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Fulfilling duties of the main architect city of Cisinau O.Studzinsky, the Concept of development of the country and place and value definition city of Kishinev in this idea.
Fulfilling duties of the main architect city of Cisinau O.Studzinsky, the Concept of development of the country and place and value definition city of Kishinev in this idea.
Has decided to write, because it is a lot of polemic round working out of the general plan муниципия Кишинэу. It not attempt to break an applause, and attempt to explain, that occurs and that it is necessary to do. I do not apply on it is unique the correct approach to the decision of city problems, but it is possible this idea will give a push to what нибудь to more attractive offer which will lay down in a basis of the further working out of the general plan of the city of Kishinev. Throughout long time tried to explain, that the city is a part of the general idea of development of the country and cannot separately exist from it in any way, therefore at first it is necessary to know, that the country as a whole will do and on this basis to define a place and value of a city in this idea.
So, our country Moldova declared independence and has gone on a way of construction of market relations, not having explained the people, that this such and with what it is necessary to begin. Also there was it because all without an exception was not known, that such and that it is necessary to do this, there is no accurate plan, there is no idea. Unfortunately all at us «understand town-planning», therefore build all and at once, result the truth is impossible while.

The first, in my opinion, that needs to be made, it to tell to the people the truth. And the truth consists that we have ceased to build socialism and have started to build capitalism, as though we of it would not like to recognise, it is necessary to declare it.
The second, it to change the legislation and a tax policy under building of a new system, to define game rules and they should be clear and favourable.
The third, it to develop the concept of development of the country (idea) proceeding from a geographical, geopolitical arrangement, natural and human resources.
The fourth to prepare weights for realisation of this idea by all means of radio, TV, the press, explaining it is given reason - for what it becomes and in what it will result.
The fifth to select the necessary competent Government, and Municipal council which will embody it during a life.
The sixth to define a role and value муниципия Kishinev in this idea and only after that to start working out of the general plan.
The seventh to create the law on the state necessity, allowing the state to take down houses, or to redeem the privatised earths for a free market price, instead of on the terms of shown by the owner, in case of need linings of roads, buildings of new areas, or objects of the state necessity.
About the general idea.
If attentively to study a geographical arrangement of our country we see that we are among such developed industrial centres as Odessa, Kiev, Chernovtsy, Яссы, Bucharest. Not having the natural resources, we will be compelled to bring them, that will in turn be reflected in the cost price of any product which we would wish to make. It proves to be true disorder of our industry behind an exception manufacture wine-konjachnogo, деревообрабатывающей the industries, carpet manufacture, manufacture of some building materials, it is a little light industry and agriculture products, that is that it is possible to do here on a place by own strength and resources. All these facts say that Moldova hardly can become the competitor to those industrial centres about which it is spoken above. We always will be in a role catching up. Means, Moldova should find for itself other way which would differ from the others and it fortunately at us is. We should learn to use everything, that we have, everything, that we were given by the God, and It has given us a good geographical arrangement, warm and land of plenty, the hilly and expressed lay of land, the kind and hardworking, hospitable people. All these factors say that we are simply obliged to give to our country, to the people, other life, other sounding, other future. Our youth should remain at home and continue that we, the God will give, we will begin. Our burning dances, music, kitchen, creativity, set of everything, that we really can, should see all world. It also is an our problem.
It is time to put aside and for ever political fights and having rolled up sleeves to start to build our general future, and our people will understand and for certain will support this idea. Let's start be engaged in business, that is economy, so revival.
Our country should become Mecca for sports, tourism, rest and treatment, but not the Soviet sample, and the sample European, world. All preconditions for this purpose are. But, not having money, we cannot quickly develop this idea, that vital and it is necessary for us. We do not have time, therefore it is necessary quickly to start to operate, instead of to prove to itself who from us is cleverer, differently we have a chance to remain on history periphery, to us it will be not not forgiven by our children, grandsons and great-grandsons.
Which enormous investments at us are necessary, certainly are not present and similar is not expected, therefore our problem consists in creating such conditions that they to ourselves have come. For this purpose it is necessary to choose ways which are possible for achievement of this purpose. It can be credits which it will be necessary to return and creation of an offshore zone, and many other things is not clear as.

Because in our country is unresolved while a problem of Dnestr region, we are in a zone of the raised risk, as to investments and crediting. That it to change, we should change our thinking in a root. Our basic resource is the earth and people, therefore we should them correctly will dispose. We should give our earths to investors on conditions which will be favourable it, at least in the beginning, further the life will show. It is possible not to do certainly anything and to go down stream, but it would be desirable to know a terminal point приплытия.
