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Geidar Aliev, the person - a phenomenon based on wisdom, patriotism and respect for the person. It can be studied at political schools of all world, along with such names as Metternih, Bismarck, Adenauer, Gaulle. When the most powerful myth of the bloo
Geidar Aliev, the person - a phenomenon based on wisdom, patriotism and respect for the person. It can be studied at political schools of all world, along with such names as Metternih, Bismarck, Adenauer, Gaulle. When the most powerful myth of the bloody XX-th century fell, its acts and decisions remained last argument in favour of the Soviet experiment, and then - an incontestable argument about possibility new - worthy and happy - lives.
It is considered to be an hour of triumph of Gay gift of Aliev summer of 1993. At that time in Azerbaijan as a result of an extreme aggravation of the governmental crisis there was a threat of civil war and independence loss, and heads of republic insistently (on request of the Azerbaijan people) have invited Aliev's Gay gift in Baku. At the airport of the Azerbaijan capital of the future national leader met ten thousand persons. Hardly after June, 15th - day of election of Gay gift of Aliev the chairman of the Supreme body of Azerbaijan will be proclaimed by Day of national rescue, and since 1998 it is marked as the state holiday. By this time the political experience, perhaps, totaled one of the brightest statesmen of second half of last century almost 40 years. And it already had an experience of the decision of unprecedented problems on scale.
It was year of the beginning in Azerbaijan of reforms and modernisation. The new head of republic - the first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Azerbaijan Gay gift Aliev as if has thrown down a challenge to itself and the native land. He has decided to transform Azerbaijan from a raw appendage of a superpower into the advanced, technological industrial base. Here some problems planned by the first secretary of Central Committee KP AzSsR: cardinal transformation of economy, agriculture revival, increase of social, cultural and educational level of the population.
Leaving for work to Moscow in 13 years, Gay gift Aliev has left to successors other Azerbaijan. It was the Soviet leader in oil mechanical engineering, release of household conditioners, electric motors, the electrothermal equipment, refrigerators, synthetic rubber, electrocables, hire of pipes and other production. In republic absolutely new branches defining industrial progress were born: factories on release of computers, electronics. Azerbaijan became the largest manufacturer of grapes, early vegetables, tea, tobacco. Unique fish riches of Caspian sea have considerably replenished, and on lifeless there are slopes hills parks and groves were stretched.
The people of huge power anew opened for themselves Azerbaijan. The country Mushviga and , and Amirov, and the Liberation of national spirit and transformation of public atmosphere passed under the slogan proclaimed Gay gift by Aliev: "Let justice top takes!".
In the beginning 90 crushed by the Soviet tanks, exhausted with territorial claims of neighbours, in poverty, the Azerbaijan people with sincere pleasure has met the person with which name connected the revival, updating, future.
This year Azerbaijan has received the ticket in the future. Seven strong world powers have accepted the offer of Gay gift of Aliev to participate in joint oil extracting, processing and transportation. The agreement between Azerbaijan and 11 oil enterprises is known as the Contract of a century. Later Gay gift Aliev will tell, that with signing of this document Azerbaijan has opened Caspian sea and power resources for all world but then, in the beginning 90, an invention of the president of the young independent state clamped in information, economic and political blockade, torn apart by clan conflicts and trampled by the neighbours, many mocked. However, after three years, the International operational company of Azerbaijan made of participants Contract of a century, has received the first oil from a deposit . In 2002 has given 15,3 million tons of oil is became an absolute record for Azerbaijan for last 24 years.
The country has received the base to economic development. Since 1997 indicators of industrial, financial and agricultural growth constantly progressed. However there was resolved the most painful for Azerbaijanians a question - occupation .
Occupation of the earths, position of refugees have complicated political, moral position of republic. Most basic our duty - to deduce republic from the martial law, to return all occupied earths, to provide territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, safety of borders of our independent republic, to return on the native earths of our colleagues who have remained without a native shelter, - has declared Gay gift Aliev in the inaugural speech. For the decision of this of "the basic duty the president of Azerbaijan has chosen a way of negotiations and the world, rational use of possibilities of the United Nations, OSCE, Security council of the United Nations and other big state and international organisations.
There were last year lives of the politician which not only has reconciled the people with itself, but also has transformed Azerbaijan into territory of an armistice of geopolitical contenders. To leaving from a life of Gay gift of Aliev have responded condolence and sympathy words not only neighbours of Azerbaijan and traditional partners, but also many, many new friends-states which were found by republic.
The successor of Gay gift of Aliev - his son Ilham has accepted the state from the father at will of the people, the state which accurately represented the a place, a role and the strategic importance in difficult Caucasian region and the world. Since 1993 its budget has increased in 85 times, trade and economic relations were stretched far on the West and the East, and the foreign policy became an axiom of the verified and balanced diplomacy.
Aliev's gay gift name the politician-epoch. But this insufficient definition. He to see skilful far forward and to pawn a basis for long-term progress. He is a statesman who worked on the future generations, the sincere admirer and the defender of history and traditions of the people, the politician for whom democracy was not simply a word, the leader who was loved by people.
On May, 10th, in birthday of the national leader, they in fifth time will come on Avenue of honourable burial places to cover with colours of a tomb of Gay gift and - spouses are buried by a number. As on December, 15th, 2003 here will be hundred thousand people. As proof of memory and gratitude to the one who rescued these people twice.
Natalia Uzun,
Photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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