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Radio station interview "the Echo of Moscow" President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. The main priority of my activity on a post of the head of the state - Republic of Moldova association.
Radio station interview "the Echo of Moscow" President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. The main priority of my activity on a post of the head of the state - Republic of Moldova association.
About a format "5+2".
"I hold a post of the president of Moldova, and country association is main my priority and the main priority of a state policy", - Vladimir Voronin has told. Speaking about a format of negotiations on settlement of a Dnestr problem, Воронин has noticed, that "format" 1+2 "(Russia, Kishinev and Tiraspol) is only an advisory format which can conduct preparation of negotiations in higher format"5+2"(Moldova, Dnestr region, Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, and also EU and the USA)"."Certainly, we conduct consultations of all participants of this format", - has noticed Воронин. Concerning prospects of the meetings with the leader of Dnestr region Igor Smirnovym, president РМ has told: "I try to conduct consultations and with Смирновым, but he gets away from meetings all these years"." I try to meet with Смирновым and after my conversation with the president of Russia, but in any way it is not possible ", - have underlined Воронин. According to Воронина, the head of Dnestr region and its"command"" arranges the status quo which exists today in Dnestr region "." It is not necessary to Them of any changes, any recognition. They like a separative zone where it is possible to do anything you like ", - has underlined Воронин.
With events on caucasus there is no similarity.
The president has declared, that last events on caucasus are not precedent for the international recognition of Dnestr region. According to the head of the state, "at first at Смирнова and its mode there was a big euphoria in this occasion, however the State Duma of Russia has put an end in this question, having declared, that Dnestr region has no relation to events on caucasus". Воронин has noticed, that the Dnestr conflict does not have "any similarity ссобытиями on caucasus". "It is a separate problem and a separate situation", - he has underlined. "When it has been confirmed by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting in Sochi in Tiraspol have become despondent and have started to make sharp statements for that, as will achieve further the international recognition", - the head of the state has told.
The unity was possible to keep churches.
The church remained unique public institute in Moldova which was not divided as a result of the Dnestr conflict, president Vladimir Voronin has declared. "We will praise for this and due to church", - the head of the state has underlined. Воронин has noticed, that the Moldavian orthodox church managed to keep the unity as earlier, at the Soviet power, and after the Dnestr conflict in which result there was a separative left-bank region. "A bishop Dnestr Юстиниан is a member of the synod of the Moldavian orthodox church, - the president has told. - and they together worked and work".

The status of the neutral country remains invariable.

In the Constitution of Moldova the neutral status of the country, which is fixed

Does not assume the introduction into any defensive military unions,

The president has declared.

Воронин has denied statements that Moscow, ostensibly, "agrees

To exchange Dnestr region for the obligation not to enter NATO ".

"The question on replacement of the neutral status is not necessary neither in Moldova, nor for

Its limits - in relations with the European countries and НАТO ", -

The president has underlined.

Воронинотметил, that change of the constitutional norm is very much

Difficult procedure, possible only after referendum carrying out, in

Which 60 percent of the population of all Moldova should participate.

"If we unite with Dnestr region we receive that quantity

The population which on a referendum never will vote for change

The neutral status of the country. In it all guarantees which someone wants

From us to receive ", - he has told.

According to the head of the state, sociological interrogations in territory

Right-bank Moldova show, that here no more than 17-18 percent

The population want the introduction of the country into NATO.

"With association of the country we can strengthen the neutral very strongly

The status of Moldova, - has told Воронин. - I am not assured, that Dnestr region

Will want to vote for joining of Moldova to NATO ".

The head of the state has noticed, that unwillingness of Moldova to enter NATO, on

To opinion of heads of this military block, is not a hindrance for

Integration of our country into EU.

Воронин has added, that the basic sign of a neutrality of Moldova,

помимонеучастия in внешнихвоенных the organisations, it is necessary to consider also

Absence on territory of the country of foreign military men and military bases.


At ours многовекторности - economic-social character

At us quite good successes in the course of the European integration, and also

Good trading преференции from EU which can be used in the blessing

Our citizens, Vladimir Voronin has declared.

