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Myths about escalating of hair. What unusual in coming from the hairdresser with the cut hair? Certainly, there is in it nothing especial. And here to go to the master with a short hairdress and to return from it with long hair - absolutely an another mat
Myths about escalating of hair. What unusual in coming from the hairdresser with the cut hair? Certainly, there is in it nothing especial. And here to go to the master with a short hairdress and to return from it with long hair - absolutely an another matter. But round escalating of hair for a long time many myths already have collected.
Let's talk a little about them.
Myth 1. The best hair are European.
Many salons advertise certain "the European hair", but it only the dodge, called to involve the trustful client knowing, that "all the best - from Europe". Actually any European hair does not exist, for escalating use hair slavic and Asian. Slavic hair buy in Ukraine, in Belarus and in Russia. They are almost identical to ours, are characterised by light tone, therefore they are easy for painting or тонировать, not damaging structure. They can be increased some times, at them high wear, they not such dry and not so are confused, as крашеные - in these countries hair for escalating it is accepted to paint dark hair which bring from Italy or China industrially.
Plus of the Indian hair is that, thanking their softness, they easily are wound, extended, keep within. And here the Chinese hair - rigid, equal and direct. Among them come across not so qualitative is more often, therefore masters prefer to deal with slavic, Indian or Italian hair.
If for escalating poor quality hair were used. That as though well not was the technology is observed, spin after the first washing will start to be confused and get out. Then all should be altered. And together with the increased locks quite often it is necessary to cut out and own hair of the client.

Myth 2. For fastening of locks household glue is used.
Actually, to increase hair, use capsules with special cosmetic glue. The more qualitatively glue, the hair is better keep.
There are hot and cold methods of escalating of hair. When the English hot technology is used, glue is warmed up in a special pistol and squeezed out, and then the master manually forms of it a capsule, крепящую an increased lock to natural hair. At use of the Italian technology each lock is already supplied by a capsule with glue, they need to be warmed up only electronippers. The Italian technology often name the most reliable.
Cold technologies name so because in them it is warmed up nothing. The master manually forms a capsule by means of glue which drips on the lock end. Also there is an escalating without glue, by means of metal rings through which locks are stretched. The ring then is clamped by special tweezers.
Myth 3. At the increased hair solderings are visible.
Usually such speak, when it is a question of thin hair. But actually. When the master works with thin hair, it increases not only length, but also volume. Therefore it and capsules takes less. Appreciable capsules-solderings is not a technology lack, and a sign of unfair work of the master.
Myth 4. From escalating the hair thin.
It is necessary to tell at once, that any hairdresser's procedure can spoil hair. But there will be no harm if the master has correctly chosen technology, has picked up qualitative hair, the client correctly looked after hair and has removed them after the validity expiry of the term. Moreover, as the increased locks make some pressure upon roots of hair, they, on the contrary, stimulate own hair of the customer to growth.
Myth 5. The pasted hair fall off in due course.
Too an invention. With the increased hair it is possible to go from 3 till 6 months, but they do not drop out, simply after the expiry of the term of the validity the master by means of special gel should remove them. Thus own hair of the customer do not suffer in any way. Correction as capsules-solderings become appreciable by a measure отрастания own hair periodically is required.
It is necessary to remember it.

1. Leaving demands time.

Wrong leaving is that is capable to spoil even qualitatively increased hair. Usual hair receive a food from the grease glands-bulbs located in a skin. And here the artificial demand leaving from the outside: use humidifying shampoo without the conditioner, do not forget about nutritious masks (they need to be held not мене a half an hour), силиконовое oil (it will add to your hair shine), restoring spray. For the night hair are better for braiding in a plait so you keep them from спутывания.

2. A financial question.

Escalating cost is defined by technology and length of hair. Longer hair manage more expensively. To increase one lock in length of 55-60 sm, you should lay out from 120 roubles. At length of a lock of 70 sm - from 160 roubles. The more dense your own hair, the it is required locks more, and it means, that density of hair too is ценообразующим the factor.

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how шаманские experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - таки is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

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Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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