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Eurointegration, monthly session with participation of representatives of the European union and the Republic Moldova government President Vladimir Voronin has spent.
Eurointegration, monthly session with participation of representatives of the European union and the Republic Moldova government President Vladimir Voronin has spent.
At session with the report about taken place in the beginning of July informal consultations of representatives of Republic Moldova and the European Union the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the European integration of the country vice-premier Andrey Stratan has acted. In the performance the head of the Moldavian diplomacy has noticed, that, despite an informal format of consultations, their participants as from Republic Moldova, and the European Union have considered variety of concrete questions concerning forthcoming actions. In particular, on consultations one of the basic questions - the introduction of Republic Moldova into the next phase of eurointegration, that is signing of cardinally new legal agreement between our country and the European partners has been in details discussed. The republic Moldova consistently supports working out and Agreement signing about ассоциированном membership, and this question has been in details discussed during consultations. Our European partners have noted high constructibility and efficiency of the country leaders in the decision of questions of eurointegration. During consultations questions of a visa-free regime for citizens of Moldova, transition to a mode of free trade have been mentioned also. At the same time we should use as much as possible effectively and those advantages which are given to us for today by a mode of asymmetric trade with the European countries. МИДЕИ continues to carry on active and constructive negotiations with European Union member countries. The certificate to that are recent negotiations with heads of foreign policy departments of Romania, Poland and Belgium. The minister also has informed, that the following informal meeting will take place in the autumn in Bruxelles. The minister has in details acquainted members of the Commission with other planned actions which are spent for fruitful interaction with the European structures in various areas.
Zynaida Grechannaja spoke about work on creation of the National advisory council on development of a civil society at session the prime minister of Republic Moldova. The prime minister has noted in the report the problem moments in performance of the Plan of priorities for 2008. Work in this direction goes with delay, is reduced quantities of participants of competition on selection of members of the organisation of the Plan of priorities. So, concerning national board Grechannaja creation has informed, that term of giving of documents on selection of its members is prolonged for competition till July, 25th as the executive office has accepted only 25 statements from the non-governmental organisations from which the part has not fulfilled the reception requirement. As a result, the prime minister, the interest shown by a civil society, below government expectations has declared, and has reminded, that initially term of creation of the organisation has been planned for June, 30th.
Having concerned actions on struggle against a human trafic in Moldova, the prime minister has noticed, that in this connection bad quality of the business management, opened on human trafic cases is revealed. Zynaida Grechannaja has illustrated it with such examples: from 21 affairs, opened in connection with the traffic, 10 are transferred in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and only four have reached judicial instance. In the same communication of premieres has informed, that on July, 9th at the Ministry of social protection, a family and the child the Center of the help to victims of a human trafic is created.
According to the prime minister, certain malfunctions in that, as to the building beginning арестных at home also are revealed. The civil-engineering design is already developed, discrepancies in dialogue with the local public authorities concerning clearing of sites under building of houses in eight settlements of republic however remain. Also, the prime minister has underlined, it was not possible to define sources of financing of building of new establishments, having noticed, that all is necessary about 40 million euro. The given question has caused brisk discussion in members of the commission. The head of the state, in particular, has noticed, that detailed studying of financial aspect of building of the given establishments is necessary, beginning from a design stage before the building.
Summing up sessions, the president of Republic Moldova has noticed, that our country became the second country after Ukraine from which the European Union has decided to pass to preparation of the agreement of new type. In June Russia has joined this group. In spite of the fact that the Eurocommission considers, that the mandate of EU for negotiating with Moldova will be confirmed after parliamentary elections and depending on democratic character of their carrying out, the purpose of Moldova consists in aspiration to accelerate this process. And, as the president has noted, speech here goes not receiving any internal political dividends, and about that during election campaign at anybody did not arise desire to call in question the European way of development of Moldova. Laborious work for achievement of this purpose is necessary to all of us: mandate receptions on negotiations with Moldova. And in this context the role not only France which presides today in EU and without which main role us not to manage neither at a stage of definition of the mandate, nor at a stage of the negotiating process is important. In this direction our work does not maintain any criticism, we do not use that potential which at us is, the president, let alone that Moldova member Франкофонии, in the market of our country the French investors and many other things work has noticed. Along with France Moldova should get support of other authoritative members of EU - Germany, Italy, Belgium, other member countries of the European community. Also the head of the state has noticed, that all foreign policy activity of the Moldavian authorities will make sense only in the event that the management will essentially accelerate process of advancement of the European reforms, having underlined, that we do not have other possibility to convince Eurocommission, and also member countries.
Work ahead is necessary big and laborious in spite of the fact that to time remains very little. Figuratively speaking, the head of the state has noted, till October we should make "homework" which is reflected in respect of priorities, perfectly well. That we carried out in time of all our obligations to the partners concerning the introduction of Moldova into the European union. To the middle of October we should be already fully armed and show to our European partners, that more than 50 % of the Plan of priorities are executed. And at international conference coming in October "Moldova: advance" which will pass in the Great Britain, our country should show persuasiveness of the positions. And persuasiveness not simply in words, and we should give reason for each position the concrete facts and arguments: that is made and that else it is necessary to make. . And there, where our European partners have questions, we are obliged is given reason, appealing the concrete and clear facts based on figures to prove correctness of the positions. The president has expressed also concerning cooperation of the Moldavian management with the European partners in specific questions. There is a whole series of sensitive problems which are lifted by representatives of the European union in Moldova, whether it be questions of freedom of mass-media, questions, for example, financial security of areas in which the power belongs to opposition. There where questions and claims of our European colleagues are convincing, it is necessary to do all to correct a situation to the best. There, where we have counterarguments it is necessary to result them in written form, in the form of the clear and concrete answers based on figures, the president has noted. The information of similar character should be present without fail and on a site of our Commission.
The president has stopped on necessity of working out of such original informative leaves on all so-called sensitive questions that will raise quality of our dialogue from EU. After all the problem of present representation about Moldova in many capitals of EU consists that many judge a situation on extended hearings, trust old stereotypes, take the information exclusively from the oppositional press. There is no elementary, clear, short and well generalised and visually convincingly presented information on a real state of affairs in different spheres. Not propagation it is necessary, and exclusively concrete facts, the head of the state has declared.
The president has underlined, that such "информлистки" first of all are necessary on freedom of mass-media, concerning public tele-radio broadcasting, an election system, about the new law on a dual citizenship, on liberal economic and financial initiatives, on measures of struggle against corruption, about an investment climate, about plans of privatisation and many other things to questions which are set more often by our European colleagues. Vladimir Voronin considers, what exactly such information should be presented on a site of the National commission on the European integration.
Opening certain brackets, the President has noticed, that in the near future session on which one of the thorny questions - about migration and the illegal traffic of people will be discussed will take place. And official bodies should be necessarily involved in this work, including a civil society all without an exception, not assigning this most complicated site of work only on the Center on struggle against the traffic of people. The president has charged to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and European integration to present to end of session to following session which will take place in the twentieth of the September, an exhaustive plan of measures which should take place till the end of 2008 in within the limits of interaction Moldova - the European union.
Concerning creation of a special information site of the Commission at session Natalia Katrinesku has acted.
Photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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