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Singer Budzhaka, this year to the literary classic гагаузской literatures to Dmitry Kara-Chobanu 75 years would be executed. In Gagauz, in the homeland of the poet, at Komratsky university, in Turkish library of Комрата and other places Days of memory of
Singer Budzhaka, this year to the literary classic гагаузской literatures to Dmitry Kara-Chobanu 75 years would be executed. In Gagauz, in the homeland of the poet, at Komratsky university, in Turkish library of Комрата and other places Days of memory of the poet are spent.
About his life and creativity we publish article of one of close friends - the writer of literary critic Ivan Djachuka.
Budjac or Budzhaksky steppe, the part of southern Moldova is called. Here on the droughty earth there live гагаузы, successfully republics building together with another people a new life.
The past and the present of edge and its inhabitants is brightly represented in creativity гагаузского poet Dmitry Kara-Chobana.
All night long гагаузы in the heated steppe worked to extract means for a life. About it by the poet in a poem "Old Буджак" it is told:

Even at a bird клювик it is opened,

Light - as a fire,

The sun scorches so, that heart is ill,

It - Буджак!

The bird, hardly having flied up hides, -


Cloudlet though an instant shade

On nakedness.

(V.Izmaylov's transfer).

The poet sings of customs and a life of the people. In a poem "My earth" he writes:

In my villages white houses

Among trees,

As if chrysanthemums.

My houses -


Worthy and songs and poems.

(V.Kuznetsova's transfer).

The poet not the extraneous observer. He was born and he has grown on this earth, people particle, whose destiny - its destiny:

My earth

Excites, as strong hop,

(Any other earth it is not necessary for me)...

Our weapon -

Fragile pipe,

Our attack -

Kindness and friendship!.

("My earth". V.Kuznetsova's transfer).

Heavy and position of peasants deprived of civil rights in досоветский the period is shown in many poems D.Kara-Chobana, and in the collection of verses "Илк лаф" ("the First word") the whole section "is devoted this theme As much we suffered". About same a number of stories from books "Алчак сачак алтында" ("Under a low ceiling") and "Таманнык" ("Perfection"), etc.
Poetic lines and prose of the writer are sated by philosophical reflexions, are rich with events, tell about people life in the past and at the socialism, those transformations which have occurred in edge. The expert on history and a life of the people, the founder of the first-ever istoriko-ethnographic museum гагаузского the people in native village Beshalma, D.Kara-Choban as in the poetic collections: "Илк лаф" ("the First word"), "Йаныклык" ("Dreams"), "Стихлар" (the Selected verses) and others, and in books of stories "Алчак сачак алтында" ("Under a low ceiling"), "Таманнык" ("Perfection"), "Prose" and others has truthfully and authentically told about history, customs, traditions and ceremonies гагаузов. So, for example, at a birth of the child mother and near relations, dreaming of its future destiny, suspended tailor's scissors to its cradle or put in a hand of the baby a pencil etc. Here is how about it the poet has told:

What for to the boy

It is necessary to be the tailor,

When, as the mouse,

Your village is poor!

("Old custom". V.Kuznetsova's transfer).

And bitter the share гагаузской women was heavy. Laws, customs and the ceremonies existing under capitalism, put it in deprived of civil rights, humiliating position. The woman should make way for the man and the boy, had no right along the street to go near to the man, even with the husband, laws etc. Enslaving the woman and customs were not considered and with such raised feeling, as love. The girl often could not solve the destiny, marry her tried with certain material benefit, and marriage quite often represented only the transaction. About it "I walls have cleaned a poem":

I have cleaned walls,

For the visitor a table has covered.

The handsome man has entered into a door,

In that, that - not I have opened.

For unloved I will leave,

All will rejoice,

I - secretly will cry...

(V.Izmaylov's transfer).

D.Kara-Choban does not become isolated in a circle узконациональных interests:

We have thought up thousand books,

Our impudence

All fairy tales has eclipsed.

Every day,

Every century,

Each instant

We live for greatness of the world!

(V.Kuznetsova's transfer).

Verses D.Kara-Chobana are published in a number of collective collections: "We young", "Чык, чык, гунеш!" ("Ascend, ascend, the sun!"). Besides it, books "a heart Recognition" and "the Green flame" are in Russian printed.
On July, 30th, 1957 by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic it has been entered гагаузская writing. From now on also there are гагаузские writers - young гагаузская the literature. One of the first talented poets and prose writers was D.Kara-Choban. But the big endowments and a versatility of creative interests distinguished from other it. It was not only the writer, but also the cinematographer who has created the first short-footage films about гагаузах, their lives, customs, traditions, the expert and the popular writer of the national culture, the collector of folklore, monuments of spiritual and material culture гагаузов and as already it was specified above, the founder first-ever гагаузского the istoriko-ethnographic museum which has become by the centre of preservation and studying of national culture. It - the first гагаузский the painter and the sculptor who has created a number of interesting portraits and still-lifes. For a series of the picturesque and sculptural portraits exposed at the Republican exhibition in Kishinev in 1969, D.Kara-Choban has been awarded by the diploma of the first degree.
Before creation гагаузской writings a life, history, ceremonies, customs, traditions гагаузского the people have remained in the form of national creativity in legends, fairy tales, national songs, proverbs, sayings. In them kindness, nobleness, humanism, struggle against harm and defects for a justice celebration. Гагаузы, not having in досоветский the period of the writing, carefully kept this invaluable property, transferring it by word of mouth, from generation to generation.
In досоветский the period there were publications about гагаузах the Russian ethnographer V.A.Moshkova in Russian, Michael Chakira - on the Latin drawing.
In one sketch or article, even in two or three to reflect a life, fruitful both various creative and public work D.Kara-Chobana in more or less full volume it is impossible. His life, creative and public work the edition of the separate monography which now under the name "Dmitry Kara-Choban" is written by the author of these lines deserve.
Creative and public work D.Kara-Chobana concerns the period of socialism and the USSR. The poet tragically was lost in 1986.
Dreams of the poet, its colleagues, participants of national movement "Гагауз халкы" for political, economic and cultural development equal in rights гагаузского the people were partially carried out.
But the dream of the poet and its people of the best life is not carried out. This problem should be solved to contemporaries and descendants.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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