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10 photos which have shaken the world. World photoart has many photos which remain in history of the Earth. These photos live the separate life, irrespective of the author and are epoch symbols.
10 photos which have shaken the world. World photoart has many photos which remain in history of the Earth. These photos live the separate life, irrespective of the author and are epoch symbols.
The picture which has received the name "Battalion commander", has been made by the press photographer of TASS Max Alpert in 1942 and has very soon flown about all world, having appeared on the front pages of newspapers and covers of magazines. As the photographer simply has not had time to write down a name of the embodied soldier, for operations were in the heat, tens "relatives" of the sung hero after a while were found out, and sceptically adjusted experts have put forward the assumption, that a picture production. The photo ostensibly has been made even prior to the beginning of war: on doctrines and any relation to real operations has no. You are live or have died, the main thing - that in number , - the key rule of war correspondents said. Max Alpert who is one of founders photos adhered to the same principle also. In spite of the fact that the majority of military pictures of that time were production (press photographers were worth its weight in gold, to them put personal protection, and about that to throw them under tanks , could not be and speeches), the version about unauthenticity of"Battalion commander"itself can be called into question. And the first, that it is necessary to consider, words of directly author of a masterpiece, that the press photographer could tell about the person whom it has embodied, - at the moment of his death barracking somewhere has nearby sounded: the Battalion commander has killed! So there was a picture name. To define at least a rank of the soldier on a photo during that moment it was impossible - on a sleeve is not present , on a head what carried all from the private soldier to the lieutenant colonel., By the way, it is possible to consider it as one more proof of a reality of a picture. It be made on doctrines, authors of statement for certain would take care of a name and a rank of the hero. Already in 70th years the group of experts-criminalists has found out, that "Battalion commander" is a second lieutenant, Alexey Eremenko.
Despite of the confused history of creation of this photo, the master of an objective converge in one - even if Max Alpert more would remove nothing, with "Battalion commander" it, whatever one may do, would become the classic-documentation officer. It is clear also that who in 1980 on a place where battle has taken place, has established a monument - an exact copy of the soldier from a legendary photo.
The BANNER OVER ̻ EVGENIE Chaldea, 1945
Evgenie Haldej has entered into world history of a photo thanks to the pictures made during Second world. When declared the war beginning, Evgenie has called the heads with the request to give out it of 100 m of a film. But to it have answered: It is a lot of. We will win war in two weeks . It was given only by 60 m. But war was stretched for long 4 years, and together with it - and the reporting Chaldea. From first days of war he dreamt to put in it an end, therefore and has rushed off headlong to Berlin in 1945. That"lighted"in the majority of textbooks and encyclopaedias a photo the Banner over is production, it is known to all. But whether it is possible to underestimate because of it its symbolical character and value and furthermore to accuse the author who, dreaming of the termination of bloody war, has brought with itself to Berlin from Moscow the whole three flags sewed from red cloths. The first Evgenie has established on a staff roof in which the message on Hitler's death has been received, the second remained on the Brandenburg collars, and the third, last, the press photographer has reserved for a harm monastery . In general, it is no wonder, that these days among the Soviet soldiers in Berlin the present victorious euphoria - everything as madwomen, rushed on a city, who photographing who simply hanging out red flags everywhere where it is possible and is impossible (and, you see, no value that some banners have been sewed from German red feather-beds at all has) reigned. Voluntary occurrence of the photographer with a banner in the bosom at bottom Rejhstaga should has caused in anybody indignation or surprise, and on the contrary - the Soviet soldiers willingly undertook to help with creation of a historical shot. And Evgenie Haldej much later in one of the interviews said, that the Banner over is a feat collective and besides international, after all Ukrainian A.Kovalev, Daghestani A.Ismailov and Byelorussian L.Gorychev were participants of action. Here only they have got to all textbooks by kind Soviet tradition not, and Michael Egors and .
In 1996, in London auction house Sotheby's, Evgenie Haldeja's 115 photos (among them the Banner over , banners on the Red area and the First day of war) were are sold for $224 thousand Hardly the Soviet press photographer could to assume it, sitting with "cloth" as he named a flag, on roof at the very beginning of May, 1945.
The BIG THREE (the AUTHOR is unknown), 1945
In this photo one of the moments of world history solving without exaggeration is fixed. Results of the Yalta conference which were passing in February, 1945, have defined a political situation in the world for 50 years forward - up to disorder of the USSR. In many respects thanks to this picture modern children all the same know, how leaders of the most powerful powers Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin looked. Now practically any mention of the big three does not do without the reference to that photo.