Granting of territories under building something big, significant, for example the Disneyland, or a line «Formula 1» means. And it is necessary to involve the big weights of people which will arrive to us and will leave here the money, having filled our hotels, restaurants, cafe and will help means to develop all infrastructure of sports of tourism and agriculture. And the more so it needs to be made if to consider, that many countries which are traditionally engaged in tourism and rest, are grasped by a terrorism and violence wave. The republican European stadium, the European line of cross-country race, an ice palace, the European sailing centre, a hippodrome, golf clubs and golf courses, networks of swimming pools and aquaparks, tennis stadium and a network of tennis courts, a bicycle track and bicycle paths, should fill our parks, our capital with new sense and appeal. It is necessary first of all because, for example, the line «Formula 1» will give world popularity to Moldova and will indirectly draw other investments. It needs to be made while the next Romania is occupied by occurrence in the European union and to it yet to a line «Formula 1». We should understand, that Romania in this sense is more attractive than we, under various factors. We should take advantage of time. Many will want the presence at our region. Such object can become revolutionary for fast, prompt revival of our country because will involve huge weight of fans and we should accept, settle, serve, treat them with our fine wines, to feed with our vegetables and fruit that is much more favourable, than them somewhere to take out. Revolution, but not political, namely economic, clever and purposeful is really necessary to us. The network of the European and world sports will give improvement of a society and possibility in parallel to develop the branch of incomes of our country second for value, namely tourism. This our pearl is time to us to understand, that Old Орхей, without everyones приукрас and we are simply obliged to it to give a corresponding frame. There there should be the most powerful and beautiful complex with all conceivable and inconceivable infrastructure. It is necessary to show it to people and on it it is necessary to earn. In our country there are such unique things as Криково and Small Милешты which are not present anywhere more in the world why on it not to make the big money. The Kishinev mine too should be filled by sense. To start necessarily fine idea of a city of wine, and wine at us really excellent. Having such tasty sweets, we and have not learnt to give them corresponding wrappers, we should learn them to submit, show and on it to earn. It is necessary to restore all fortresses and the monasteries, all sanatoria and pioneer camp, naturally having given to them absolutely other sense and level, it is necessary to find that it would be possible to show in each area, each village. It is necessary to build, instead of to patch our roads, having made their really European and with confidence it is possible to tell, that Europe will come to us, instead of to ask as the poor relative that us took.
To clear and restore our lakes and woods, to organise civilised rest, treatment, fishery, hunting and many other things. Our fine country should become the country of rendering of every possible services, instead of manufactures. In it our future. To us should go on rest, treatment and, certainly, behind achievements in sports, culture etc. Certainly, we cannot refuse agriculture for it is too much with it is connected, as something is necessary to ourselves is, but it is impossible to think, that it to us will make weather in a national economy. The agriculture almost everywhere is unprofitable but if to realise idea it will receive absolutely other sense and to it will be engaged. Sports and tourism is big business and it should be a policy of the state. It should be a shame to us, that the budget of our country on 70 % consists of custom charges. We have turned to a huge commodity market of another's goods and much it is favourable, whether but in it a state policy? I should concern such theme as use of solar and wind energy. It is time to face this theme to all branches. Having 60-70 % of sunny days in a year, we buy gas and the electric power for the big money. Too it is necessary to do it, but to use them when our nature not in a condition itself to serve us. Here the word the science though it does not mean that it is impossible to use achievements in this area of other countries should tell. The main thing in this business - fast introduction, for liberation of the finance for other needs. It is not excluded that it is necessary to build solar memory station or stations, wind stations including.
Now about the general plan of Kishinev.
Starting its working out, we should have on hands the approved idea of development of the country, at least as a whole and if the offered idea is wrong it would be desirable to receive not critical remarks, and the concrete, given reason offers. Without it we cannot make anything. It is necessary to learn to offer, instead of to criticise. I will begin with the most important thing, the general plan is necessary not to organise auctions on its basis and to sell earth sites. To earn on it money it is possible, but it is too narrow problem which does not give to a city prospect. We would like, that all have understood, that this document live and answers in a complex for all processes that occur in a city, and it should react immediately to them. It only then will be present and effective when in its basis the economy will be put in pawn, logic, scale of tasks in view, competence of all accepted decisions, therefore I suggest to stop the auctions, for a while necessary for working out and the statement of the general plan and only after that to return to them. I will recognise that as a whole idea it is approved, therefore it is necessary to pass to its realisation. For this purpose we need to understand, that basically occurs in a city and why, that it is necessary to change that it became good.
