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National dance, the most ancient kind of national creativity in Republic of Moldova. Through dance we observe typical lines named the Moldavian national character. The movement organisation in time and space, plastic, rhythmics in execution of national

National dance, the most ancient kind of national creativity in Republic of Moldova. Through dance we observe typical lines named the Moldavian national character. The movement organisation in time and space, plastic, rhythmics in execution of national dances reflect figurativeness of art thinking which the Moldavian people love and appreciates.

To number of the most widespread dances belongs chorus (Bulgarian o, from Greek choros). In the beginning of XIX century named not only a concrete kind of dance, but also original national festival, a walk. Now in the majority of areas of republic circular dance in which dancing keep for hands is called. Rate of dance - moderated. In chorus there is no certain end, its duration depends on an ingenuity dancing, there is a set of variants of this dance. Chorus can be called in a place of its creation - Chorus (Beltsky chorus), on the character or event in which honour it is executed - Chorus (Chorus of the bride), Chorus (Chorus ), Chorus (Wedding chorus) etc. Sometimes a "chorus" word falls also dance is called simply ("Wedding"), ("Floret") etc. In the middle of XIX century on change to concept of "chorus" of him the general sense the concept comes.

In informal conversation instead of occurring earlier find fault (we go on chorus) it is even more often used find fault . The word has occurred from Latin jocus (game, an entertainment). The term is often used by the second word, for example, (Ancient dance), (Comic dance). In wide value - national which by tradition occurred in each village on a certain place - on the area, in the field, at a mill etc. the group of guys arranged. They collected money and employed musicians. In holidays usually lasted since morning till the late evening. To the travellers visiting Moldova at various times, reminded original rural ball. Quite often began the general dance of type choruses, and in each area and even village, dances were executed, unique on style and a manner. Widely are extended , , , , . In due time these dances have been borrowed Serbs, Bulgarians, Russian, Armenians, gipsies. But having adopted separate elements and rates of dances of other people, Moldavians executed them in own way. One of the mentioned people does not have similar dances and if meet are called as Moldavian.

Special impression make on man's dances. Since XIX century, in the Moldavian choreography there are no almost dances the weapon in hands. However , (Dance of athletes), (Dance ), (Dance ) vigorous movements, the courage, inherited from the ancient aggressive dancings reflecting centuries-old struggle of Moldavians for freedom are peculiar to dances. Memory about is live and today in national songs, ballads, dances. Modern on the vigorous character there correspond man's dances of type ("Corbel") and . Usually in these courageous emotional dancings glorifying military friendship and demanding special dexterity and skill, the best dancers of village take part. Such dances differ difficult rhythmic drawings and combinations of movements, the frequent syncopated blows of feet about the earth.

Dances are headed quite often by the leader. Their participants more often on a circle, on a direct or zigzag line (in the form of a twisted corbel), hold each other for belts, shoulders or brushes of hands. Dance, as a rule is accompanied by whooping () and comic or satirical poetic improvisations ().

The Moldavian national dances inseparably linked with music. Usually they are executed accompanied by an orchestra (), consisting of violins, cymbals, and other tools. In olden time many dances were accompanied by singing (, ).

The Moldavian national dances are divided on the functional importance in a public life on ceremonial and household. Among the most known - ceremonial dances , , wedding - , , ("Given"), (Dance of the bride). Household in turn, are subdivided into dances in which there is no strongly pronounced plot but in which with the greatest force emotional energy of the people - "Chorus" was expressed, , , , . , (Dance with rotations), , (Three logs), etc. - and dances in which any concrete action is expressed.

Comparative stability of drawing of the Moldavian dances allows to divide them into four basic groups, type choruses - circular dances in which dancing hold each other for brushes of hands or shoulders: type - the basic drawing - the line or a semicircle, dancing hold each other for belts and shoulders, type - is executed by steams or small groups (the young man and two girls, or on the contrary); dances of the mixed type to which drawings of three previous groups are peculiar.

To structurally-rhythmic signs the Moldavian dances basically also share on four groups: type , betuty-choruses, , choruses-mare.

On the basis of folklore dance scenic variants of national dances which are executed by professional collectives are created. Best of them are included into gold fund of a national choreography.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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