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Chadyr-Lunga, the continuer of business of Michael Chakira, an archpriest father Dmitry and its spiritual service of Piously-Dimitrovsky church. П about a moral debt an archpriest father Dmitry Kioroglo not the first ten years is the worthy continuer of b
Chadyr-Lunga, the continuer of business of Michael Chakira, an archpriest father Dmitry and its spiritual service of Piously-Dimitrovsky church. П about a moral debt an archpriest father Dmitry Kioroglo not the first ten years is the worthy continuer of business of the spiritual instructor гагаузов - the visible scientist, the educator Moldavian, гагаузского and Russian of the people, native Chadyr-Lungi of archpriest Michael Chakira who has developed the active sacred service in beginning ХХ of century. With the prior of Chadyr-Lungsky Piously-Dimitrovsky church, the confessor and the manager of a local monastery, the chairman of department of formation, катехизации and missionary activity of the Kagulsko-Komratsky diocese, the deputy of National meeting Gagauzii father Dmitry a newspaper observer "Independent Moldova" Dmitry SIDOROV a sign long years. One of these days, it has again visited in Chadyr-Lunge and has met the old friend.

Temple of soul human.
The road goes uphill, rises on a hillock and arises as if church soaring in clouds. Now here the whole complex of cult buildings. The two-storeyed temple consists of two side-altars - in honour of sacred Nikolay and Димитрия. Nearby - the spiritually-educational centre of a name of archpriest Michael Chakira with an uchebno-methodical office and a class for pupils of Sunday school, a tserkovno-archaeological office, a museum and library with the extensive theological and secular literature of the spiritual maintenance. Further - the case of a female monastery with economic constructions.

Considerable works creation of this miracle costed to father Dmitry. Just right to tell - to a spiritual feat. Having returned in native Chadyr-Lungu after the termination of a complete course of the Moscow spiritual academy, the young priest, at the desire of townspeople, petitions for church building. The application to Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR is signed by hundreds townsmen and area.
We wrote that in area with the population over 60 thousand persons there is no operating temple, - recollects Dmitry Kioroglo. - On a court yard there was a 1988 - the 1000 anniversary of the Christening of Russia. To believers began to return some temples taken away from church. Have permitted also to us to erect church. Here only not in city centre, on a place of the temple blown up on September, 11th, 1972, and on the brink Chadyr-Lungi, on a way to a cemetery. There we also have constructed the Piously-Dimitrovsky temple devoted to the heavenly patron of our city - sacred Димитрию. And already in 2000 most holy patriarch Moscow and Всея Russia Alex II, on representation of metropolitan Vladimir, has blest construction in Гагаузии a monastery. So, in church territory we have erected and the monastic case. But it already was absolutely other time when the new power addressed faced to Sacred Church and we were not deprived of attention of the President of the country of Vladimir Nikolaevicha Voronina, prime minister Vasily Pavlovicha Tarleva, other statesmen. For what it all-round thanks.

On inspiration of the Lord.
With father Dmitry we examine furniture of the Divine temple - its utensils, icons. A list here in the Byzantian style. Images sacred are filled prayful detachment, тишиною, greatness of simplicity and humility. Their faces even are more dark than clothes. It icons and a list on the arches do not allow attention to deviate towards pleasure and an admiring their beauty, bear spiritual power and at the same time silence of mildness, breathe mercy and compassion. They adjust on prayful сомоуглубленность, condoling with everyone, coming before them in a pray.

These arches were painted with father Dmitry together with the daughter Xenia who has finished иконописную school at the Moscow spiritual academy. Not the beginner in painting and her father. In due time Dmitry Kioroglo has with distinction ended art school, participated in prestigious exhibitions.

- We observe initial rules of a wall list of a temple. Before us not oil painting, and frescos, - explains the priest. - in a dome drum - a figure of the Christ, and in its arch - angels, apostles and prophets. For today 65 figures are written, and work proceeds. It is possible for its message only in the summer.

In silence it is faded before an openwork iconostasis at the Imperial gate, executed in style of the Balkan woodcarving of XVII century. Iconostasis sketches too are created by father Dmitry, and the unique order by masters in Ukraine was executed.

