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The session devoted to reconstruction, restoration or construction of some objects of a national cultural-historical heritage and buildings of welfare establishments of the country was spent by the President of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. Prime
The session devoted to reconstruction, restoration or construction of some objects of a national cultural-historical heritage and buildings of welfare establishments of the country was spent by the President of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. Prime minister Zynaida Grechannaja, the minister of culture and tourism have taken part In session Arthur Kozma, the minister of building and development of territory Vladimir Baldovich, Minister of Finance Maryanna Durleshtjanu, presidential advisers.
At session the review of the measures undertaken for repair or reconstruction of cultural-art objects and objects of a national cultural-art heritage is made, the problems which have arisen in course of execution of works are noted, and possibilities of overcoming of available complexities are considered.
The minister of culture and tourism Arthur Kozma has reported on a course of reconstruction of buildings of Theatre of , Theatre From street of Roses, a hall, National opera and ballet theatre, Republican theatre "", the National philharmonic society, the National art museum, the House-museum on Alexander Donicha, manors of family , other cultural-historical objects of our country.
After discussions about process of reconstruction of a building of Theatre of the president has demanded to use the best efforts, necessary for end of the first stage of updating of the given object, to provide to troupe of theatre possibility to work in a new premise.
Arthur Kozma has informed present about end of process of completion of engineering specifications for renewal of reconstruction of the Kishinev drama theatre From street of Roses, on the beginning of repair of a roof of building of a hall which will be finished till the end of current year.
Concerning reconstruction of National opera and ballet theatre participants of session noticed, that within last year this object of national cultural property has been capitally repaired, and now the mechanics of a scene established 35 years ago requires updating only. The Head of the state insisted on working out of the project of repair and modernisation of mechanics of a scene according to existing international norms. Foreign experts, representatives of the profile organisations having wide experience will be with that end in view invited.
Participants of session also noticed, that for start of the project of modernisation of Republican theatre "" the impressive amount of works on working out of the documentation which is necessary for initiation of civil work on a place is executed. The president has demanded as soon as possible to finish engineering specifications and to begin process of modernisation of theatre.
The head of the state also has demanded to develop the necessary documentation to start process of reconstruction of the National philharmonic society. The president has paid attention to necessity of preservation of present shape of a building of the Philharmonic society, considering its istoriko-architectural value. The government should define means which are necessary for project performance.
Vladimir Voronin has been informed on a course of performance of the project on restoration of the National art museum of Moldova (House and Hertz). The president have assured, that prior to the beginning of a cold season all external restoration works and restoration of engineering networks will be finished so that it was possible to start internal restoration works. The head of the state has demanded to show the raised responsibility to restoration of this object having for our country unique value. Also it has brought the offer to organise time in two months of session with participation of all parties involved in process of reconstruction. It will allow to co-ordinate and to conduct strict monitoring of spent works and their quality. The president has noted importance of end till the end of a year of repair of a roof of the main building of a museum - grammar schools it. .
At session the problem of repair of a roof of the House-museum to Alexander Donicha in village Donich of Orhejsky area was mentioned also. Thereupon the decision to spend technical expert appraisal is accepted and to develop the project of repair with preservation of historical shape of a building.
Importance of restoration of manor Balioza in village Ivancha of Orhejsky area was marked. Works on its reconstruction it is planned to finish by the end of October. It was said, that the big repair work spent here has allowed to stop full decline of manor, and transformation of a museum complex in muzejno-tourist with the permission of museum scientific council will allow not only to use manor Balioza potential - pearls of the national architecture constructed in 1852, but also to involve a numerous stream of tourists in this zone.
At session the information on reconstruction of manor of family in village Pjatra of the same area is presented. The question on manor Manuk-Beja restoration in the city of Hynchesht, constructed in second half 19th centuries under the project of known architect Alexander Bernardatstsi was thus considered also. It was noticed, that it is expedient to government to study possibilities of reconstruction of the given object through the private-state partnership. Besides, Vladimir Voronin has paid attention to value which is given to Academy of music, of theatre and painting as to high school where prepare professionals for all spheres of art, and also on importance of maintenance as to teachers, and students of academy of adequate working conditions and studies. Thereupon the head of the state has specified in necessity of working out of very detailed feasibility report and carrying out of the analysis of a present technical condition of buildings of this high school and prospects of their operation after reconstruction, having defined cost of works, having specified terms of performance of the project of reconstruction and having studied other prominent aspects. On the basis of results of the all-round analysis concrete and effective decisions on reconstruction of buildings of academy will be developed. The president insisted and on importance of carrying out before the planned or begun works of separate educational cases of this high school based in 1940.
At session it has been declared that process of a construction of new cases of National choreographic college and Soroksky college of art according to long-term plans for development of these average special educational institutions which have been developed at the initiative of the head of the state will soon begin.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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