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Jury Zenin, the newspaper photographer, worked in different editions: in the "Советская Молдавия", "Молдова Сочиалистэ", seven years has given to "News" and has travelled all over the former USSR all almost. Heroes of its reportings, the sketches, separat
Jury Zenin, the newspaper photographer, worked in different editions: in the "Советская Молдавия", "Молдова Сочиалистэ", seven years has given to "News" and has travelled all over the former USSR all almost. Heroes of its reportings, the sketches, separate pictures were and there are workers of fields and farms, scientists, working, teachers - people of different trades. It the namesake to the first-ever cosmonaut. Therefore his name and a patronymic are easily remembered to everyone whom it removes for the newspaper. And in republic, without exaggeration, there is no such corner wherever Jury Alekseevich has visited. It and is clear - more than four decades he does not leave a camera.
Photoillustration in the newspaper, - Jury Zenin is convinced, - possesses special force of influence on the reader. Anyway should. It is a special kind of the publication which agitates the fact, informs news, criticises. And still it decorates newspaper page.
Jury Alekseevich is always ready to leave to the place of the important event or to make accompanying pictures to ours, correspondents, to materials. Naturally, we become witnesses of creative process of the colleague. He has not got used to "click" simply the camera. While we talk to people - characters of the future materials, Zenin from the party observes of them, tries to understand character, to glance in their private world, to learn, how look, when are serious and when smile. If conditions allow, removes, snatches out an instant from a life of our interlocutors. But quite often it is necessary and to "torment" people - to place them so that were interestingly looked in a shot. The composition of a picture for Jury Alekseevicha is all the same what to write the fascinating story or to draw a picture. Whether a group picture, whether genre, whether a portrait - Zenin aspires to show mood of each of the heroes. To achieve it it is uneasy, but Jury Alekseevich the person of creative mind and a warehouse, the artist.
The phrase said by it during shooting of one remarkable teacher in Kaushansky area is not forgotten. Maria Vasilevna so it we name, before an objective of our press photographer "каменела". Jury Alekseevich and its jokes tried to amuse, and asked to recollect tricks of pupils - is useless. And here the journalist has said the ordinary, warm phrase going from heart: "Dear, yes at you such smile... As at Моны Лизы...". And here the person of the teacher was lighted up by pleasure, in eyes cheerful sparks have flashed. "Here so it is better!" - удовлетворенно the press photographer has told, hiding the chamber in a bag.
Such episode from ours with it of business trips is remembered also. It should photograph a general view of the city of Kantemira. To tell the truth, we did not know, how there is the given situation our companion. It is practically impossible to make such picture there. Unless from the helicopter. But not those now times. Earlier Jury Alekseevich removed it if necessary both from the plane, and from a car window, and from "revolving object". "We will go for a city, - he has unexpectedly offered the driver. - there there is a hill, will try from it". We have concerned Zenin's invention sceptically, but have gone. Having arrived into place, it with a bag through a shoulder has quickly got uphill, has got "телевик", has fastened it to the chamber and, having looked in a device eyepiece, has shown us observing of it from below, the big finger. Then, when the picture left in "Communist", to us have called from a district committee of party and have informed, that inhabitants Кантемира with delight have apprehended a panoramic photo of a native city.
Such moments - the moments of search, rather creative approach to the business - at Jury Alekseevicha was much and, probably, will be yet a little. Though owing to the come age from now on it also passes in new social group, to be to it near to us more so much, how many he will want. And as before, will not only please us with interesting, thoughtful photoworks, but also valuable suggestions with which acts on editorial летучках.
In "Communist" it almost ten years. Time and again were convinced of its decency and honesty. Our colleague восхвалений in the address does not love. We know, and this short story about it will give a hostile reception. And still we will add, that Jury Alekseevich also the film director of photography. Behind his shoulders four feature films, three - documentary, including about general Alexander Lebede, and two teleserials.
Let's open also such secret: Zenin not only the expert, but also, as they say, the sociable guy. Sociability, simplicity to it not to occupy. During short smoke breaks "for a discharge" will tell an amusing joke or an interesting case from the life, will recollect meetings with the well-known and simple people, and to communicate it was necessary to it with пекарем from Tbilisi and the wine-grower from Чимишлии, the sea captain from Odessa and the steelmaker from Magnitogorsk, the master-chaser from Yerevan and путеобходчиком from It is terrible...
It was necessary to happen to Jury Alekseevichem behind a celebratory table when it picked up any song or itself began to sing. At it the remarkable baritone and who knows, can, the society has lost the good singer. Without exaggeration, it the master of original toasts. And, if it is fair, whether our wishes in connection with day of its birth worry, will like it. And still we will risk.
Jury Alekseevich, дружище! One wise man has told, that all who floats now under a black flag, in the childhood dreamt to float under scarlet sails. You have not changed to the dream. Over your head scarlet sails, as before, flutter. Means, you - reliable. And the person, not capable to bring, ценен doubly, three times as much! Good luck to you, Yura!

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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