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Ion Surucanu: Ђthe Applause - a forage of the actor Еї the Person - an epoch. During that epoch the streets which have been washed up, sparkled on the sun, fountains rustled, the eskimo costed 22 copecks, and from динамиков the velvet voice with soft acce
Ion Surucanu: Ђthe Applause - a forage of the actor Еї the Person - an epoch. During that epoch the streets which have been washed up, sparkled on the sun, fountains rustled, the eskimo costed 22 copecks, and from динамиков the velvet voice with soft accent was distributed. (Also it is not necessary about bad - it sounded absolutely other voices Е) the Epoch was replaced.
And it - is! Same. Only бейсболку a plot. Ion —уручану, the actor-romanticist. Ion јндреевич, the sincere, warm person. The touching family man. The beautiful man.
- Ion јндреевич, know, than you surprise? Extremely kind relation to young actors. You that, really, do not envy those who now at the peak of glory?
I.Suruchanu: the Most artful envious persons, the greatest of the grumbler - those who has put itself(himself) once too high lath, and it could not be realised.
- Postojte-postojte. Well bad in that a lath highly to put?
I.Suruchanu: to Aspire it is necessary. But without mania. Pay attention: there are singers about which career relatives still at all do not suspect, but at the mister it is already so much aplomb, that it a foot knocks out all doors. And houses the tiniest note about itself favourite, cuts out and любовно pastes in an album. Here at such then - problems. I did not envy predecessors - I admired with them. We will tell, Nikolay Sulak - same a megastar, the unique person, but it loved all! For simplicity and sincerity. And as to young Е about ten Years ago for the first time on a platform there was Vitaly Dani. Me pushed sideways: ЂIt copies you!ї. And I answered: ЂAnd I am proud, if it is valid so!ї. Now Vitaly - my big friend. At me fine relations with all executors. Basically, among colleagues, perhaps, I am the senior. Than I can - I help.
- Than, for example?
I.Suruchanu: Here earlier I thought: what gives a rank? Like - anything. On an extreme measure, from the material point of view. But, then I have realised: it gives a great emotional charge! Therefore, being the chairman of the commission on culture in parliament, I helped to receive ranks another. I am proud, that through my hands there passed these documents. I sang 17 years before has received a rank of the honoured artist. Now the recognition from the state comes faster. It seems to me, it is quite good. To you, at the height of your career, it is given powerful spur! And in general, to any singer it is pleasant, when declare from a scene: the honoured artist such sings. It is very pleasant, as an applause is pleasant!
- And an applause still gets you?
I.Suruchanu: I do not know, what blessings the actor that he has refused an applause should have. I speak to you: there are no such! An applause is a forage, this sacred Е. Here I have now recollected Natasha Barbu. If you knew, how we worried about it. Last envelope after a semi-final is as a goal last second. The only thing, seems to me, our commentator was too languid. I have imagined, have as though pulled nerves, my late friend Nikolay Ozerov was as though emotional. Here the great commentator! When we, in sense, Moldova has exchanged places with Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have shouted with the wife, as if madwomen. It is good, that the grandson nearby was not!
When I began to go across the USSR, I, the word of honour, thought not of what I will achieve or I will win, and how in the most advantageous light to show spirit of our corner of the world. I then represented republic. And present generation - the country! In their honour can play a hymn! It is the big responsibility! And huge honour for the country. Therefore I so support our young actors. Natasha - the clear head! By the way, though the Eurovision is considered song competition, but it is necessary to understand: the composer gives rise to a song, and by its smash hit the executor does. And I hope, that we and next year will look adequately. Only to concern competition it is necessary, as to the sports championship: a cup have brought, month had a rest - and again trainings. One disappointment - competition is too politized. Certainly, neighbour's solidarity it is remarkable but if to reject the political moment would be more interesting and sincere.
- Ion јндреевич, and you are happy with that "amount of works" which you have today? In sense, you often act?