The old general plan was based on state planning and that each of five sectors of a city had the administration, the industry, formation, medicine, preschool centres, shops, cinemas, green zones etc. the Person living in any of sectors, had no big need to leave it and did it seldom. For the decision of some problems connected with the administrative and historical centre, on a visit etc. it used Personal transport not so often, and its car was either in garage, or on a platform before factory. Basically the public transport because of different factors was used. Private transport was not so much, and city highways basically satisfied ability of all types of transport through passage. But as a whole the city developed on the basis of economic градообразующих, such as factories and factories. New Боюканы have appeared thanks to television factory, Рышкановка - at the expense of Мезона, Чеканы began to develop roughly thanks to building of computer factory and many other things. The botany had such giants, as Счетмаш, the Signal, Jeweller factory, Франзелуца etc. The centre - at the expense of the administrative and cultural centre, Academy of sciences and many other things. When all have been destroyed almost economic градообразующие, it was not offered anything instead of them, therefore people had to search for other forms of existence and, of course, the first, that it was possible to think up is a commerce. To be formed there were spontaneously markets directly on city highways, people at first sold that at them has been acquired, and then, it is a little having earned, began to take out at first from the country everything, that had demand in Romania, Yugoslavia, Czechia and other countries, and to bring back that had demand at us in our market, receiving with it as though double, threefold profit. It is necessary low will bow to our People and to tell to it many thanks what exactly it has not allowed to collapse to the country. All existing transport and all human resource has passed in chaotic movement in search of realisation of the goods brought from different points of the earth. Everyone, from the people who have little bit got stronger in the commercial relation, has started to organise the working points not to pay rent to the organised markets. Besides he has bought a little бусиков to supply the points with the goods. All city has passed in movement, was oversaturated by transport. To live it became uneasy. For today in a city there are fifty authorised markets (ponder upon this terrible figure!) Also it is not known how many not authorised. The commercial centres different in volume cannot tell, how many, all practically stopping pavilions of public transport became too small commercial centres. The quantity of booths and different павильончиков is measured by thousand. It would be desirable to ask, what further the Lord? It was necessary not to sell on a root factories and factories, and to search for investors who would bring here modern technologies which would reanimate all existing manufactures, on the one hand, having kept and having increased workplaces, at legislation and tax policy respective alteration, and with another, we would began to make the goods which had and have demand for a foreign market, having made our country attractive to other investors. So China, Korea, Malaysia and many other things and, by the way, result on the person, as they say have arrived. We, certainly, the cleverest, therefore have that we have. It is thought, that yet late something to change in this respect. The political will and refusal of personal benefit of officials is necessary. We cannot and should not be the closed country and to cook in own juice, it will not bring advantage.

Other aspect of our reality about which it is necessary to tell, this building of individual habitation, which, in my opinion, has caused an irreparable loss to the city environment and to correct it, years and means be required. We want that or not, it is necessary to take down some structures. I will not speak, who in it is guilty, but that has occurred should not occur further. I know, that many of you will disagree with my opinion, but in a city it is impossible to build villages.
The city environment differs from rural that in a city high-rise houses and city territories are under construction are obliged to bear the big loading that engineering networks, city highways, transport, were profitable. Business not only in it, and that, unfortunately, undertook building of these houses all without discrimination, and their appearance spoils that could be attractive. The city environment, it that costs huge money and consequently is inadmissible it to spoil. It that involves other people here to come. Many troubles have brought the illegal building which problem is difficult for solving because there is no accurate law which, despite epaulets, should put people for such building in prisons. Many, unfortunately, do not wish to understand, that it is serious. On numerous courts, right there were those who has constructed illegally. In the next Romania, for example, for it by the law it is defined two years of imprisonment. And there do not build with impunity, anyhow and anywhere. It is necessary to recognise, that in a city the poor person cannot build the house because it is reflected in Wednesday of a city. Because it involves visitors or tourists, we are obliged to watch that it involved, instead of pushed away. Therefore it is necessary to give such possibility to people well-founded first, and secondly, conditions corresponding to the city environment should be laid down. Yes, it really improves the conditions of a life, but together with it it - at own expense - improves the city environment, doing our city attractive. Not tomatoes should grow in the territories allocated under building of an apartment house, and an accomplishment corresponding to the city environment, and those who cannot allow itself it, should buy or build apartments. These sites should be surveyed through transparent fencings, instead of be protected three-metre height by stone fences as at us it is accepted in village.