Local artists-carvers undertook an unprecedented problem - by means of a cutter and a tree проинкрустировать the New testament. At the heart of this school of a carving the traditions going from art of Athos and the Italian sculpture lay, - father Dmitry speaks. - from Athos masters have borrowed a manner of the image of vegetation, a decor, animals, and from the Italian masters - human figures. Are appreciable here and motives of an epoch of the Bulgarian revival - griffins, other unprecedented birds and animals.

Силою Spirit Sacred.

From a temple we go to Chadyr-Lungsky regional clinical hospital. More truly, in its hospital church. Already it is a lot of years as here have given to arrival a small building, and archpriest Dmitry Kioroglo has converted it under church.

Parishioners - ill, being on treatment in hospital. And we, twice a week, spend for them services. Spiritual doctoring together with medicine - uniform medical process. It gives to patients strength of mind, confidence of the treatment, - the interlocutor marks.

This belief of the priest divides also the medical personnel of hospital. Doctors declare, that the improvised services, is direct in hospital chambers for seriously ill patients, help them to be prepared spiritually for forthcoming operation, to believe in its happy end. Anyway, after salutary dialogue пасиентов with the priest the number of fertile results of operations has essentially increased.

We participate and in obstetric aid, - father Dmitry continues. - Безграничнвая the belief in our Lord works wonders. At the majority of wives the birth of the child occurs without torments and sufferings. Some of them the face of Divine mother inclined over a headboard of lying-in women sees. And then they bring babies to a font of a temple for a sacred christening.

Revived from ashes.

Четырнадцатилетним the teenager it was possible to Dmitry Kioroglo to become the eyewitness of destruction of the Chadyr-Lungsky temple on September, 11th, 1972. Anybody from townspeople did not suspect about its fate. Thought, that niches in walls hollow for installation of heating batteries. It has appeared - for a bookmark взрвычатки.

After thunderous explosion all has clouded a smoke. In air sand and ashes clouds have hung. When all has settled, I have got on ruins, have dug out and have rescued two ancient icons. Today they decorate our iconostasis. Only in 1997, in a year of the 40 anniversary of giving Chadyr-Lunge of the status of a city, we have put in pawn on this place a temple in honour of an icon of Kazan Divine mother. However, not absolutely on it, and in hundred metres from it. On an original place of a temple there is now a House of culture and a bust to Michael Chakiru.

By the way, the project of new-old church was free of charge made by the nephew of father Dmitry who has finished the Kishinev architecturally-building technical school and Academy of architecture in Sofia. It left in village Vvedenka, that in Artsizsky area of the Odessa area where has remained and precisely same church operates. Both of them were constructed by the same contractor in 1913. It was necessary to do gaugings, drawings, photos. And now, as if the fantastic bird the Phoenix reviving from ashes, rises in centre Chadyr-Lungi new белокаменное a church building. Ahead finishing stage of civil work.

The success would be impossible without support of the president of republic, выделевшего means for temple revival. And one of these days the help has arrived and from the prime minister of the country. Bells, and in present are already ordered in Dnepropetrovsk, 2008 the temple will be opened for orthodox believers, - father Dmitry marks.

I notice to the interlocutor, that many parishioners name it: "our red priest". How he perceives such estimation?

In policy I am not engaged. But if under this term to mean fair service to flock it cannot shock me. Just right to be proud. Only the feeling it is sinful.

Soul eminence.

In November of the past year in Гагаузии there have passed traditional general educational Chakirovsky readings. They have coincided with the introduction 50 anniversary гагаузской writings and with the 100 anniversary of the Decree of the Most holy synod of the Russian orthodox church from October, 31st, 1907. Together with Dmitry Kioroglo it is thumbed through первописьменную the book гагаузов - "Old testament" in Michael Chakira's transfer of centenary prescription.

In the book beginning - the original text of the Decree of the Most holy synod: "the Sacred synod defines to give to the Kishinev diocesan heads via the Kishinev orthodox Hristorozhdenstvensky brotherhood to begin on гагаузском language a slavic font at the beginning to print the Gospel, the Acathistus and Часослов. And the prayer book, leaves, brochures and books of the religious-moral maintenance - in Russian and гагаузском languages with parallel transfer. To found the translational commission under presidency of a member of a local spiritual consistory of archpriest Michael Chakira...".

