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Moldavian cuisine - This sweet word zama. Each city has the smell, that imperceptible, attractive aroma which for a long time remains in memory. There is a smell and at a city of Chisinau. Walk somehow on old quarters, under windows of houses, Saturday mi
Moldavian cuisine - This sweet word zama. Each city has the smell, that imperceptible, attractive aroma which for a long time remains in memory. There is a smell and at a city of Chisinau. Walk somehow on old quarters, under windows of houses, Saturday midday - you will feel it. It is aroma of fried pepper, an eggplant and vegetable marrows. It is a smell adjica and preparing ciorba. But for any Moldavian most, perhaps, attractive was and there is a gentle aroma zama.
In heat or in a cold, at week-day or on a holiday - зама it is always pertinent. Vivifying solar супчик which one kind forces to cheer up, and aroma - to draw near a table - коронное a dish of each present Moldavian mistress more close.
Certainly, all have the small secrets, imperceptible components of success which do a dish especial, but зама always remains wash away. Our compatriot can not know the Moldavian hymn, not remember, how the arms look, but заму he learns always and everywhere.
Moreover, a phrase «come to us in the morning on zama» often sounds towards the end of noisy friendly parties. And it неспроста, after all zama is a wonderful means from a hang-over. Sour taste satisfies thirst and restores to life, and a rich broth подпитывает a tired organism.
All right, the theory will suffice, it is time to start business. So, we take a chicken. In modern books often write about a chicken, but skilled mistresses assure, that the hen should be not simply adult, and, so to say, a lot of seen on the century. And necessarily grown up on the house breads, any factory broilers! To cook a hen to us it is necessary long, properly. As will begin to boil, the first water to merge - nevertheless with ecology at us not so. In the second water to cook on small fire then there will be no foam, and the broth remains transparent. Our chicken should reach a condition when meat easily acts in film from bones. Naturally, we salt to taste. While the broth prepares, is not idled, we prepare noodles. In present заме it should be house, factory half-finished products are excluded. We take one egg, we add a water and flour teaspoon. Unfortunately all pedants, the quantity of a flour all culinary books is defined by a phrase «how many takes the dough». The received weight properly it is kneaded, we unroll in a thin layer. The good form considers to unroll as it is possible is more thin. Then we cut on strips, and noodles are ready. In the meantime meat has time to cook, therefore a hen is taken out on a plate and we cover with a napkin, that not заветрелась.
In a ready broth we put an onions and carrots. In a classical variant they should be cut straws, but, believe, cubes - is not worse at all. By the way, some economical persons put in заму a potato. Do not do it, present зама simply does not suffer this vegetable. Neither onions, nor a carrot are not fried, we put them in a broth the crude. Soon after noodles go, all cooks to readiness. Some minutes prior to deenergizing it is added in a pan boiled house отрубной kvass (on-moldavski - borsh). To make it it is more difficult, than noodles, therefore modern mistresses manage lemon juice. The broth should turn out кисленьким, on your taste. Yes, do not forget about meat! It can be submitted on a separate dish, and it is possible to divide into pieces and to send back, in a pan.
And here there comes the long-awaited moment - ready заму is spilt on plates, we strew fresh parsley and we submit on a table. In classical cookery заму fill with a mix of the shaken up egg and sour cream, but know, it on the fan, I ate and without refuelling - too is very tasty. To заме white white bread or mamaluga perfectly will approach. The present experts can pass and a liqueur glass - another of vodka. Well, are ready? Bon appetit! 
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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