Sites which should be allocated under building of individual apartment houses, should be defined corresponding updating of the general plan and out of city line, or are defined by impossibility of building of high-rise building because of different conditions. Then also interested persons would be less, and the loss too would be less.
Designing such inhabited райончиков should have other approach, instead of simply cutting on small squares. I can not name any area in this respect positive and, that it was possible to show it as an example. I can tell, that there are separate, really beautiful houses, but it has not turned out songs. Instead of it has turned out because there was no purposeful policy in this respect. There was no correct approach. At the heart of such areas there should be any architectural sense, any dynamics. We have everywhere a pure statics and maximum use of territory by a principle - five more metres for tomatoes. Cases when even city access roads are taken illegally for the high fences in spite of the fact that there there pass city networks are not rare.
Transport and the transport scheme.
The problem of the transport scheme today that it is impossible to get quickly, for example, from Botany on Боюканы, passing the historical centre, with Боюкан on Old mail, with Рышкановки on Чеканы is only one communication, with Чекан on Botany too one communication and long enough. It leads to that streams of cars, basically, go through the centre, creating stoppers, especially in rush hours. Attempt to expand street Izmailsky has given a situation indulgence for the short period of time and has taken away enough of the most expensive, demanded earth in the centre. At a crossroads Izmail and Штефан foreheads Маре ши Сфынт the considerable quantity dorozhno - transport incidents took place. All it means that the transport scheme is not perfect and demands updating first of all. It is necessary to understand, that the transport scheme to solve in one plane it is already impossible, what money it would be not necessary.
Necessary knots of crossings need to be carried out so that they were not crossed, in two or even three levels if it is required. There are two ways, or to build expensively and correctly once, or is cheap but, not to solve problems never. The basic network of existing highways needs to be left, and here it is necessary to concern crossings with all gravity. All trouble consists that basically it plane, that is is executed in one level and consequently any expansions of streets especially in the centre will give nothing, as though we did not try, it first. Secondly, we should start up transit transport on roundabout highways, passing the centre, at least for a truck transport. Thirdly, we should clean yet late road service station of Northern direction in area of existing shop "Underground", fourthly, should find a place for road service stations of East and Western directions behind city boundaries, clean from the centre all markets, having left only central which should become only сельхозпродуктовым and one third from its area to give under a parking of cars, or to clean it completely and to construct habitation. The central road service station should remain only for the international flights. By means of such supermarkets as "Underground" on city boundaries, gradually to supersede all existing markets, having left on two in each area only for sale of agricultural production and, naturally, having weakened movement of transport and a congestion of people. Fifthly, what impudent the offer would not seem, the public transport needs to be executed hinged in monorail performance. I will try to explain why: It will be high-speed and big capacity, can pass in any place not taking away the earth areas, will give the chance to unload in a root city highways not being crossed with them, will give to a city appeal and the present, it should not be cleaned from snow, ice and to pour sand, she will give the chance to see our beautiful - in the future - a city from above, will release a considerable quantity бусиков and buses that will affect cleanliness of air and noise fall. Most likely, it should be a ring, or an oval which will unite all sectors of a city, and in each area movement should be carried out by trolley buses, naturally, the new sample. We should refuse completely buses and бусиков, that has made impossible transport movement on existing highways and pollutes environment and to leave them only in those places where the trolley bus is impossible. Except told, it is necessary to execute a street Mioritsa exit on the Bojukansky circle, streets Krjange and Alba Iulia to punch street Sokolen through Petrikansky and area of the rowing channel to street Kolumna with an exit in area of tractor factory, street Studentsilor to punch to street Mirchea of foreheads Бэтрын, street Minsk to punch to street Mirchja of foreheads Бэтрын, and street Burebista to punch to street Milesku Спэтару. All punched holes of these roads, first, will lead to improvement and convenience of the transport scheme of a city and building of new habitation along them, that will naturally change shape of our city, will involve new investments. If to execute all told above, I guarantee that you do not learn a city and at us will look in another way.