It also was the beginning of an original birth гагаузской writings. Since then Michael Chakir began to print the books for national reading in Diocesan printing house. Reception of prayer books гагаузскими arrivals which have started divine services on the native language was especially important, - father Dmitry underlines. - the book heritage of our educator is invaluable. It has made and has published "Sacred history old and the new testament", "the Russian-Moldavian dictionary" and "Short Moldavian grammar", "History гагаузов", scientific work "the Beginning of the Christian doctrine with a short catechism", many other things works. During the same period come out in its transfer "Psalms", "Short history of church", "History new sacred" and "History old sacred". Truly titanic work.

Dmitry Kioroglo notices, that the collection of the reports made domestic and foreign scientists, historians, religious figures now prepares for the edition on general educational Chakirovsky readings.

For the sake of the future generations.

On December, 18th the past year 33 plenary session National meetings (NANOSECOND) Гагаузии has taken place. Sign there was a session. On it with a bill "About an establishment of a regional component of the state educational standards of general education Гагаузии" the deputy of NANOSECOND, an archpriest father Dmitry has acted. A project essence is inclusion in system of initial, basic general and full secondary education of a training course "Bases of orthodox culture and ethics".

Representing the project, I have told, that this subject urged to add already existing courses including such as "History, culture and traditions гагаузского the people", to consider that unites not only people Буджака, but also Moldova as a whole - the countries, 93 which percent of the population, on the official statistics, are orthodox. Article 13 Уложения Гагаузии proclaims: "Гагаузия, being the keeper of national culture, a historical and cultural heritage гагаузского the people, guarantees their preservation and development for the present and the future generations". And the course "Bases of orthodox culture and ethics" will represent not so much acquaintance to dogmas of Orthodoxy, how many with history material and spiritual culture of edge, with ethical and aesthetic авпектами Orthodoxy.

The interlocutor explains, that this subject has a cultural urological orientation. Pupils will get acquainted with the persons who have made worthy affairs on advantage of Fatherland, glorified the Native land and esteemed from century to century. The course does not assume studying of orthodox religion that is forbidden within the limits of educational process. It is a question of noegenesis about Orthodoxy in the ethnocultural plan and it will not be accompanied by execution of religious practices. By the way, all deputies of NANOSECOND Гагаузии, at two refrained, have voted for a bill in the first reading.

Whether has precedents studying of a similar subject in abroad? Today in 17 areas of Russia the similar course with 2 on 11th classes is taught. In the Vologda area it is called "Sources", in Orenburg - "Spiritual culture of Urals Mountains", in Belgorod - "Bases of orthodox culture", in Smolensk - "Bases of orthodox culture and ethics". On this way the Romania next to us Further away has gone. In article 9 of the Law about formation of this country it is directly spoken about a place of religion among other obligatory subjects. The orthodox religion is read in this country as a subject in system initial, gymnasia and лицейского formations. Moreover, all teachers of church and secular schools receive the salary from the state budget. The church develops the school program, textbooks and appoints teachers of a course "Orthodox релиния". And teachers the Divinity and pedagogics "," Divinity and history "," prepare at 14 faculties of all of 40 theological seminaries on such specialities, as "Divinity and social service", on a number for another.

In the union with the secular power.

One of these days father Dmitry left with the initiative of establishment of the Union of orthodox art workers, science and education. The preparatory committee is created and operates. Many known scientists, writers, journalists, artists, art workers and arts, teachers have already approved idea of creation of the Union and have agreed to enter into it. In the Union there will be creative sections, realisation of some author's projects is planned.

Working out of training courses "Bases of orthodox culture and ethics" can be carried out only collective efforts of experts in different branches of knowledge, - the priest underlines. - and it becomes one of Union problems. We will work in close cooperation with Management by training, culture and cults Гагаузии, corresponding structures of the government of Republic Moldova. We have the right to be proud of the history, traditions, culture and should bear knowledge of the country to young generation. And ancient experience of church and a missionary maturity allow to open sacred values for laymen. In the union with the state and a society. Also it is the great charisma for church.


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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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