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April, 1st - trust nobody! Why the custom to joke this day? Some versions about origin history on 1st of April: It is said that the tradition has come from Ancient Rome or Ancient India, but the version is most extended, that it has occurred in France in

April, 1st - trust nobody! Why the custom to joke this day? Some versions about origin history on 1st of April: It is said that the tradition has come from Ancient Rome or Ancient India, but the version is most extended, that it has occurred in France in 1564 in connection with carrying over of the beginning of year with April, 1st for January, 1st. Not having received that day the traditional gifts, the disappointed subject steels to consider on April, 1st as day of a deceit.

But still ancient Romans marked on February, 17th a holiday silly. In east India the tradition of draws exists from time immemorial, but is celebrated on March, 31st. 

The tradition lives and now. The nature became the reason of such original tradition. People tried to cajole spring whims of weather jokes and draws.

In Australia this day begins in literal sense with laughter - laughter of a bird of a kukabarry-mocker. And without that cheerful Australians this day laugh and rejoice. As well as in other countries of the world, inhabitants of Green continent play each other and give unusual ridiculous gifts.

Though is at this day and the traditions. In some countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, April Fools' draws it is accepted to arrange till a dinner. If the person will convict of draw after - it, rather obviously, will consider really not so clever.

That, however, at all does not confuse the Australian mass media - here who has eaten a dog on draws. On April, 1st the marathon on trustful readers, listeners and spectators joins even the most serious mass-media. To play a trick on the friend or the colleague, of course, cheerfully, whether but the joke - to play all country?

It is possible to much. So, on April, 1st, 1999 from morning show on popular Australian radio station Triple J Adam Spenser has declared, that it knows about secret meeting of the International Olympic Committee and that as a result Sydney has lost the right of carrying out of summer Olympic games of 2000. The prime minister of staff has taken part in draw the New Southern Wales the Bean of Carrhae which "has confirmed" the information. People have believed, and hot news was carried by all editions of the country.

At Gold Coast (in Australia - popular mainly among studying youth) radio station Sea FM has informed the most popular zone of rest, that the age threshold for purchase of spirits changes. Now they are on sale not after 18 years, but after 21 years. To disappointment of students there was no limit - they even have tried suit a manifestation of protest.

Fortunately, this very day leading radio stations admitted, that it was draw.

On April, 1st, 2004 newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald has published "truthful" history that to the employees of the Chinese restaurants carrying on halls of the cart with dishes, now it is necessary to receive a special driving licence - according to new rules of City council of Sydney. Motive - drivers of carts too often break them, arrange a brothel at restaurants or even touch colleagues and visitors.

Owners of restaurants have seized for a head - after all more trained personnel should pay more

And information service ABC has informed, that the drought in the north of the country has compelled many fresh-water crocodiles to move in the southern rivers. The leading and dear expert on reptiles Steve Sass was thus quoted.

Farmers and tourists do not need to worry, - journalists have seriously added. - fresh-water crocodiles grow at length only to three metres. And half of this length - a tail!. It is possible to guess, that in the rivers this day nobody bathed.

Since 2006 in Armenia officially celebrate Day of satire and humour. The nature became the reason of such original tradition in the world. People tried to cajole spring whims of weather jokes and draws.
Armenians always were famous for the humour. It is enough to recollect the well-known Armenian radio. Names of the Armenian comedy actors and clowns have for ever become history of satire: , Leonid Engibarov, conjurers . And and the Karabakh humour is too the original phenomenon which has developed because of the historical reasons.

Day of laughter in special honour in Bulgaria. Not that that there joke at every turn, but the love to jokes is present, in particular in day on first of April when everyone tries to outwit the neighbour, the colleague, native.

Children are especially glad to a holiday. There are cases when even mass-media join in this amusing game and present any amazing news.
And the joke has gone to Bulgaria from a city of Gabrovo . the unsurpassed sense of humour of a steel in Bulgaria the talk of the town. Business has reached that on April, 1st, 1972 in Gabrovo there was the real House of humour and satire. There constantly there are the exhibitions of caricatures everyone and always of many visitors.

In one to a joke ask: Why to the city founder - to the Smith - a monument have constructed in the river? The answer also follows: That is why that nobody wished to be thrown off and give the place on monument construction.
Yes, awful misers, but at the same time over themselves also banter. In it they something are similar to Scots.

And on April, 1st, 1976 the Ukrainian astronomer from the Crimean astrophysical laboratory Nikolay Chernyh even named the new planet of Gabrovo opened by it in honour so grown fond to it jokes.

Some consider, that originally 1th April were celebrated in many countries as day of a spring solstice. Festivals of day of a spring solstice were accompanied by jokes, pranks and cheerful tricks.
There is also other, more widespread version of occurrence of a holiday. Before in 16th century Charles 9 reformed in France a calendar with Victorian for the Gregorian, New year was celebrated not on 1st of January, and in the end of March. New Year's week began on March, 25th and came to an end on 1st of April.

An April Fools' small fish (pesce daprile) so in Italy name this international holiday which is and in France (Poisson dAvril), and in Germany (Aprilscherz), and in many English-speaking countries (April fools day), even in India...

On April, 1st - Day of fools - is celebrated in Canada as cheerfully, as well as all over the world. And here whence this custom in general undertook? It has come from France. In 16 century the new calendar has been entered. New year which began since April, 1st, now have transferred for January, 1st - and as at that time news extended very slowly (well there was no at them neither radio, nor TV, an Internet!) - some and continued still any time to celebrate New year in April, for what teased them April fools.

The laughter is a life buoy on life waves. A.Raabe the Laughter and fun are inseparable by nature the person. This postulate does not require the scientific proof. The humour and accompanies the person daily, at times gaining in hard situations...

In Moldova on April, 1st is not an official holiday. Probably, this day has not been officially noted by the state structures because in Moldova the humour and laughter is integrally merged with the national...

In Day of laughter, in Poland it is called Prima aprilis (on first of April), almost all try to play a trick on somebody. April Fools' jokes appear also in newspapers and other means of the mass...

Mark Twain has somehow told: on First of April is a day when we recollect whom we are all other 364 days in a year.

If in Russia Day of the fool as usual begins with a morning April Fools' joke of type wake up! For work has overslept!, in the USA mass media (mass-media), for fun, disclose every year the list of the silliest people of the country.

Romania officially does not celebrate on April, 1st Day of laughter. But, most likely, also it is not necessary for Romania, that Day of laughter has been officially noted...

April Fools' draws have affirmed as Russia after once inhabitants of Petersburg have been early in the morning lifted from beds by the disturbing alarm usually announcing a fire. It was on April, 1st, and the alarm as it is simple to guess, was comic. In Russia April Fools' jokes have become fashionable at Peter I. For April, first joke all. So be on the lookout, well and be, of course, reserved by a set of fresh jokes and surprises! In general, have fun, because minute of laughter also is useful to health as carrot kg.

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