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The first party of sportsmen of Republic of Moldova has left on 29th Olympic Games for China. 29th Olympic Games, will open in China (Beijing) 8 numbers, 8 month, 2008, at 8 o'clock, 8 minutes of evening. Magic figures are chosen not casually: on the Chin
The first party of sportsmen of Republic of Moldova has left on 29th Olympic Games for China. 29th Olympic Games, will open in China (Beijing) 8 numbers, 8 month, 2008, at 8 o'clock, 8 minutes of evening. Magic figures are chosen not casually: on the Chinese mythology in them mysteriousness of millenia is put in pawn.
Let's begin the analysis with number 29. And as the tool of forecasting we will be served древнекитайская by conjectural system the I-jing. Opening will occur in 21st day on a solar calendar which is considered day of a throwing of a lot. We can notice at once, that the lot will play a main role these Olympic games, therefore to sportsmen to win, number which they will receive on a toss-up is extremely important. And this number should be for them happy.
Let's try to "pass" all our figures through an astronumerology prism, каббалистики and other magic systems. Number 29 in mystical and magic sources is absent. 29 is a search, failure in эзотерических traditions, including in Chinese, as it more than 28 - numbers of the perfect person consisting of spirit, souls and bodies. However if we make addition of numbers 2 and 9 we will receive number 11 which in esoterics symbolises a duality in force use, that conducts to cleaning spiritual consequences or to destruction and chaos.
The main number on which it is necessary to stop attention are eight. From the point of view of astronumerology number 8 is fixed to Uranium which is the higher conductor (медиатором) between the higher and the lowest, between the earth and the sky, bears the information at nonverbal level. Uranium symbolises explosive energy, bears unexpectedness and force of creative disclosing, impulsiveness, clearing, riskiness, overcoming of time and space by transformation. It can give to the person unexpected success and launch, prizes both the same unexpected falling and ruin. With the eight nothing can be planned, it is possible to operate only intuitively, as though to float in a stream, to improvise and not to take offence at destiny. So all forecasts and calculations which become analysts from sports, will not justify themselves, and here an astrology and mysticism over which Uranium supervises, will quite cope with this problem. Here it is necessary to consider, that good luck can smile to those countries and sportsmen at which Uranium and the eight are positive indicators. I will remind, that Uranium operates the Aquarius (the countries under the protection of the Aquarius - Russia, Brazil, Ethiopia, etc.). So it will be not too difficult to Russian sportsmen to cope with Uranium and the eight.
Now we will consider the eight from the point of view of magic. The eight in каббалической traditions means practical activities, knowledge, diplomacy and a deceit, and эзотерически is connected with abundance and energy distribution. Decoding gives us the recommendation for all sportsmen: to use the knowledge and abilities, to store energy, not to spend force, to separate the necessary, standing things from unsuitable as to win, their opponents cunning can be applied. Speech about that, on what costs or it is not necessary to pay attention. Remember a case with a slap in the face from Зидана - the captain of the French football players which has turned a game outcome? And after all it have specially provoked. The one who will keep cool also energy for the necessary moment in competitions can win only.
In the Greek magic tradition the eight sends us to the star sky, to so-called motionless stars. And still reminds us of octal division of time and space. This symbolics includes such recommendations for sportsmen: find the sidereal time among eight parts of day (24: 8) and define the place in space (in this case at stadium) which patronises you and your country. I will remind, that the space shares on the north, the south, the east, the West, the northeast and the southeast, the northwest and the southwest. And the sidereal time pays off so: take hour of the birth on your local time and transfer it for Peking time. Three hours - hour of a birth and 2 hours after a birth also will be victorious time.
If to speak about time, it is possible to notice, that Olympic Games opening on авестийской traditions gets on an hour Ужа. It is magic hour which is used by black magicians as this time is connected with transformation of sexual energy. Inclusion of the Olympic program in this hour says to us that on sportsmen can be rendered черномагическое influence, rituals, hypnosis. However the most effective way against it was and there is a pray, fiery cleaning, protective stone amulets. Fine influence at traumas on sportsmen additional training with energy lifting кундалини (will render activity of the bottom finitenesses, waists).
Now time to investigate treasured number 888 (the eighth day of the eighth month and the eighth year) on which so owners of the Olympic Games count, after all for them is a threefold symbol of riches. And here in Christian эзотерической it is considered traditions number of the Messiah, in the esoterics modern language it is number disconnects a circle of the elite, reveals secret of Dedication, answers on riddles of eternally silent sphinx to a wide range of pupils. The mystical root of number 888 - six, symbolises space balance and includes the Voice of the Higher forces from which the Holy Spirit proceeds. I will remind, that China sometimes in addition call by ancient tradition Celestial, and, probably, the Spirit Sacred will condescend on everyone who will be involved in event. A conclusion such: There can be a certain extraordinary event so I advise to all extremely attentively to look Olympic Games opening - we can hear and see in symbolical signs and accidents not only the sports future (even within the limits of the Olympic Games) the concrete countries and sportsmen, but also the planet long-term future. Event of this day will be included by all means into world history.
