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International Language Training Center (ILTC). Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. Courses of English, German, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and Russian. International exams (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE). Conversational clubs, professional language workshops a
International Language Training Center (ILTC). Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. Courses of English, German, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and Russian. International exams (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE). Conversational clubs, professional language workshops and courses. Summer language school for children and teenagers. Teacher training courses. Specialized professional language courses for corporate clients.

As globalisation gathers pace and the modern world is constantly developing, you cannot stand still contemplating the achieved results, even if they are very prominent and can be regarded as very successful. As the old Chinese saying states If you stay still, you will fall behind. But if you ponder on that, even to stay afloat, you need to work extra hard and keep moving. In case you want to achieve better and more prominent results, you need to go an extra mile and work extra hard. That speed and effort are very characteristic of the International Language Training Center.

The International Language Training Center (ILTC) is a leading brand in the education service market in Chisinau, Moldova, operating since 1994 and having over 30,000 graduates up to date. It provides a wide range of services from private tutoring to providing language services and language training to corporate clients. This ensures the intercultural learning, professional development and personal motivation for the ILTC student and teacher communities.

Open since 1994, the ILTC was originally part of the Open World House (OWH), a non-governmental center in Moldova. In October 2001, the Language School became an independent entity - the International Language Training Center - founded by the Soros Foundation of Moldova and the Pro Didactica Educational Center.

International Language Training Center offers an extensive range of in house general courses from Absolute beginners level to Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) level. Besides, ILTC has a rapidly expanding range of business courses, usually taught in company, both to groups and on a one-to-one basis. The Young Learners Group is another dynamic group leading the way in active participation through, for example, drama and also increasingly developing Business English courses. ILTC provides students with flexible time schedules and a range of courses suitable for any age and professional group.

2008 is a celebrated year of constant change and development for the International Language Training Center. To name just a few - in 2008 ILTC has renewed the Licence and got it approved with the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. ILTC has introduced new training programmes for ILTC students and enriched the ILTC language portfolio. ILTC language instructors got the international teaching qualifications. This list can go on, but ILTC never stops and continues developing professionally. As ILTC staff says: We understand that we have no right to stay still we have our obligations to the students who trust and believe in ILTC high level quality of services provided.

In October 2008 ILTC turns 14 years old. To celebrate the event properly, ILTC has launched the construction works of the new ILTC premises. Thus, ILTC will be able to welcome more students to the big ILTC family and enable the ILTC students to spend more efficient and enjoyable time in the ILTC world of foreign languages to communicate and socialise with friends at the new Student Lounge, to take part in various language workshops and attend new language trainings, to participate in language contests and quizes, to learn English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Romanian; to develop professionally by attending Business and professional language courses, to prepare for the international language examinations, to learn more about the foreign cultures and traditions.

International Language Training Center is constantly evolving and the ILTC community is expanding. The key person behind the success of the language school is its Executive Director, Viktoriya Galiy, who's been managing the language school since its opening. Viktoriya is a philologist and educational manager with the ambition and perseverance of a mountaineer as soon as one height is conquered, she strives for another one even higher and more ambitious. Viktoriya is sure that anything is possible if you are determined and persistent enough.

What is the key to success and the competitive edge of a language school like ILTC, especially keeping in mind the fierce competition in the foreign language training market in Chisinau? Of course, ILTC has its own 'know how' the high quality of teaching and the professional attitude to the teaching process on behalf of the ILTC language instructors, the majority of whom hold qualifications from the accredited universities in England, Germany, the USA and Canada. Additionally, the ILTC's success lies in the modern and progressive teaching methods, unique teaching materials specially-elaborated by the ILTC language instructors, and the last but not the least the friendly environment at ILTC. At the International Language Training Center the learning process turns up to be very enjoyable and easy the communicative approach facilitates the learning process and engages students in communicating in a foreign language from the very start of the training programme. This is the key to the ILTC's success which explains the tendency of constant growth of the student community, the professional development of the ILTC instructors and the enhancement of the ILTC language courses and training programmes ultimately aiming at satisfying all the needs of ILTC clients.

For everybody at ILTC it is of utmost importance to facilitate the language learning process for the students and make the language training as beneficial , lucrative and enjoyable as possible.

ILTC contact details:
International Language Training Center
43 Petru Rares str., Chisinau, MD-2005
Tel: (+373 22) 29 29 88
Fax: (+373 22) 29 28 11

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