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Republic Moldova and a bison - a symbolical animal. Now his head is represented on the arms and decorated this state sign long since. Three young bisons - gift of the president of Republic Poland of Alexander Kvasnevsky.

Republic of Moldova and a bison - a symbolical animal. Now his head is represented on the arms and decorated this state sign long since. Three young bisons - gift of the president of Republic Poland of Alexander Kvasnevsky.

Господари кодр have returned to Moldova. The country leaders have with its full complement visited natural reserve "Pаdurea Domneascа". An occasion to so representative visit rather remarkable - about weeks ago in reserve delivered three young bisons - gift of the president of Republic Poland of Alexander Kvasnevsky.

Till 18 century in the Moldavian woods bisons freely walked about. Unfortunately, today the bison is brought in the Red book and lives only in natural reserves of Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and the several more countries. Now bisons "will lodge" and in Moldova. It that is more pleasant, that for Moldova a bison - a symbolical animal. His head is represented now on the arms to republic and decorated this state sign long since.

Scientific Academies of sciences, veterinary surgeons, workers of National agency on forestry "Молдсилва" and Glodensky reserve "Pаdurea Domneascа" consider, that bisons will feel in Moldova very well. According to the director of a reservation Valery Tsarigradski, it was considered four variants of a residence of bisons. Have stopped on Glodensky reserve where it gives the area in 32 hectares, and quality of water, structure of soils and a variety of flora are perfectly combined and approach for new inhabitants.

It is planned to make these three bisons ancestors of the big herd which subsequently will divide and will place in other reserves of the country. In Глоденах will open the original genetic centre where the best experts in this area will work. While bisons young - to the male year, and телочкам - 2 and 2,3 years (average life expectancy - 30-40 years). In couple of years there can Be the first Moldavian зубрята. For this time Valery Tsarigradski wishes to arrange well territory and to try to develop tourism. All the same bisons not in each country you will see.

The veterinary service of republic, and reserve in particular, considers, that bisons in Moldova have nothing to be afraid. In effect, it is the same cow, but wild. Practically all illnesses of large horned livestock are studied and излечимы.

Now bisons pass acclimatisation in a special sanitary open-air cage, and in a month them will let out in the fenced shelter. Ветврачи have noticed, that during a quarantine mode all researches will be carried out and data about bisons in addition to that it is possible to consider from electronic chips by which animals are supplied are obtained.

Scientists from Academy of sciences of Moldova and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture are going to help experts-physicians. As director АНМ George Duka has declared, already today department is ready to assist and promote in development of recommendations about leaving, a food and the maintenance of these animals valuable to republic. As George Duka has told, have returned господари Moldavian кодр, and the relation to them should be appropriate.

Bisons have appeared in republic thanks to a management of Republic of Poland. Its president Alexander Kvasnevsky was surprised, when has learnt, that in the country, on whose arms the head of a bison is represented, there is no this individual. President РМ Vladimir Voronin has explained what symbolical importance these animals in the Moldavian princedom had, has told about господаре Штефане Great, and Alexander Kvasnevsky has decided to present three bisons to our country.

The adviser of Embassy of Poland Hedgehogs Станкевич has assured of Moldova yesterday, that the gift, made to the Moldavian people, is a proof of friendship and acknowledgement of intentions on strengthening and development of relations in all spheres of ability to live of both countries. He has noticed, that Poland and намерена to support henceforth Moldova on a way to construction of the democratic state and whenever possible to help with integration into the European community.

The president of the country Vladimir Voronin named this event in the significant afternoon in republic history as bisons - the important symbol for the Moldavian people - have returned home. It should serve original connection old and a modern history of Moldova, - the president has told.

Vladimir Voronin has positively estimated the initiative of the director of reserve about development of tourism and has underlined, that the given sphere of economy, and partly cultures, will allow to open Moldova to inhabitants of other countries, that, in turn, will favorably affect relations with the European Union and world states as a whole.

Interrupted holiday the chairman of parliament Marian the Magnifier also has noted symbolical and historical importance of occurrence of bisons in Moldova. He has specified, that thus the republic and its population come back to roots, to the system of values developed by our ancestors.

Мариан the Magnifier has specified in one component of the given event - the Republic Moldova fauna has replenished with a new kind. In its opinion, it to allow to return to an ecological and nutritious chain the lost link.

In natural reserve "Pаdurea Domneascа" and nearby settlements yesterday was the present holiday. First, their inhabitants have seen in one day and the president, both the chairman of parliament, and the prime minister. Secondly, the national agency on forestry "Молдсилва" led by Anatoly Popushoem in common with sponsors has organised the cultural-entertaining actions which have come to the end with a buffet table. Especially all liked performances of young men on horses.

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