a condition, that "бесарабцы will have the Romanian citizenship".

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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