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"Retroadvertising" makes way mobile bilbord. The quantity of advertising on the Kishinev roads does a situation with traffic not simply menacing, but even - dangerous. Numerous neon fires in streets and is bright-colourful advertising panels distract driv
"Retroadvertising" makes way mobile bilbord. The quantity of advertising on the Kishinev roads does a situation with traffic not simply menacing, but even - dangerous. Numerous neon fires in streets and is bright-colourful advertising panels distract drivers. Sometimes the situation reaches in general to the point of irrationality. To you, for certain, a sign, a publicity board on crossing of streets Benulesku-Bodoni and on August, 31st, red neon light on which from apart reminds colour on a traffic light. The impression is made, that the manufacturer of advertising actually has deliberately made this board as much as possible similar to a traffic light - the driver willy-nilly stops, though understands perfectly, that no traffic light here should be. But while he has understood this fact, there have passed some seconds - quite sufficient period that in its brain the image of an advertised product was printed. As was to be shown. It is not surprising, that periodically because of external distracting objects there are the failures the banal inattention of the drivers who have distracted on advertising becomes which reason. For beginners driving across Kishinev in general becomes the present nightmare. Cases when visitors from areas simply prefer to leave the cars on parking on suburb of a city are frequent and to move on capital on public transport. Publicity boards settle down along automobile lines more often, is more rare in foot zones. A bright breadboard model илаконичное the message should provide availability of the information at a passing нарасстоянии ивдвижении. However this principle is not always observed by the Kishinev advertisers - at times on understanding an advertising message, it is necessary to spend some time. Still большее the attention is taken away by the information of one advertising campaign divided on some stages when the advertiser as though does not open at once all cards and tries to keep an intrigue, and, hence, and interest of public before its most termination. For example, the driver turns off from parkway Dechebal on Gagarin's street, and in this turmoil of traffic lights, cars and pedestrians will come across eyes a publicity board «În curînd …». On a firm font, on colour of a panel, on style he tries to think, what product and what company "soon" will appear in the market for what some seconds are necessary for it well at least. … some precious seconds which in area lives can cost to it.
One more reason of discomfort are tripartite publicity boards which happen motionless ивращающимися наопоре, and have external illumination втемное time of days more often. They not simply distract attention, but also compel the person to wait by all means and necessarily to look, that is represented on the second and on the board third party. The person realises, that this information is absolutely not necessary to it, but from this most ancient instinct - curiosity - it will by all means fix the sight in this rotating construction developers of advertising and their customers achieve that. It is possible to carry to the same series of advertising attributes and призматроны (a prism vision, тривижн) - the advertising designs periodically changing the image by turn of triangular elements, накоторые the image is put.
As one of the most effective methods of street advertising are considered a header-peretjazhki (the "extension" term is sometimes used) - the information advertising carrier which is located directly over a carriageway. Thanks to it, a header-peretjazhki always are вполе sight of drivers, passengers ипешеходов. A header-peretjazhki serve for the operative notification of target audience особытиях, actions, projects, actions. The Header-peretjazhki, as a rule, are used for short-term advertising campaigns and as they vary often in view of the single appointment, that, naturally, cause special curiosity in drivers, unlike panel and boards which do not vary the whole seasons and, therefore special interest at drivers do not use.
In ours to a city "city-format" - so-called, street furniture (отдельностоящие designs, expectation pavilions, stopping platforms) свнутренней illumination became popular. Though here to judge efficiency of placing of advertising it is not necessary yet. The matter is that capital inhabitants and visitors of Kishinev simply have appeared are not ready to such innovation in advertising sphere. It is enough to pay attention to in what condition, after a year after their building, there were designs at stops of trolley buses and buses: not for long they pleased us with the comfortable benches, stylish hours on a facade and gentle neon light in the evenings …
Judging by influence on the local advertising market of the markets of neighbouring countries, it is possible to say with hardness that shortly our streets will captivate mobile биллборды. For those who is not familiar with this invention of advertisement makers, we will explain: mobile биллборд is specialised самодвижущийся the advertising carrier сдвумя lateral faces иторцевой a surface. A free choice of routes of movement состановками вместах the greatest congestion of potential clients of the advertiser - the basic advantage mobile биллбордов. For the first time in its our city one little-known political party to which popularity, however, has not given even use of it of "last peep» a fashion in election campaign has tried to use on last capital elections.
Certain attempts to advance production by means of mobile биллбордов are undertaken in our capital by some manufacturers and distributors of alcoholic production. But also it sees not absolutely successful method of advancement of the goods, after all target audience of the given kind of advertising are drivers who do not drink at the wheel, or, at least, should not. Anyway, efficiency of a choice of the customer of advertising to judge not to us, however we have the right to argue on safety of advertising for traffic. The problem биллбордов - to drive about on streets of a city and to draw attention of townspeople and gapers, and, unfortunately, quite often «зазевываются» and drivers. Besides, mobile биллборды often break traffic rules, parking in not put places (including sidewalks and lawns), that too is fraught with stoppers. However, here again we it not judges, after all in abstracts by rules of the traffic, confirmed by the authorities of our country, such participant of traffic as mobile биллборд, does not appear yet.
Rita Svetlova,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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