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Yesterday the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnov has made the sensational statement: he agrees to begin with Moldova negotiations about settlement of the long-term conflict. And it thus, that several days ago he demanded from Russia to recognise the rep

Yesterday the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnov has made the sensational statement: he agrees to begin with Moldova negotiations about settlement of the long-term conflict. And it thus, that several days ago he demanded from Russia to recognise the republic as she recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The position of mister Smirnova has cardinally changed after a meeting with the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev which, by a recognition of sources close to the Kremlin "Ъ", "used all arsenal of means" that it to overpersuade. Apparently, Moscow is going to solve definitively a Dnestr problem and on contrast with Georgia to prove to all world, that she is able to solve territorial conflicts not only the military man by. And at the same time to show to Post-Soviet republics as it manages with those who is ready to renounce NATO.

Dmitry Medvedev's yesterday's meeting with Igor Smirnovym, lasting one and a half hour, has been shrouded by a privacy veil. Contrary to usage a press have not admitted to the main characters even for the period of legal shooting. Only after negotiations mister Smirnov in loneliness also has for a short while appeared before journalists to make the statement for readiness to agree with the Moldavian management. "We have imposed earlier the moratorium on meetings (with Moldavian storonoj. -" Ъ ") as there was no reaction of the president of Moldova to events in South Ossetia. Now all of us will defreeze", - the leader of Dnestr region unexpectedly declared. He has told, that during a meeting with the Russian president certain steps have been planned, "which it is necessary to do, that there was no blood, and the main thing - not to admit victims", and has thanked Russia for the help "at justice protection".

From its part mister Smirnov has promised to do all for settlement of the conflict to Moldova, having declared, that Moscow "will act as the guarantor of execution of all arrangements which will be reached during Moldavian-Dnestr negotiations". "We will make the next attempt to begin negotiating process with Kishinev. For the thin world is better than good war. We will try once again. We hope, that the management of Moldova too realises all responsibility for achievement of positive results", - has concluded Igor Smirnov.

Yesterday's reconciliatory performance of the president of not recognised Dnestr Moldavian republic (ПМР) strikingly differed that he spoke still more recently. The matter is that after a recognition Russia independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia the Dnestr leader has laid down for itself absolutely other aims. One week ago, congratulating the authorities of the Caucasian republics recognised as Moscow, he firmly promised to achieve the same: "Tiraspol will lean against results of a referendum of 2006 on which приднестровцы have unanimously voted for independence of Dnestr region of Moldova with its subsequent joining to the Russian Federation". And on September, 2nd, when in Tiraspol marked the 18 anniversary of formation ПМР, mister Smirnov has categorically declared in circulation to the people: " Moldova has only one chance to remain as the state, is recognition ПМР and forming with it of a good-neighbourhood. 18 years - are time majority. Our state has entered this time. And the understanding of that it is impossible to tyre out simply us in mother country, already is ".

To overpersuade Igor Smirnova to struggle for independence, one and a half hours have sufficed Dmitry Medvedev. Meanwhile such result is represented logical if to recollect, that Moscow throughout all this year time and again let know, that to Dnestr region at it the special relation.

So was in February when after a recognition the western countries of independence of Kosovo the Russian authorities have started talking that it can become precedent for the decision of the Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Osset conflicts. ПМР in this context it was not mentioned. Later, at March hearings in the State Duma after which it was recommended to Russian government to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the head of the Duma committee of affairs of the CIS Alexey Ostrovsky has already directly declared: "Dnestr region is a separate case. We appreciate desire of Moldova peacefully to solve the conflict and we see this republic the uniform state with the special legal status for Dnestr region".

This thesis repeated at all levels, and it is especially frequent - during the conflict to Georgia. The last on this theme Dmitry Medvedev has expressed. On August, 25th, all one day prior to signing of decrees about a recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, it has accepted in the Sochi residence of Moldavian president Vladimir Voronina and has informed him, that "right now there are chances and very good possibilities for the permission of a Dnestr problem".

This statement has not casually sounded at the height of scale quarrel of Russia and the West because of Georgia. Recognising two Caucasian republics, Moscow has simultaneously decided to show on an example of Dnestr region to all world, that she is capable to solve territorial conflicts political means. If it as in a case with Georgia, someone's aggressive feeble efforts do not compel to operate differently.

Moreover, Russia already has a plan of action on the Dnestr direction which elements just and were meetings of president Medvedev with misters Ворониным and Смирновым. And if the first was from the very beginning ready to help to find to Moscow laurels of the peacemaker on Igor Smirnova for this purpose it was necessary to press.

"Смирнов has made many sharp statements, and we had to involve all arsenal of means to deduce it on конструктив, - has told" Ъ "the Kremlin source close to negotiations. - as a result to it have explained, that possibilities for maneuver at it are extremely limited". Among other to Igor Smirnovu have reminded of existence of a debt of its republic for gas in $1,5 млрд and frauds with the Russian humanitarian help which arrived earlier in ПМР.

However, the Tiraspol leader not only intimidated, but also promised generous indemnification in exchange for complaisance. By data "Ъ", to it have promised to extend to its republic the Russian programs in an education sphere and public health services, and also to solve a question of direct payments of pensions to citizens of the Russian Federation living in ПМР, from the Russian sources. Anyhow, but the result of these explanatory conversations became obvious yesterday.

Exact terms of the permission of the Dnestr conflict now does not risk to designate anybody. However, as have assured "Ъ" of administration of the president of the Russian Federation, Moscow намерена to leave on definitive settlement of this problem, and occur it can in the near future. "Any meeting Смирнова and Воронина can leave on the joint statement or a certain memorandum. We start with realness of the political decision of the conflict under the formula of preservation of territorial integrity of Moldova with the special status for ПМР. The question in what to be to this status, - has told" Ъ "the special envoy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Valery Nesterushkin. - There other atmosphere, than on caucasus therefore we speak about real chances".

By data "Ъ", Vladimir Voronin and Igor Smirnov at first should hold a bilaterial meeting, and then in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev sign the joint statement on main principles of settlement. After that process of development of the special status for Dnestr region, and also working out of the international legal document which would fix a constant military-political neutrality of Moldova and - the main thing - it невступление in NATO will be started.

In Kishinev are ready to go on it and to make some more concessions to Tiraspol. "We agree the guaranteed status of Dnestr region, preservation at them own power, the constitution, the legislative initiative. Still they will have a right of secession of Moldova, in a case if it will lose existing international правосубъектность", - the high-ranking interlocutor has assured of an environment of president Voronina "Ъ".

It is remarkable, that Moscow is not going to solve a problem of Dnestr region alone. After Vladimir Voronina and Igor Smirnova's historical meeting in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev will take place, negotiating process will be translated in the format frozen until recently 5+2 (Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, Moldova, Dnestr region with the assistance of the USA and EU). Thus, the West also will be involved in settlement - but at a directing role of Moscow. Already on September, 8th переговорщики from Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, the USA and the European Union plan to gather in Vienna to discuss, how to reconcile Kishinev and Tiraspol.

Vladimir Soloviev,
Photo by Valerii Corcimari

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