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"I admit, I am a Moldavian", Fragments from article of member of parliament Alexey Tulbure "Oil, the domain and national interests". The history with closing of radio stations and the television channels, provoked CAIRO (Club of graduates of high schools
"I admit, I am a Moldavian", Fragments from article of member of parliament Alexey Tulbure "Oil, the domain and national interests". The history with closing of radio stations and the television channels, provoked CAIRO (Club of graduates of high schools of Romania and the West), brought an action against Coordination council on TV and radio of Republic Moldova and having accused last in legislation infringement in a part, concerning an obligatory announcement in a state language has come to the end.
On September, 29th the parliament has passed the Law on interpretation of article 13 (3) of the Law on TV and the radio which essence is reduced to the following: position about an obligatory announcement in a state language concerns exclusively programs and transfers of own manufacture. For example, if certain radio station "ò" broadcasts 24 hours a day of which 10 hours make programs and transfers of own manufacture in a state language it should broadcast not less than 6,5 hours, i.e. not less than 65 % from volume of transfers and programs of own manufacture. The parliament used the exclusive right of interpretation of laws and has explained, that legislators when entered into the Law on TV and radio position about an obligatory announcement in a state language meant.
According to many, the parliament should not stop on it. In the near future it is necessary to result the national legislation in full conformity with norms of international law. The matter is that according to the last the state has no right to regulate activity private television and radio stations in a part, concerning announcement language. I will allow to cite the letter of Mr. Max ван дер the Chair, the Supreme commissioner of OSCE on the national minorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has come to the address of Moldova: "Would like to underline, that in definition of in what degree the state can order language use as communication media, distinction between private and public (the state. - А.Т.) Spheres vital: in effect, the state cannot regulate language use in private sphere. Unique areas in which the Republic Moldova can regulate language use, it is official bodies and spheres where there is a lawful public interest, i.e. in cases of application of the restrictions provided by international law according to positions of article 19 (3) of the International pact by the civil and political rights (ICCPR) and article 10 (2) of the European convention under human rights (ECHR), one of which parties is the Republic Moldova. In particular, these articles include respect of the rights or reputation of others, protection of national safety or a public order, and also public health and morals.
So, the instruction about an obligatory announcement in a state language, turned to private a body - and to radio stations, illegally. The parliament has gone on some kind of the compromise, having given interpretation of article 13 of the Law on TV and radio. Cancellation of this position in a part, concerning announcements private a body - and radio stations will be following step.
In a press, in a society the last some weeks were not a lack of comments concerning the litigation initiated CAIRO. Opinions and under the decision of administrative chamber of Appeal court were shared. One this decision criticised, others - welcomed. The criticism and to judges sounded. In their protection N.Timofti, the chairman of Association of judges of Republic Moldova has publicly acted. And to do it, in my opinion, did not follow, was to re-read Constitution article 4 (2) "the Rights and freedom of the person" enough and all would rise on the places:
"In the presence of discrepancies between pacts and contracts on fundamental laws of the person, one of which parties the Republic Moldova is, and internal laws the international norms" have a priority.
Not official authority should be protected to Mr. Timofti, and to state a due estimation to quality of work of judges of administrative chamber of Appeal court which, having spat on the international legislation (they, probably, and did not hear about such), the decision attempt upon one of fundamental human rights - the right to expression freedom.
It not the first (I think, unfortunately, and not last) attempt of rough administrative intervention in the information market of Moldova. At all the initiative of the Union of journalists of Moldova about change of the advertising legislation of the country is still fresh in memory. Then fighters for "cleanliness" of our information market suggested to force all to let out advertising (printing and electronic) only in a state language or in transfer into it. "Каировцы" have done more noise, on their party have acted both some mass-media, and certain political forces. Not casually I speak about it. It is enough to name of those who has supported "каировцев", and it becomes clear to all, in whose interests this litigation and scandal in a society has been started.