"The mode of dissymetric trade allows us to export practically

Without restrictions the Moldavian goods to the EU countries ", - were noted by the president.

Воронин has underlined, that многовекторность politicians of Moldova - in

Relations both with the East, and with the West - "carries not political, and is faster,

Economic-social character ".

"Moldova is the participant of many organisations - European and

International - and at us nobody asks with whom we, with the European Union or with

The CIS ", - the president has told.

"And here with Guam all is silent and quiet, occurs nothing", - has noted

The head of the state.


The Moldavian railway - a uniform organism

"I consider section of the Moldavian railway as the nonsense which has been thought up

Смирновым and its command ", - the president.

The president has noticed, that until recently the Moldavian railway

Was a uniform organism. I considered and I consider, that it was correct, -

Has underlined Воронин.

"And they took иразделили МЖД, have created the railway and, that

Most, have blocked itself ", - the president has summed up.


About peacemakers

The peace-making forces which are in the Safety zone of the Dnestr

The conflict, all these years did not allow to occur any armed

Collisions or human victims, were declared by the president

Vladimir Voronin.

"Let's give due to all peacemakers", - the president has told.

The control for соблюдениемустановленных for the Zone безопасностинорм and

Requirements peacemakers of Russia, Moldova and Dnestr carry out

Region, and also military observers from Ukraine.

"But I very much want, that they were not, and in this zone were the world and

The calmness, as well as all these years ", - were underlined by the head of the state.

Воронин has added, that number of the Russian military men of the limited

The contingent finding in Dnestr region, does not exceed 1200-1800 persons,

And they bear guard services in warehouses with an ammunition and arms.

"Any other functions military men of the Ministry of Defence of Russia not

Carry out ", - the president has underlined.


On wine road - green light

The Moldavian wine has returned on the Russian market in absolutely new

Quality, president Vladimir Voronin has declared.

Having concerned already cancelled embargo on export of Moldavian wines in the Russian Federation,

The president has noticed, that "on the one hand, it was bad, and with another

The parties - it is good ".

"Our wine makers попотели, have tried and have returned on the Russian market with

Very much high quality, registration and with the wide updated

Assortment of production ", - has told Воронин.

The head of the state has underlined, that for last five years Moldova

Has put in pawn bases of the further development of branch of wine growing and winemaking,

Having planted saplings of elite grades of grapes on площадиболее 20 thousand



Course ПКРМ - the European reforming of the country

And according to norms of the Constitution, and at own will, on end

The presidential mandate I will retire absolutely easy.

Онотметил, that sociological interrogations give suppressing advantage

ПКРМ which leader it is.

"It is very difficult, as we are the eighth year at the power, -

The head of the Moldavian communists, - and to the party in power the population has told

Always shows increased requirements ".

"We strictly watch that our words did not disperse from business", -

He has underlined.

Воронин has assured, that ПКРМ "will continue a course on the further

The European reforming of the country - for us it very essentially ".

The head of the state has noticed, that Moldova does not have any natural

Resources, and ПКРМ has won only because invested in

The unique capital which the country - in its population possesses.

Thus, during a finding at властипартии коммунистовбыл it is provided

Gain ВВПв размере59 percent for July, 1st, 2008, it has been constructed

Various infrastructure - gas pipelines, automobile and railways,

River port on Danube and many other things.

"It would be desirable, that our voter has realised, that it is impossible these

Priorities to change at such important historical stage, on which

There is Moldova ", - has told Воронин.


I will remain in the active policy

Having left from a post of the president after parliamentary elections of 2009,

Воронин is intended to remain in the Moldavian policy.

"Even if I also would like to have a rest, it is impossible, as

After congress ПКРМ I am again re-elected on a post of its chairman, - have told

It. - I will participate in election campaign and in a political life

The countries. Proceeding from those problems which we have designed at congress, I not

I can depart aside. They should be solved, this business of a principle ".

"An another matter, that my personal ambitions are satisfied for a long time already - and in

Soviet time, and for years of leadership in ПКРМ, and at execution of two

Presidential mandates. But I will be in the active policy, I will help

To the young politicians, those statesmen who wish to do the big

Affairs for Moldova ", - has underlined Воронин.

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