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Press conference on a result of the first half of the year 2008 has been spent by the President Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. 2 hours the head of the state answered questions of journalists.
Press conference on a result of the first half of the year 2008 has been spent by the President Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. 2 hours the head of the state answered questions of journalists.
I welcome all of you at our traditional total press conference. The list of questions extensive enough. I will try to be short as much as possible full to answer all your questions. At the same time in those materials which prepared for this meeting, there is one feature. Many indicators - an economic and social order - are compared to data of eight-year prescription. It - not dodge, not aspiration to look more convincing. The second mandate of my presidency simply comes to the end, and I already willy-nilly should start to report for all term of the work. Though I will especially not abuse such comparisons.
Let's begin with economy. Some eloquent figures. Economic growth for the first quarter 2008 in comparison with the similar period of last year has made 4,3 %. All understand, that growth could be much more. In the plan of statistics we have not come off yet negative influence of a last year's drought.
I already said that drought consequences could be others if our agrarian manufacture and corresponding technologies developed faster rates. Though revolutions in agrarian sphere, as is known, does not happen. At the same time today we can say with satisfaction, that if in 2002 at us was only 11 mashinno-technological stations, today them already 200. If in 2002 to agrarian sphere it has been allocated grants of all for 11 million леев in 2007 this sum has made more than 750 million леев. The areas of planting of new gardens in comparison with 2001 have increased more than in eight times, vineyards - more than in 11 times. The irrigated area for the same period has increased ten times. More than the volume of credits to agrarian sector has five times increased. All is indicators of an exit of agriculture on essentially new level. But it is obvious, that our agrarian sphere still it is far enough before high-grade and competitive development which so fatally natural cataclysms would not affect.
Other indicators of development look where better. Foreign investments for the last months 2008 have grown on 40 %. It is very positive signal. You know, that it is literally until recently, for example, the European Union stated certain claims to a business climate in Moldova. Experts know, that these remarks have been caused exclusively by some misunderstanding in our dialogue about «Union Феносой». No more that. But these problems are settled. And figures of growth of investments speak for themselves. I will notice, that growth of investments in 2008 twice surpasses indicators of 2005.
We warned still one year ago that Moldova waits investment boom. Here it also occurs. No doubt, it is direct result of our liberal modernisation. And I do not doubt at all that acceleration of process of attraction of foreign investments will accrue only. All obstacles and terminators are eliminated. Including for growth of capitalisation of the enterprises, revaluation of their actives, appeal increase in the market. It not our optimistic expectations, is estimations of foreign experts.
Certainly, the special role in the given process is played by privatisation. You know and remember, how many caustic remarks, how many criticism sounded concerning this process from our party - Parties of communists. But you see, than present privatisation essentially differs from how it was carried out in the past. With 1991 for 1997 of privatisation has undergone more than one and a half thousand enterprises. Their cost made some billions леев. But privatisation was carried out for checks, objects have fallen into clutches various funds, the enterprises in the majority were декапитализированы and are deduced from an economic turn. As a result proprietors of checks, no less than the state budget, have received zero. The present robbery!
Present privatisation is carried out on the basis of perfect other principles. The enterprises in conformity with tax amnesty are released from debts, their appeal to investments has repeatedly increased, privatisation process is carried out транспарентно, at sale the state is guided on maximum in money terms investment offers. Only for last year and in the beginning of current year the state has received in the budget from privatisation 241 million леев. And it only for 73 enterprises with this or that quota of the state participation, the officials who were under the control. I believe, that the further comments here излишни Indicators of execution of the budget and the budgetary policy also are positive. For the last months the national budget has been executed on 118 %. It allows and to strengthen further process of realisation of active social policy of the state.
Despite the all-European landslide rise in prices, the average salary in Moldova in comparison with the similar period of last year has grown on 27 %. Taking into account inflation this growth has made 10 %. The pension has grown on 21 %. Taking into account inflation on 4,7 %. A little! It agree, that it is not enough! But at the same time let's consider the tendency. For eight years the salary in an education system in nominal calculation has increased almost seven times, in real terms - three times. The average salary of the teacher makes today 1875 леев. The nominal salary for the same period has increased In public health services sphere in nine times, or more than four times in real terms. The average salary in this sphere makes 2255 леев. This tendency testifies only that wages growth, for example, in these spheres is absolutely adequate to budgetary possibilities of the country. We can be not happy with level of salaries, but we know well, that these wages have a reliable budgetary covering, that nobody saves thus in the country on teachers and doctors, that the salary is paid in time. This sphere remains a priority direction of activity of the country leaders.