So, from mass-media the basic "sympathising" are newspapers "Tara", "Flux", "Jurnal de Chisinau". "Tara" - party body of Christian Democrat people party (and is easier - the Popular front), "Flux" - the edition belonging to the leader фронтистов, to Mr. Roshke, and the editor-in-chief "Jurnal de Chisinau" is not who other, as Valentine Butnaru, the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Flux" which has replaced a work place, but not belief.
These editions and the political forces, standing up for them, do not consider Republic Moldova as the native land, and they divide inhabitants of our country on radical and not radical, on the Romanian and other, belonging to national minorities. A political ideal for them is "reunion with mother-native land Romania". And all anything if they reunited with her. Consider itself as Romanians, think, that in the next state to them will be better, - there are no problems, La revedere! So is not present, to "make happy" they aspire all - all 4,3 million citizens of Republic Moldova. However, they do not trust in fast realisation of the dream, and indefatigably repeat, that only will of the people we обретем the new native land. For now they will live here and completely to be given to business of education at the people of that necessary will.
Though this my private affair, I admit - I the Moldavian. The Moldavian and in that narrow sense of a so-called ethnic origin (under the version "каировцев" and their friends absolutely I fall under a category "Romanian"), and in sense of my national identity as the citizen of Republic Moldova, and in sense of sensation of belonging to a uniform generality - the Moldavian people. Uniform for for me there is no "radical" and "not radical" population - all of us migrants, all of us invaders, all of us have come once on this earth.
Forgive me seditious thought, but at us in the country, most likely, there is only one minority - those whom to spit on this country, those who use the best efforts that it to destroy. Today this minority scoffs not over Russian or so-called Russian-speaking in Republic Moldova, they scoff at those who speaks on-moldavski (if want, in Romanian is any value has no), on-ukrainski, on-bolgarski, in a Hebrew etc., over all, to whom road Moldova. They name "traitor" and "манкуртом" not me, and millions Moldavians. Till what time it is possible to suffer it?
Representatives of so-called right parties in parliament (Christian Democrat people party, Party of democratic forces) with frenzy "pressed" private radio broadcasting companies during bill discussion about interpretation of disputable positions of the Law on TV and radio. They not the right. The presents right are attached to liberal values, including in economy. They the primitive nationalists which main slogan - to press all who "not radical", to approach hour унионистской victories. At us is not present right, we do not have liberals - Moldavian "liberals" lift the fallen banner унионизма, and "right" close private radio-and broadcasting companies.
I speak in the Romanian language, and too I want, that on it spoke as much more people in this country. But I, as well as millions my compatriots, do not consider those who does not speak in a state language, people of the second grade. When we will definitively remove stress round so-called "a language question" in Republic Moldova, it will start to study in large quantities. And the whip of misters рошек, матеев, "каировцев" causes not love, and hatred.
By the way, about "каировцах" and their defenders. Who these stylish boys and girls in expensive suits and with portable computers? Who they - these "major boys" for whom there are no problems, except the language?
In the mentioned litigation by lawyer CAIRO was Раду Панцыру. Who it? We answer: the son of known Moldavian lawyer Tudora Pantsyru, the former ambassador of Republic Moldova in the United Nations, and nowadays judges of the European court under human rights in Strasbourg from our country. Interestingly it turns out - the father protects human rights in Europe, and the sonny - those who violates these rights in the homeland, "closing" private radio-and television channels in Moldova.
Would be reasonably interesting to learn also, for example, whether one citizenship the son of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Flux" has Konstantin Tenase? The tenase-junior - one of active members CAIRO. The Public opinion of the country also wishes to know: who finances this organisation and moves it on such "civilisation certificates"?
And to finish a theme I want words from the Reference of art workers of Moldova in connection with the mentioned events: "We, as representatives of the Moldavian culture, have not less rights to judging, whether in a sufficient measure our rights are protected, than those who long time was not in Moldova and very badly imagines, - that occurs in our country and as we live. The situation when 20 alien young men, anything yet not created in this life, have the right to deprive of favourite programs more than two millions radio listeners and televiewers seems to us absurd. And in this case people have decided - what radio stations to listen it and what television channels it to look".

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