I will stop on one component of the transport scheme, these are parkings of vehicles. They are very big problem in the centre and a problem in all sectors. Existing parkings not that other as chaos and the disorder, I any more do not say that they occupy the big areas. Parkings and a considerable quantity, but modern are necessary to us, multilevel and it is desirable under all again under construction inhabited and public buildings.
Now about the most important thing.
I guess that this theme will be given a hostile reception, nevertheless, I will dare to remind, that we live in the XXI-st century and the shape of our city should be changed. The matter is that possibilities historical both an administrative centre are settled, and attempt to sate it высотками will not give anything, except problems because of many factors, it is small cutting of quarters and streets, these are networks which are not calculated on such loadings of high-rise houses, impossibility of normal operation, the device of access roads and normal court yard for a life of a considerable quantity of people, parking of personal and guest transport and many other things. These all factors have suggested that these two concepts should be divided. The historical centre to leave on a place and it is good to reconstruct it, having reconsidered all monuments of history and architecture, having left scale and altitude, and administrative, business, new, integral and high-rise to transfer on really central part of a present city and, thereby, to create a new silhouette and shape of our city, having released really central earths from factories and factories and all unnecessary stuff, having united all five sectors and having truncated their availability to the centre. Обозреваемость this centre will be from all sectors for it will settle down in пойме the rivers the Bull. No arguments should become a barrier to realisation of this idea for technically everything today is possible, and having received a new kernel of an administrative centre, the city very much will win. For in this part there are two quite good enough highways, it is street Албишоара and Каля Басарабией, the railway also that is important, all the same the river which certainly needs to be expanded, deepened, cleared and included in a composition of the future administrative centre. I think, it is not necessary to explain various specific points with reflexion in water of office buildings and constructions, quay and many components which are necessary for the river are how much more favourably looked.
Besides, there is a possibility to use the railway as a city highway, considering its small congestion, between passage of trains, having added with its city modern electric train which will unite an administrative centre and the majority of sports constructions with which we will sate our city, such as the rowing channel, and all zone of rest, since tractor factory, republican stadium with all infrastructure in Прункул instead of the automobile market, with use of an existing open-cast mine and, further a zone of rest Гидигич which should become the European centre of all water kinds of sports, and also rest. We should not forget about Jalovensky lake, from it высоткой which at last should be finished and occupy the normal position in an infrastructure of the sports and tourist centres as it is entrance gate of a city from the south and we have a possibility, and real, to make these gate very attractive. It is necessary to realise such competitions as San Remo, Jürmala etc., because Мэрцишора it is not enough of one, and possibilities at us are. If we will not manage to realise the project of line Formula 1 that will be very sad, the second for value and is little bit weaker, there will be a line of cross-country race which should become much more considerable, than it was, and to receive a corresponding infrastructure, it, by the way, was the best in Europe. It is clear, that in this case we will not receive the same effect, but all the same we will receive. And we should receive money for its restoration and good, qualitative reconstruction as a result of the international tender which, by the way, it is already possible to declare. It would be possible to declare the same tenders on Republican stadium, a hippodrome, the centre of all kinds of aquatics, a bicycle track, tennis stadium and many other things. It is not necessary to be afraid, that our fellow citizens will be won not, it even is good, because by means of these people, us will know in other countries, we should become opened for the world, for sew advantage. The device, for example, such ideas as diplomatic village, or the area of Europe which can bring world popularity to our country, can impress favourably in other countries, and also will provide safety of all diplomatic corps. After all it is those investments which will come easy and will render us very big advantage, after all at us this money is not present, and with their help we can increase attendance of our country and to start the tourist mechanism, that which all over the world brings good dividends because is complex and comprises many branches and them unites.
Now I wish to talk about our parks.
I do not call into question, that they are necessary, because they are our lungs and give us oxygen, it is the truth. But their huge areas should bring except oxygen also profit. I mean, what exactly in them swimming pools, and not one should be constructed, and the whole network, existing lakes are not suitable for bathing and will not be suitable never. They can be used for driving on water bicycles, skis and boats. Tennis courts should be placed in each park with all infrastructure of rest, hire of any sports stock, saturation of a different kind of cafe and small restaurants, bicycle paths, paths for driving on the roller fads etc. Each corner of our city should be arranged well as if all our city is one integral complex of sports, rest and treatment that will be returned a hundredfold. Improving an accomplishment of all city we increase its appeal and attendance that will be reflected in the municipal budget, and also the country budget. It is necessary to restore navigation on the river Dnestr to Black sea, on modern rockets, it too will benefit, and big.