Some more examples. From January, 1st on July, 1st, 2008 in Moldova the National centre of gerontology and the Center of rehabilitation for children with heavy infringements of impellent functions have been opened; the medical case of Republican hospital in village Vornichen is put in operation; operational blocks in regional hospitals Gloden, Калараша and Chadyr-Lungi have been equipped by modern equipment; from means of the state budget for hospitals of republican level the medical equipment for the sum about 58 million леев has been bought; the new technics and medical equipment had been provided the Republican centre of blood transfusion, and also the centres on blood transfusion of Dnestr region of Republic Moldova. It only for some months. And I have resulted this example that some "experts" understood, that the state budget is not only salaries, it still investments into social sphere, into objects, into the equipment, into schools and hospitals.
Local budgets for the same period have been executed on 115 %. Here I would like to give the comment to some figures.
All of you witnesses of how it is a lot of and as it is often written that the central power ostensibly interferes with financing of areas in which regional councils are in opposition to the party in power. We repeatedly denied this information. But this myth continues to be supported.
What speaks the statistican whom each of you can request in the Ministry of Finance? Here data for the first quarter. So, on accounts of local budgets was (on the first quarter end) in the "frozen" kind about billion леев. And if to speak precisely local authorities in the presence of means have financed only 67 % from level of the needs planned for this period. And to Kishinev which is under the opposition control, it is necessary about 300 million леев, on Гагаузию - 22 million, on Хынчешть - 46 million, on Яловень and Оргеев - on 27 million etc. Thus especially I underline, that to so-called oppositional Kishinev from the state budget 100 % of all transfers, and to communistic Beltsy - only 61 % are paid.It is very interesting to me, whether there will be tomorrow these data in your editions or about them again will keep silent. And after all it is a question not so much political, how many especially economic. To "freeze" money for accounts, not to execute the obligation under social and economic projects is not a policy, it is the bad policy. A political problematics are traditional themes of the European integration, Dnestr settlement, interparty relations and an internal political competition. To these all themes the question connected with a political situation in Гагаузии was now added also.
On all these questions the power, including I am a president, expresses almost daily. I would like these to concern now to those only partly (better them to open in answers to your questions). I only will direct attention to pre-election sounding of all these system questions.
The first. We had rather remarkable experience of elections of 2005. It seemed to me, that this experience for a long time will beat off desire at some politicians to transform Moldavian democracy into the hostage of primitive egoistical electoral ambitions. Unfortunately, while it it is not observed. We again attack the same rake. The familiar picture when for the sake of the pre-election purposes by all means humiliate Moldova again repeats, demand it to punish - or introduction of the European sanctions, or инспирацией «just indignation» from an East side. Swear Europe, fight a head about a floor to convince someone in the person пророссийскости, but again forget about the Moldavian voter. I will try not to name today surnames, but you and all understand. Someone again would not like to prove, that Moldova in 2008 became less democratic, than in 2005 or in 2001. Really it is a unique way to add to the rating some unfortunate percent?
For last ten years elections always passed in Moldova at a 6 percent barrier. It was necessary to us to lower only this barrier to 4 % and in what it has resulted? Recollect! It has worked, as provocation. Provocation against opponents ПКРМ. The Block «Democratic Moldova» At first has collapsed, the Alliance «Our Moldova» has then collapsed, the Democratic party has then broken up. The field of our political opponents has turned to a mosaic. We have returned a threshold - and here the opposition is consolidated again, there are any new unifying ideas, designs. In any case returning of a 6 percent threshold looks not as change of game rules during game, and as stimulus for formation of a normal and steady political field.
The second. From some parties there were appeals to Bruxelles to curtail dialogue with Moldova on mandate preparation about the new agreement with our country. On the other hand, there were hunters to play Dnestr and гагаузскую cards in a context of elections. Consider inadmissible, not patriotic and immoral to operate in a similar way. Eventually, it simply is not pragmatic.
As to conditions in Гагаузии I am assured, that in couple of months will be especially a shame to some especially active today's shouters. And for slander on the autonomy, and for discredit of its democratic institutes, and for all that fiction about terror from the centre which here already more than month tries to frighten гагаузский the people. Today I once again repeat, that however actions present гагаузских the authorities were radical, the centre will keep cool also wisdom. Our problem in the circumstances - not a victory of representatives ПКРМ, and a law victory, a victory of the autonomy over that arbitrariness and anarchy which have made some person. If someone has dared to think, that laws гагаузскому are not necessary to the people, it will be responsible for it before people Гагаузии.
As to Dnestr settlement then it is important to know and understand the following. According to all without an exception of participants of negotiating process, the best conditions for settlement, than now, in Moldova was never. And we for that work in a high-grade trunk-call format on definitive settlement of a Dnestr problem right now has as soon as possible begun. We for that elections in 2009 have passed in all territory of the country. But we categorically against to use a Dnestr theme in a context of elections.

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