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Flooding in Republic of Moldova - a reality. The quantity of water as a result of rains in Ukraine, in Romania and northern part of Moldova has exceeded all admissible norms. Around the rivers Dnestrs and the Rod goes evacuation, the government takes all
Flooding in Republic of Moldova - a reality. The quantity of water as a result of rains in Ukraine, in Romania and northern part of Moldova has exceeded all admissible norms. Around the rivers Dnestrs and the Rod goes evacuation, the government takes all measures promoting safety of the population. It was declared today responsible for the organisation, protection and safety by the first vice-premier, the Minister of Economics and trade Igor Dodon at session of the national commission on extreme situations in which has taken part the President of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin.
In connection with dump of water from dams in Днестровске and Дубэсарь Igor Dodon has underlined, that in second half of day on Saturday from Lvov to Днестровска water inflow made approximately 4500-5000 cubic metre a second, and further - to Дубэсарь the drain of water was up to standard of 3200-3700 cubic metre a second. Dump of water from the Dnestrovsky water basin has led to that the water level more low on a current has essentially grown. Thus, the part of the Ukrainian city of Mogilyov-Podolsk has been impounded. The water level in Oknitsky area and in areas to the Dubesarsky dam also has risen, has informed Igor Dodon.
The first vice-premier has specified, that from the Dubesarsky dam to cope with flooding in Днестровске, water dump at level of 2000-2200 cubic metre in a second is carried out. Dump of water from Dubesarsky hydroelectric power station at level of 2000-2100 cubic metre in a second has led to increase in inflow of water more low on a watercourse. It has caused necessity of evacuation of people from a rest zone in Вадул луй Водэ. Thanks to the effective actions undertaken in short term by the central and local public authorities, it was possible to evacuate from a dangerous zone of children from camps of rest and simply having a rest.
Igor Dodon has underlined, that yesterday within 5-6 hours from a dangerous zone 1800 children have been evacuated, the majority from which have gone home with parents, and the central public authorities have taken care of the others. Now 135 pupils from Moldova remain in camps with day stay in sectors Чокана and Рышкановка мун. Kishinev where they have been placed yesterday. They are provided by food and all necessary, within their today parents should take away. At the same time 47 children from Belarus are placed in children's camps in Kishinev, and measures for their delivery home now are undertaken. As to the people who had a rest in Вадул луй Водэ they have been taken out therefrom yesterday till as today and tomorrow water level increase in Dnestr is expected and, in particular, in a zone of rest of this city, has noted Igor Dodon.
Speaking about a situation in Dubesarsky area, Додон has noted, as here the situation is under the control, additional measures, in particular in village Pohrebja, on the bank of Dnestr where the whole night works were conducted are undertaken. "To prevent flooding, protective dams, in particular more low Дубэсарь have been built and strengthened. It is a question of agricultural sites from Дубэсарь to Штефан Водэ", - подчеркннул the first vice-premier.
As to the river the Rod the situation on dam Kostesht-Stynka is under the control. "The water level which has raised at Chernovtsy in second half of day on Saturday, has provoked flooding in villages Is curve, Коржэуць and the city of Lipkan. So, in village It is curve was 73 houses, in Коржэуць - 24 garden sites, in Липкань - 15 houses and in Отачь - 17 houses are impounded. Nobody has suffered".
Now the high water starts to fall down, but it comes nearer to dam Kostesht-Stynka. Here water dump occurs in a mode of 550 cubic metre in a second. For comparison: in a normal mode dump occurs to speed of 70 cubic metre in a second. The dam in Kostesht-Stynka is practically ready to cope with a high water. "This morning I have communicated the minister of environment of Romania to co-ordinate our actions concerning Kostesht-Stynka. At the moment there are no reasons for anxiety in connection with this dam. If we manage to keep water dump at level of 550 cubic metre in a second, in Kostesht-Stynka the risk of flooding will not be", - has informed Igor Dodon.
According to forecasts, as a result of the storm rains which have dropped out yesterday and last night, inflow of water from Lvov to Днестровска will grow to 500-700 cubic metre a second. The volume of a drain of water from Днестровска with 2600 to 3300 cubic metre a second as a result will increase. We now are going to cope with high waters in Дубэсарь. Here the water drain makes 2800-3000 cubic metre a second that allows to hold a situation under the control by means of the protective dams located more low Дубэсарь, has specified Igor Dodon.
At the moment because of increase of a water level from Днетсровска to Дубэсарь there is a risk of flooding in Oknitsky and Soroksky areas. The national commission on extreme situations has taken all necessary measures and constantly contacts the local public authorities to prevent flooding of the settlements located in пойме of the river Dnestr. As to camps in Вадул луй Водэ this morning they have not been flooded yet. In any case, according to experts, the water level there will raise. Though all necessary measures, high waters in Днестровске have been taken prove, that the water level in Dnestr still will raise, first vice-premier Igor Dodon has declared.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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