I.Suruchanu: Often! If to concerts плюсовать weddings and birthdays. But, know, for me there is no big difference - birthday it, or a concert in the National palace. In any case it is an exit on a scene. On private actions I sing almost solo concert. Well, all right, "solo performance" - one and a half hour, and on wedding I act 45 minutes - hour. But full "solo performance" for wedding is too, you represent to yourselves - one and a half hour to dance under —уручану?! (Laughs) At them and other problems are! Well, and one more difference between a concert and a private celebration is that in the second situation spectators more close to the actor.
- You does not irritate?
I.Suruchanu: No! Well, it would be desirable to be photographed near to —уручану, to ask something, to shake hands - why is not present? At a concert too it would be desirable, but there it is more difficult - you will not rise on a scene without colours, and time does not suffice. Wedding in this sense more democratic action. To corporate parties too invite, and, that across Moldova, that to Ukraine. Recently to Kiev went, I happen in Truskavets, and there restores health the most different respectable public, including, a foreign extraction. In a word, if to summarise, I now, probably, sing is more often, than earlier.
- Heard, school of a name you have opened Е
I.Suruchanu: have somehow called, have told, that in my native village with the initiative left - to lycée my name to give. I have a little become puzzled, strange somehow, but then me have calmed: it appears, at us name in honour of actors of school and lycées, for example, is in honour of Maria Lukjanovny Bieshu. I have gone in —уручены on ceremony. You know, I have got used to see the name on walls and columns - I mean posters (laughs). But it absolutely other emotions - when two boys pull together a white coverlet from a memorial board. Then I have joked, that supposedly a fashion on names in honour of live - competent. Well to take from the dead? And with live - something is possible. Certainly, now it will be a shame to me, if the lycée of a name me is with a promade look slender roof or without a class with computers. I will not admit!
- And as a whole, as though you have described your present period of a life. I know, that you give a lot of time to children and grandsons Е
I.Suruchanu: It is a quivering theme Е I, in my opinion, when only married, and can dreamt to live to grandsons, even earlier. Yes, someone dreamt of the car, and I - about grandsons. In general, I will make the small note: I never put to myself of the special purposes - I not the purposeful person, in that sense that contrary to everything, leaving after corpses, to reach any set point. All developed very smoothly, as though by itself, but, thank God, everything, that I have conceived, while is executed. I wanted a family, children, apartment, grandsons, and, fortunately, it is all at me is. The house wanted (laughs), but the house while is not present. And so, about the present period Е. Is not present большей pleasure when in the morning the grandson rushes to me in bed. I bring Christian to a garden, I take away therefrom, from us very gentle relations. And recently there was a grand daughter, she still small, but already smiles, learns, and we very much hope, that this tiny little man will grow in the clever beautiful person. Paraphrasing  икабидзе, my riches - first of all children with grandsons. For children I am quiet. But, of course, we help are for me norm. I prepare for these as though quiet старсть Е If I to them was indifferent, indifference would return to me a boomerang. Is not present, of course, to me it would not be desirable to be on an old age of years to children a burden. But I count on their support. I know, some well-founded children sometimes alloy the old men in houses for aged, in the West it is norm, but I hope, that similar traditions in our country will not get accustomed. To whom the luxury at a house for aged is necessary? Let it will be only a bread slice, but in an environment native.
- You have told, that an applause - a forage of the actor. Here it is interesting: and your grandson applauds you? It in army of your admirers? Or while it is too small?
I.Suruchanu: Christian - very musical child. In 2 year he sang my "Forget-me-not", with words. Certainly, it not could utter all normally, but I understood (smiles). Very much likes to sing with me songs under a karaoke - I generally not the big fan of similar entertainment, but for the sake of it has bought. To it will be only four years, but it can already criticise or praise the actor. Usually, when I carry it, it gets to me on knees, and keeps for a wheel. But sometimes it sits down nearby, I include radio, and Christian if it likes a song, starts to echo. And if it is not pleasant - it is switched to me, it falls squall of questions, now such Ђпочемучкаї. The beautiful melody Again will begin to sound - he becomes silent.
Though Е Songs - all of them beautiful! Simply someone perceives beauty so, and another - differently Е
Inna Zheltova,
Photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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