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How to rejuvenate a skin. Unfortunately, the youth passes quickly enough. Reflexion in a mirror brings ever less pleasure, and to services of plastic surgery to resort it would not be desirable. Well, it is time to address for the help to the doctor-cosme
How to rejuvenate a skin. Unfortunately, the youth passes quickly enough. Reflexion in a mirror brings ever less pleasure, and to services of plastic surgery to resort it would not be desirable. Well, it is time to address for the help to the doctor-cosmetician.
Liliana Botnari, the doctor-cosmetician of clinic "Sancos": Ageing divide on primary is an age of 35-40 years when there are first wrinkles, and secondary. Thus, in connection with change of a hormonal background of an organism, there comes appreciable withering of a skin. It is expressed in loss of elasticity, slackness, occurrence of wrinkles. It occurs that at the lowered synthesis of hormones in a skin is developed much less collagen, эластиновые and collagenic fibres, become more fragile and break up. Besides, the muscular fabric loses a tone, droops. To improve a condition and a skin kind, the therapeutic cosmetology offers following procedures:
Ionoforez represents the combined influence of a direct current and the cosmetic preparations entered into deep layers of a skin with its help. The current of small force and low capacity renders сосудоукрепляющее action, perfectly tones up a skin. At the expense of its influence channels grease and потовых glands, and cosmetic means in which contain elastin, collagen or other medical substances open, arrives in deep layers of a skin, collects in a problem zone and has long influence on a skin. Besides, cosmetology substances under the influence of a current raise the activity, that besides gives больший effect, than at simple drawing of a cream on a skin. Procedure passes as follows: special gel is put on the person with active substances. After that within several minutes a skin smoothly process an electrode. The person feels a lung покалывание, but unpleasant this sensation to name it is impossible.
Galivanic too treats a direct current of a low voltage and small force. Under the influence of a current in fabrics it is developed электролиз which liberates chemically active substances well influencing on limfo - and blood circulation. Гальваника helps рассасывать hems, tones up a skin, helps at a fat and withering skin. Level of regeneration of a skin raises. The course of Galivanic or Ionoforez consists of 3-4 procedures which are spent with a break in three days. Then it is necessary to support the reached condition of a skin simply.
One more useful procedure is миостимуляция. This procedure influences face muscles. If the body can give elasticity thanks to trainings in sport club face muscles remain without attention. Because of features of a mimicry, stresses, illnesses they gradually vary, become languid, as a result the person "droops". Миостимуляция it is similar to training apparatus for the lazy: you lay, and your muscles work. Electrodes fasten on a problem zone, the current influences directly a muscle therefore it is reduced. Intensity of a current is regulated depending on sensations of the client. Procedure lasts about half an hour. In summary on the person the mask containing active substances is imposed. The course consists of 10-15 procedures. The following course is spent in half a year.
All procedures set forth above are pleasant, thus are absent инвазивные skin damages (damages from injections), that is very important for some women.
The important role is played by peelings. In the winter under the recommendation of the doctor it is possible to spend a deep peeling at which the first and second layer of a skin peels, the superficial peelings influencing only on the top layer эпидермиса in the summer are spent. Cost of hardware procedures fluctuates depending on structure of preparations and makes from 300 to 700 pour for one procedure.
Very effective method of struggle in due course is mesotherapy. By means of superficial injections under a skin vitamin cocktails are entered. They update, tighten a skin, give it a fresh kind and good colour.
For struggle against wrinkles doctors recommend planimetric to plastic. Directly the special preparation containing natural substances and гиалуроновую acid which level sharply decreases with the years is entered into a wrinkle. As a result of a wrinkle disappear or become it is much less. Contra-indications - the individual intolerance, but is a rarity. Cost planimetric plastics - 200-300 euros depending on complexity of a problem zone.
But all efforts of experts will be spent in vain if you exclude house daily leaving. And last recommendation - your cosmetician should have a medical education and an operational experience.
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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