To immortalise the well-known picture in a sculpture - idea not new, but popular. Known sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and has arrived. Here only gratitude of the people for "feat" has not waited. For various reasons a monument have already refused to put in Crimea, Moscow and Volgograd.
On August, 14th, 1945 inhabitants of New York have learnt about capitulation of Japan. To delight and pleasure there was no limit, emotions burst forth. In such day photographer Life Magazines left to Manhattan, having armed with the chamber. Being one of the greatest photographers, could not pass such strong (and the main thing, fair) emotional explosion of Americans. Under a sight of the pictorialist the dashing seaman who in a sincere impulse embraced has got and kissed the women all successively which was coming across to it on a way. The kiss of the seaman with the very young nice nurse is till now one of symbols of universal pleasure concerning the termination of long war.
This vital picture practically has got at once to the category of legends. Now nearby because places on which there was a historical kiss, there is the sculptural composition repeating a plot of a photo. And since 2005 in Day of a victory many inhabitants of New York are flown down on Tajms-square to take part in ceremony of " a kiss reconstruction.
This picture which by right is considered classical, has been made on March, 14th, 1951, in day of the 72 anniversary of the ingenious physicist. By that moment there was a certain image of the ingenious scientist: it is serious, not so young, slightly uncombed. Einstein with pleasure also has broken this stereotype. On already bothered request, this time Arthur Sejssa, to reflect in the chamber, Einstein has simply put out the tongue - and remained in memory of descendants the most excentric and frivolous serious scientist. Einstein very much liked this photo. Initially, except it, on it were the doctor Franc (head Institute for Advanced Study) with the spouse, sitting with it in the car at the moment of shooting, but ingenious Albert here again has not changed to the sense of humour. It cut out from a picture of on a contour, has made some copies of the turned out image and dispatched to its friends as cards.
THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH (7 ۻ) , 1954
To tell, what exactly this photo has brought Monroe popularity, it is impossible. Also a lie will be also that photographer Sam Shou has made to itself a name by means of this picture. The secret of popularity of a shot, most likely, is covered in successful cooperation of two professionals - the actress and the photographer. worked with Sam from the very beginning of the career (still when Sam worked with ) and very much liked to act in film at it. In its photos I always turn out the beauty , - confirmed Monroe. In this picture it has turned out such what she wished to be: both cheerful, and touching, and sexual simultaneously. Unlike set of other photos known all over the world, this was not casual. Photosession in the New York underground was spent during film shootings In 7 years after wedding (one of which producers Sam Shou has acted), and it was preceded by long preparation. For example, specially for shooting has ordered a dress from enough heavy fabric that the skirt did not fly up from the slightest whiff of a breeze, and fluttered in strictly set direction . Because of noise of crowd which was present on shootings, these shots have not entered into a film, and here the photo is considered till now one of cards of the superblonde and one more direct proof of great force of art.
The picture-symbol of horrors of war has been made on June, 8th, 1979 during operations in Indochina the Vietnamese photographer Associated Press which has received subsequently for this photo the Pulittserovsky award and prize World Press Photo. In this case on the first place there is not an art value of a photo, and bitter ironicalness of the moment. The pilot of the plane belonging to armies of Southern Vietnam, has confused peace inhabitants with soldiers and has dumped on them some bombs with napalm. has photographed children running from bombing attack. Later in the USSR have extended the version that children escape because of pogrom with which Americans have arranged in village. The historical truth to restore it is practically unreal. But very much even that journalists eager for sensations in many years after these events have found for the girl running in the centre of a picture is real, which for that moment was 9 years. Despite numerous burns from napalm, it remained is live and now is the ambassador of good will of the United Nations. It is possible not to doubt, that concerning this awarded photo at the truth.
