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Konstantin Starysh fifteen persons - veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the evening has collected, eleven rock groups and ensemble of the Ministry of Defence on one glade. Also has arranged... And here in this place it is necessary to stop. Because to
Konstantin Starysh fifteen persons - veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the evening has collected, eleven rock groups and ensemble of the Ministry of Defence on one glade. Also has arranged... And here in this place it is necessary to stop. Because to pick up the unique word, capable to explain to the reader that occurred on April, 27th after 20.00 on a green glade in the Valley of Roses, it is impossible. The musical party photographed on the chambers? Badly. Veterans not . A concert? Not a concert.
Generation NEXT sings military songs - so the subtitle of the television project sounds Look, the soldier, is your youth!, acting in film in the Valley of Roses. Certainly, to speak has collected - means to be expressed conditionally, because evening shootings - result of collective efforts.
All collective of a broadcasting company "World" in Moldova - always elegant director Natalia Anisimovoj and journalist Iry Pivovarovoj, strict, but the fair manager Maji Lefter, become hoarse and particularly ill after four hours on a cold of make-up artist Tani Onishchenko, extremely counterbalanced person, with an invariable powder box in hands. All musicians.
Director of the project Dmitry Sergeeva, musical producer Alexander Lesnikova and the person who has preferred to remain behind a shot. I will not risk to break a taboo, only I will tell, that it it has supported idea of Bone , and then "resolved" process on a set. Operators, sound producers (the nervous people), friends and friends of the organizers invited in mass meeting, and many other things people, can, not so appreciable, but too very important in action.
Result of efforts, by itself, veterans. I them intentionally have not put in one number with all the others because, first, they always deserve separate words, and in a concrete situation - admiration and even some envy. To sustain four hours of shootings, sitting without movement on a cold!
Women - those in general in graceful shoes-lodochkah on a kapron stocking! No, it, of course, all is explainable: after all gone through 60 years ago shootings - a trifle. But here young mass meeting, on the contrary, from a cold teeth, muffled up in jackets and periodically rose to be warmed. Blood did not rage, according to physiology rules, and in veins.
And veterans silently, have adequately sat out infinite doubles, interview, and so on. And something prompts to me, that for them there will be no consequences in the form of aspirin and tea from a linden. Once they had to become the strongest, and now in another way they already, apparently, are not able. That to them has given the project, I can assume only.
Attention to them which so does not suffice. Their memoirs strengthened by shots from military films, songs, a field-kitchen, porridge with , front 100 grammes (Spicul de Aur, thanks, our commodity producer has supported), photos for the memory, finished shooting and printed there and then Valerii Corcimari.
What has it given to musicians? speaks: These children in a life did not sing military songs, and here it was necessary to learn words and even to execute. We will admit, from eleven groups not all children. And for a remake of "Dark-complexioned girl" - one of songs in repertoire though it is possible to listen to "Dark-complexioned girl" infinitely, and is able to sing it.
The image of the dark-complexioned girl turns out is especially convex. If it is fair, I even was delighted, when for technical reasons it was necessary to make a double still. But that to the others - the truth speaks . - with Flow, a song, on open space; eks - "Utopia" - with Last fight; absolutely young EXNN - with fervent It is time in a way-road!. Besides, sang: "Hedgehog" - Dark night, day - In a dugout, Timur and its command - At anonymous height, "City" - 10th our landing battalion, Sergey Bukur - "Roads", "Zebra" - the Song of the front driver. And sang all chorus. Veterans and musicians. Similar, were sang.
And then know, what will be? Then will show all it in holidays, 8, 9, on May, 10th, on the TV. On the First channel in Moldova, on NIT, on Moldova 1 and, maybe, also on other channels. And then will see tens, hundred thousand same children of the idols. Will hear. Perhaps then once again will want to listen to these songs. And can be, even will grow fond of them. Will start to sing.
And it is important. To keep, to forget, to confuse, at last, shamefully who with whom in the Second World War was at war also who it has won. Because here there are no other variants. Though try to spend audit to histories and revaluation of values to start. And how you will force them, young, to learn, as how actually were 60 years ago? To take away in library? To arrange a meeting with veterans? Violently to force to look the channel NTV: Our cinema?
The good, beautiful course has thought up . And it is healthy, that there were people who have supported it, have helped and have carried out. To me, for example, has very much liked , singing Flow, a song, on open space. Both "hedgehog", and all the others. Cool, as our children speak. I wish to think, it is pleasant also to them.
And to veterans once again low bow. That have sustained all. Have lived until when to the director of company "World" in Moldova have come to mind light ideas and, the main thing, a year later began to be carried out. Let veterans live long! Perhaps someone will think up still something, the same light. And weather will not bring. Let veterans live long!
Inna Jeltova, photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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