I should stop on one of old parks, namely Bringing down Морилор. What sad show who was not recently there, I advise there to descend. It seemed to me, that it precisely enough reflects a life of our society. I know, that much will not like these words, but it is the truth. Pay attention to once attractive ladder with its cascade a fountain as it was beautiful once, but, alas, not now. All this zone together with a business bonded area needs to be reanimated in a complex. It is clear, that money now is not present, but they will be, it is necessary to trust in it who knows, this can in the near future the cosy corner of our city again there is no time the most attractive. It depends on all of us.
But hardly it is possible to speak about well-groomed, ecologically pure city, not having changed in a root position of treatment facilities, their technology and the equipment. The factory on processing and dust burning is necessary for us as air, for realisation of our ideas. Without these two components we will stand on a place as the factory at correct selection, can bring a lot of advantage, except disposal of dust, and without it it is impossible to construct a civilised society. It is assured, that there will be wishing investors here it to bring, and is not clear why, it is not made till today. The faster we will clear our territories of dust and we will transform it into the blessing, the faster we will receive pure air and the arranged well city ready for realisation of that big, beautiful and logical idea. The desire and a positive spirit as yours is necessary only, and all our society, all consists in, whether we can dream and realise our dreams, or not.
About building of all kinds of high-rise habitation.
We have some kinds of available housing. I will not stop on classification, I will tell only what to build habitation it is necessary, but not anywhere. We feverishly search now for places under placing of high-rise habitation because of many factors which we spoke above. It also is a general plan problem, and the faster we will make it, the faster we will have answers. As a variant, with which I would begin not to stop process of building of habitation, it is reconstruction of existing quarters of two-five floor apartment houses, especially panel. What means? On a place of these houses to construct others, above and more comfortably. For this purpose it is necessary to construct one two houses of reserve fund for resettlement of tenants getting under a pulling down, for the period of building of the new house. Designing of these new houses should be conducted necessarily with underground parkings, and in those cases when it will be possible, with designing in quarter of multilevel parkings, instead of garages. By the way to a theme of they be "garages" it is necessary to look narrowly attentively, there inexhaustible possibilities if to it to approach seriously.
I wish to stop on a central heating theme. It seems, it is time to make it not central. It is not logical, that gas is brought to the house and it does not use it on a place for preparation of hot water and heating. It was possible to count up, how many the economy would bring this simple decision, but let's think, how many the areas will be released from this operation. How many kilometres of rusty pipes it would be possible to take from our earth and to release it under building of various buildings. Whether thermal power stations are necessary to us? And how many losses at heat-carrier transportation, can it to someone is favourable? Really to a city? Can try, all the same запроектировать at least one house with two systems of heating and энергопотребления? Solar energy use in a vesenne-autumn season, for preparation of hot water, and during osenne-spring time use of gas both for heating, and for hot water Means. And wind and a solar energy to use at least for illumination of apartments, entrances.
Now the Italian offer for representation in the Government on building of a city of the companion on 36000 inhabitants, for change of the status of arable lands prepares. I wish to notice, what the project can be and is interesting, but what will win a city from it? Instead of punching roads, to build the new centre and to improve shape of our existing city for what it is necessary to reconstruct the historical centre and an old available housing, to us suggest to leave it as to eat and displace this accent aside, for a city, thereby to create precedent further расползания cities only because someone has bought for a song arable lands which then will turn to gold, that, in my opinion, incorrectly. Certainly so is easier, not to solve a problem, and to leave from them. I do not doubt that for someone it favourably, but not to a city. The basic problem which really would be desirable and it is necessary to solve, it is a city and any projects-pilots should not distract us from it. Site under building of this companion just opposite to a site which is offered under line building "Formula 1". If the Government agrees with the Italian idea the thought on building "Formula 1", simply remains dream. I not against investments, but they should be enclosed there where it is necessary for a city, for achievement of realisation of idea, instead of to answer any personal interests. It is necessary to give to the project due that it it reaches three purposes, returns many our fellow citizens home which work in Italy, returns money which they have taken out from this country and more many our money which have been earned here on a place. Our problems and Italian will be solved not.
I wish apologise for can some emotional statements, but not attempt someone to touch it, and on the contrary to infect with idea because it so масштабна and is interesting that it would be desirable, that it was not only mine, but also yours, only then it can be realised, and believe this most important thing, on it depends there are our children and grandsons of the house, or will leave to search for happiness in other countries and it will be very a pity.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how шаманские experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - таки is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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