It is possible to assume, that opening of the Peking Olympic Games will be arranged very magnificently, beautifully and very expensively as at this time all mankind, itself not assuming, will say goodbye to the whole epoch of the development and at once will pass to other step.
The Runichesky forecast.
Now we will address to fleeces - they too concern magic signs and мантике (to lot throwing). It is obvious, that at first we will consider value of 29th руны Ear. It designates "ashes", symbolises the end of any process and is last letter Anglo-Saxon рунического the alphabet. 29th fleeces will be brought by end of career to women-sportswomen, what elements the Earth and who acts in the brown form. Now we will pay attention on 8th fleece Wyn. These are fleeces of end which shows that it is possible to achieve the objective if it is the purpose of your life. So the one who aspired for a long time to Olympic gold, by all means it will receive and will finish sports career. It will bring pleasure, possibility to be in a stream of time and a smile of fate to sportsmen-men to whom the Earth and whose form of yellow colour patronises. I remind, that the magic of fleeces operates within the limits of region of their origin and distribution. It is Germany, England, the Scandinavian countries. Besides, the eighth fleeces are finished by the first level, means, among winners by all means there will be men from these countries. In general it is necessary to pay attention to yellow colour not only in shape, but also in flags of the countries. Presence of yellow colour (which can concern and presence of gold medals in a personal arsenal of sportsmen, and also to colour of a skin or hair of participants of competitions) will give magic chance of high awards of games.
The countries on which cabbala signs (Israel, the USA, Spain, partially Australia extend and Russia) should count on internal fire, on correct distribution of energy and force of support of fans.
Astrology, on start!
Well and now we will peer at a card of opening of the Olympic Games that with the maximum accuracy to predict coming событияXXIX Games. It is natural, that the horoscope is made for Peking time and co-ordinates. At once I wish to remind, that for China these Olympic games are the major mark in state development as this year the 60-year-old (big) cycle from the date of a birth of the Peoples Republic of China comes to the end.
By the way, for the forecast it is used and натальную a card of the Peoples Republic of China for 01.10.49 years. We will begin with Mars - the patron of sportsmen and sports. It not only operates a point of rising at the moment of opening, but is the strongest and kindest planet in a card. Position of Mars specifies to us in those sportsmen who can win at the big congestion of the people, enemies to make partners and навозможность to be realised in the unfriendly environment. Besides, Mars promises us scandalous situations and disputes round Olympic games. It will bring disappointment to sportsmen from Japan and France, will not support to sportsmen from Germany to which should count only on own forces.
The astrology confirms the forecast various мантических systems which we used, - in personal offset those who long and persistently went to Olympic medals will necessarily win. To fight go not only "old men", but they win: sportsmen aged have more chances to win the main awards. Sportsmen with the big will power which can in difficult situations show nobleness will perfectly be entered in competitive situations, and also observe sports traditions. Unexpected, maybe, at all young sportsmen from the small island states, and also sportsmen from the Arabian countries can achieve not absolutely defensible success. Steady enough position will be occupied with Olympians from the USA as will feel the big support of the country on all platforms of the Olympic Games. Star instants of the Peking Olympic Games will be partly signed by names of the American sportsmen-singles.
Olympic records will appear in high-speed disciplines, on short distances. Command players, especially what play with a ball and with other sports stock will perfectly feel themselves. Among winners in these kinds there will be a Spanish Olympic team, however a victory will be extracted with the big work. Success in command games female commands from the small countries (probably can achieve during the latest moment, Japan) if will receive strong support of fans. A fate smile in the beginning of competitions and disappointments in the end it is necessary to go through to sportsmen from the countries of Latin America. Some of them only at the very beginning of Games will manage to seize some gold and bronze medals.
Relay races and pair competitions can be won only collective efforts, instead of at the expense of one leader. Sportsmen from Russia, Australia, Canada, China, Italy here again can be in the lead. Difficult kinds of competitions, such as пятиборье and a thriathlon, can win women from the African countries, probably, from France, Belgium, Canada. However it is necessary to tell, that on all Olympic platforms the fate will have a kind feeling for the Chinese sportsmen. But they, most likely, do not become leaders by quantity of medals. There can be troubles and accidents in shooting kinds of sports, all will go smoothly in competitions of fighters and swimmers on short distances. Unpleasant unexpectedness in heats in open reservoirs, jumps in water, on bicycle tracks and lines are possible. Good luck in female kinds of sports will by all means smile to Olympians from Romania and Hungary.
The Russian command will be supported by hidden protection of a guardian angel. Will carry to our sportsmen in difficult competitions when it is required to overcome obstacles and to cope with circumstances. But to count on a considerable quantity of the main awards in single competitions it is not necessary. In collective, pair, command competitions and offsets we will be more successful.
To predict quantity of awards - business ungrateful as the Uranium patronising not only our country, but also all Olympic Games, can turn all upside down. And intentions of the Chinese national team take away all Olympic gold can to remain only intention, and low chances of modular Germany by the Olympic Games end will increase and will really lead sportsmen to the big victories.
And in the end it would be desirable to add what to win to sportsmen this time will help not only sports preparation, but also personal charm, virtuosity and collective support of fans. On Olympic pedestals there will ascend true stars of the sports, known sportsmen and favourites of public.

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