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Traditions, under a wing at the Guardian angel. Each of us, I think, often says a saying: my house - my fortress. Even if it and not a fortress, precisely most reliable place. Without the house it is impossible for itself to present human life in general.
Traditions, under a wing at the Guardian angel. Each of us, I think, often says a saying: my house - my fortress. Even if it and not a fortress, precisely most reliable place. Without the house it is impossible for itself to present human life in general. For this reason since ancient times there are many rules, ceremonies and поверий, connected with dwelling.
About wisdom of ancestors.
During lifetime of grandfathers and grandmothers time and again it was necessary to hear, that during their times a lot of attention was given to a choice of a place for the house. It selected very carefully, at times even resorted to guessings. For example, to define quality of a ground, on that place where it was supposed to construct the house, put an oak bark. For the fourth day lifted a bark and looked, that under it. If found a spider or an ant considered this place "dashing" if worms it is possible to build the house.
Consecration as judgement.
For the majority of people the house it is not simple a place where it is possible to spend the night, and much more. A corner, and even a corner in which it would be desirable to feel cosy and reliable. Last decade, after many years of the compelled pause, in Moldova again have returned to a ceremony of consecration of places of dwelling and work of people, and even subjects which they use in a daily life. If the family builds the house or buys new apartment after the repair termination necessarily in the house the priest who blesses this home is invited and "charges" to its Guardian angel. Except the house, people began to apply, consecrate now cars, offices, the ground areas, wells, various cultural, social objects etc.
These requests arise not only in that case when it is a question about something new. People began to listen more attentively to own sensations on this or that place. And if on work or houses happen constantly any troubles it is already natural to reflect, whether in negative energy has put, whether any "evil spirit" is got mixed up here? And, of course, at the slightest suspicion people immediately address for the help to church. To the help of ecclesiastics resort and in those cases if in apartment long time the person who has died besides in tortures was ill. Time and again it was necessary to hear, that in such premises the lighted candles smoke, and the flame is directed not upwards, and waves, as if from a strong wind. Blessings of attendants of a temple of belief are asked also by people's choices who hope, that arrival of a sacred dignity to «the state house» will lead to the consent in their numbers.
But clerics each time do not get tired to remind, that, inviting the sacred person for dwelling or office consecration, it is necessary to remember: behind a ceremony outer side there is a deep inner meaning. Actually it is necessary not to expect any miracle, and to know, that place consecration begins with that moment when people, calling in in this or that house or apartment, getting new office, start to live in it correctly. And consequently consecration of dwelling by the priest is acknowledgement of desire of everyone to live in the consecrated place, intention to execute Christian precepts.
The church word "consecration" here has other sense, than water or icon consecration. With reference to habitation the word "blessing" is more pertinent: at them совершениях it is prayerfully called Божие blessing on the house and living in it, for their Christian life and fulfilment of kind affairs... Clerics are uniform in opinion, that house consecration in itself does not give any effect is not the magic ritual banishing all troubles from the house. At house consecration the Guardian angel is put to it. Atmosphere in the house should be "suitable" for a finding there the envoy of the God.
To miss nothing.
Usually people prepare for consecration of the house very carefully. On the eve of this ceremony habitation general cleaning is spent, and all things necessary for ritual are bought.
The table covered with a pure cloth should be prepared for arrival of the priest. On a table the icon (any what is in the house, it it is possible also the sacred patron of a family), лампадка, a deep bowl with wheat flour in which the small glass with vegetable oil is put is established. Also it is necessary to prepare new ware (a bucket or a pan) with water, brushes or cosmetic sticks (than the priest will put crosses on walls). On a table also should be four kalatches (by quantity of corners), a plate with кутьей or with sweets and a red wine bottle. The most important thing, at fulfilment of sacrament of consecration of the house there should be candles. They should be inserted into kalatches, in кутью. On a candle it is given also to each participant of a ceremony. Owners of the house present to the priest a towel with a candle.
Obligatory condition for carrying out of a ceremony of consecration of dwelling - the consent of all members of a family. In the event that all members of household wish to receive blessings of the priest, on a table among the other prepared attributes of a ceremony, should lay and the list living in apartment or the house of people that their names have been mentioned at pray reading «For health».
Arrival of the priest is a symbol of that in his face the Church has come to the house to the Christian. In prays which the father reads, the appeal to the God about ниспослании good fortunes, an appeal about talent of the Guardian angel which will protect this place from any harm sounds.
Ниспослание the Divine good fortune.
All participants of this sacred action hold the lighted candles in hands. Women should be dressed in dresses or skirts, and a head are covered by scarfs. When the procession moves from a room to a room that each of them to sprinkle with sacred water, and on east wall to draw a cross, for the cleric the owner of the house with a bucket of the water prepared in advance with which during a pray the priest consecrates goes.
Тайнодействие begins with a number of corresponding prays. Then the priest reads two more prays (the second - secretly, with главопреклонением) and blesses fur-trees, each time thus repeating three times: «For the sake of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Аминь».
After that the father bypasses all house, sprinkling each room from all four parties, after everyone окроплением speaking: «For the sake of the Father, both the Son, and the Holy Spirit, окроплением waters sowing sacred in flight yes all crafty devilish action will be realised. Аминь».
Having finished окропление at home, the priest takes fur-trees and, having dipped in it a brush, помазает on walls crosses. At помазании each cross he says: «this house помазанием sacred елея this, for the sake of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit Receives the blessing. Аминь». After the termination помазания before each cross candles are lighted. After reading of the Gospel and a pray of the termination of service the priest allows present to kiss a cross and sprays their sacred water.
Expelling dirty…
Usually after a ceremony the owner of habitation invites the priest to a table. The sacrament of consecration should pass in a close family circle, without walks, noisy веселий and the excessive use of alcohol. If the ceremony is spent in fast day the meal on a table should be exclusively fast. Priests recommend to consecrate houses in fast days (Wednesday, Friday). Many Moldavian citizens agree about house consecration in day sacred, the patron of a family. After a small feast to the priest the kalatch with the lighted candle moves. The same presentation is provided and for all participants of a ceremony.
After a consecration ceremony it is obligatory over a house input the Cross symbol господня is put. Quite often and now it is possible to see in houses and apartments over an input the cross "drawn" by a burning candle. However, today in any orthodox temple it is possible to get accurate labels with the image of Cross ú«ß»«ñ¡n for the house.
In many houses after habitation consecration the house iconostasis is made out. Before an iconostasis often hang up лампадку or put candles. The iconostasis should not be near to home appliances. Also placing of icons with secular subjects, for example, with various ornaments is not supposed. Usually an iconostasis place in a house East side. It is possible to decorate it with natural flowers.
Apartment consecration as it was marked above, does not solve family, household problems, it only helps or adjusts. Certainly, the church does not limit in number of times of consecration of habitation. «To expel dirty» it is possible every year (not more often), but the person himself is free to choose, good luck he lives or on the passions arrives.
Lubovi Chegarovsky,
Photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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