Probably, is not present on light of the person which would not see this picture and did not know, who on it is represented. looks at us from boards, images on T-shorts, covers of books, from labels and prompts of mobile phones. If the press photographer of the newspaper , and later and personal photographer Fidel Castro Alberto Korda could assume, that this absolutely casual picture becomes so known, he necessarily would take care of protection of the copyrights, and also about that the image of the great Cuban revolutionary has not turned to the banal trade mark. But on March, 5th I960 year, being present on requiem on victims during ship explosion , the Cord about it did not know and photographed basically Fidel, and to national favourite Che has got only two casual shots on this film. It is natural, as it often happens, the editor carried away by political events "has missed" an ingenious picture, and exclusively topical shots have gone to number. And portrait for 7 years has hung (in all senses of this word) in a workshop Cords. Already after Che Guevara's death the Cuban government has decided to publish diaries of the revolutionary, and the photographer have asked to pick up the best picture for a cover. So the world has seen an image which so is widely known now. In Europe lifting of the left movement, and the image at this time was observed became a symbol of freedom for youth, and the photo is recognised in due course by Merilendsky institute of arts of the most known in the world, and also a XX-th century symbol. It is necessary to notice, that in life at all was not such handsome man as on a photo, on set of other pictures we can see the person of absolutely typical Latin American appearance, emaciated and bearded, but at the same time challenge it simply silly. Itself the Cord has characterised a sight of this person as mad and grieving. But the case has created the is romantic-Hollywood image of the hero on which dealers on all globe (and Cubans, to tell the truth, too) are now glad to earn additionally.
BLISS ', 1978
Against all previous photos this can seem at least to the simple. It is not connected with grandiose events or great people. But nevertheless the most part of the population of a planet for certain with it is familiar. It is prompt for system Windows XP desktop, established by default. Most likely, few of more than 200 million users Windows reflected on that, whence there was a Serene hill. And there was it in California from an easy hand of photographer Charles '. In 1978 it, being regular photographer National Geographic Magazine, has gone to the Californian district Nepa to collect materials about wine manufacture where has made a picture which now learn in each country. Though in one small newspaper that Bliss who has with own hand made not other as Bill Gates, and, in Switzerland (and the edition as you understand, was Swiss), to hide the truth from mankind it was not possible.
For what such reasons this picture has been chosen for prompt and for one of advertising campaigns Microsoft Corporation, it is not known. But popularity Bliss in the XXI-st century is conclusive. Here only there is a reasonable question: still masterpieces will be?
This photo has appeared on August, 8th, 1969 during record of last joint album of Liverpool four Abbey Road and became its cover. Photosession has occupied no more than 5-10 minutes. But it was has made 6 necessary shots, standing on a step-ladder enough that John, the Floor, and George some times have passed road nearby to studio, and Yens Macmillan.
It would seem, anything superingenious, however and to this day extreme quantity of pilgrims-bitlomanov go to London to make it one clear ritual-pass road on a Beatles zebra. ( Just in case here the address: 3 Abjjey Rpad, St. John's Wood, London NW89AY.)
Occurrence of this photo has caused set of mystical conjectures that Paul McCartney who with own hand chose the best picture, was lost in accident and already some time it is replaced with the double ( really, by the moment of exit Abbey Road Beatles did not act some years alive). Among fans similar hearings went and earlier, but the cover of a new album has given to distribution of gossips a new push, and meticulous - food for reflexions.
As usual, who searches, that always finds, - here and homebrew researchers have found in a picture fair quantity of instructions that the Floor all the same has died. First, going musicians very much remind a funeral procession (John in a white suit which, by the way, has been sold not so long ago from auction Mien's Auctions for $118 thousand, - the priest; - in mourning black; the Floor - that and at all barefoot, and after all so in many countries bury the died; George oddly reminds the grave-digger). Secondly, the lefthander the Floor holds a cigarette in the right hand and goes without cadence with all (that really suspiciously). Thirdly, on number immortalised in a shot directly it is written: 28 IF, that means If (to a 27-year-old Floor) could be executed 28. Was, of course, and fourthly, and fifthly, but also first three points are quite convincing. McCartney, when has learnt about own death instead of rejoicing to unexpected public relations, has taken offence and has left in the country house. The journalist who all the same has caught the Floor has definitively dispelled all ridiculous hearings, for what "dead person" nearly has not poured over the paparazzi cold water from a bucket.
Now a photo from cover Abbey Road-one of the most duplicated and parodied. Among those who addressed to a theme of the legendary zebra, the first should mention ubiquitous McCartney (for album Paul is Alive), and also (with group-parody The Rutles), familiar motives it is possible to see Eric Ajdla and in a cartoon serial about Simpsons. About that, how many stars of world size on historical Beatles transition, are not present sense even to speak.

Darya Fedotova

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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