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Monument to the poet. Pushkin's stay in Kishinev has left so deep trace in souls of local nobility and boyars, that in 1860 fund raising on manufacturing of a monument to the poet has begun. But, it is visible, not destiny: money it has been collected ins
Monument to the poet. Pushkin's stay in Kishinev has left so deep trace in souls of local nobility and boyars, that in 1860 fund raising on manufacturing of a monument to the poet has begun. But, it is visible, not destiny: money it has been collected insufficiently, and the sculptor to find it was not possible. The project has laid down under cloth, to expect the best times.
Good luck has smiled through two ten years. In 1870 in Moscow declared competition on the project of a monument to the poet. The best sculptors of Russia participated: A.Opekushin, P.Zabello, A.Antokolsky. Debate lasted long, in the end - the ends, has won A.Opekushina's project. In 1880 in Moscow the monument to Pushkin has been solemnly opened. Exactly a month later after that events have officially allowed to continue gathering of money. In this process has taken part even city a head - Charles Schmidt. This time donations have been collected quickly, no obstacles existing, and in September have addressed in Academy of arts in Moscow with the request to model a beautiful monument to the poet. To the request has responded A.Opekushin, still were under impression of the work. He has suggested to model Pushkin's statue full-scale, an exact copy of the Moscow monument or the enormous sizes a bust of the poet.
But the collected means for it did not suffice, the bust full-scale therefore has been ordered. Having received the order, A.Opekushin wrote: I consider as my duty to warn you, that the bust full-scale on air, that is in a garden, will be extremely small and insufficient for monumental impression.
However money from these preventions has not increased, and on August, 8th, 1880 the sculptor undertook work. In February of next year the bust has been modeled. A.Opekushin sends to Chisinau the letter, that the bronze bust is ready to dispatch. In April work has been delivered to Chisinau by rail.
New cares and efforts have begun: it was necessary to choose a place for installation, to solve a problem with a pedestal, an inscription. The question of an installation site of a monument was resolved by the first: after long debate, have decided to establish a monument in a city garden, on avenue where the poet liked to walk. It is necessary to find the sculptor who would make a pedestal. Within a year different projects were considered, but all has ended without results. Offers from local masters have not liked. Message A.Opekushin has been again sent. The sculptor asked to execute pedestal drawing that the monument was organically entered in a garden landscape. Simultaneously with it brisk correspondence with archeologist I.Suruchanu is conducted. Townspeople write: We ask to assist in marble for a pedestal by manufacture of excavation by you in a manor of countess Musinoj-Pushkinoj, and also, on behalf of the commission we ask its Excellency about the marble donation . But, whether marble in a manor of the countess was not, whether the request has not been satisfied - a pedestal have made of a granite. It was necessary to solve third, last problem: an inscription on a monument. Have for this purpose collected the special commission. To it have presented 24 variants of texts. But another's words on a monument to the great poet would hardly be looked pertinently. Any variant has not been confirmed. In the meantime, before opening date remains less half a year, it was necessary to hurry. Definitively question of an inscription has been solved only in November. From a face sheet - to Pushkin on May, 26th, 1884 . With opposite - Here, lyre northern desert disclosing, I wandered 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823 .
The opening scenario has been developed, invitations are dispatched, the city lived in a holiday anticipation. In these conditions, as a bolt from the blue: This honour I have to inform on general data, that the opening appointed to May, 26th in a city garden of an obelisk of Ampere-second. To Pushkin on unforeseen circumstances it is postponed, a bottom of opening by me it will be declared in addition. City a head K.Schmidt. This announcement has appeared in a city two days prior to opening, visitors already have gathered, but the holiday should be postponed. It appears, shortly before it Schmidt has received the dispatch from the Minister of Internal Affairs. In it it was spoken: the Bust of the poet is put on a pedestal rather unsatisfactory in the art relation, and to any case cannot be admitted to opening.
Modern historians, working in archives, have found K.Schmidt's correspondence with the Minister of Internal Affairs. Explanations between them lasted long and were reduced to an inscription on a monument, and at all to the pedestal form. Meanwhile, the monument covered with a wooden box, stood in park on the place. All townspeople knew for a long time, what words decorate it. Something to alter and by that to find out the fear of lines of the poet - the freethinker was late. A year later a monument have allowed to open. However, townspeople had to correct date on an obelisk. From a face sheet have changed 1884 on 1885. Have again developed the celebration scenario, have invited visitors and journalists. On May, 26th, 1885, after infinite delays the monument to Pushkin has been officially opened.
Already in the XX-th century an obelisk from lateral avenue have transferred to the central part of park. There it and now - one of the oldest obelisks of Kishinev.
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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