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Through centuries Through smoke rings. Subjects in our life - a pipe. Easy cold grey eyes through a bluish smoke, thoughtful silence, the fingers thoughtfully stroking graceful cubuc This business on one tube, Watson. And one year earlier among
Through centuries Through smoke rings. Subjects in our life - a pipe. Easy cold grey eyes through a bluish smoke, thoughtful silence, the fingers thoughtfully stroking graceful cubuc This business on one tube, Watson. And one year earlier among virgin American woods the pipe of peace was smoked with Indians Cingacguc by the Big Dragon. There was also , and a Crocodile of the Gene, and brave captain Blad. The image of the wise hero with a pipe has strongly entered into my children's consciousness. And though it has not affected my youthful habits, associations remained till now.
Certainly, a tube - not the most ancient invention of mankind, maybe, at all the most useful. However the old woman has much gone through on the century, and its occurrence connect with ancient tribes of Indians . That became idle entertainment for white men later, was perceived by Indians quite seriously. A tube smoked during the most responsible moments: the smoke rising to the sky, as though laid the bridge to the world of spirits which always could help council. In 4-5 centuries AD our ancestors tried to adapt for smoking improvised materials - hollow bones of animals, stalks of plants. But evolution - the lady serious, and the person - a being practical. And there were tubes and the tubules which have soon become by the present works of art. On bowls of tubes, the whole scenes figures of animals and people were cut out from a tribe life, an ornament from leaves of magic plants. An example practicalities soon became tubes - tomahawks. Has smoked - has chopped, then has again smoked. The truth later, at Europeans, such model for some reason has not got accustomed. However, all one after another.
About tubes and smoking in general Europe has learnt for the first time from participants of expedition of Christopher Columbus. Practical seamen have brought not only memoirs on pleasant pastime, but also a fair stock of tobacco and tubes. Having got to Spain, tobacco has begun victorious procession across Europe - through Portugal, France and the Netherlands has got to England, through the Big Silk Way has reached China, through Italy and Malta has got to Turkey. However, initially Catholic clergy strictly punished fans of modern pleasure, for smoking it was possible to get to prison for long gloomy years. Basically seamen therefore smoked - was considered, that smoking relieves of a syphilis, and in a continental part tobacco was grown up as an ornamental plant. However, the legend about medical properties has reached coast and has acquired details. Jean Nikot (the name "nicotine" - derivative of its surname), the ambassador of France in Portugal, sent tobacco to Ekaterina Medici as an effective remedy from migraines. By means of tobacco leaves tried to struggle and with plague epidemic.
However the obstinacy so has not passed also centuries as the pipe has received indulgences practically from all European governors is peculiar to mankind, and began to be made by local masters. The manufacture beginning attribute to Englishmen, but Britain not for long kept a superiority palm tree. The monarchy has not approved new business, masters have gradually moved to Holland. But also other countries did not lag behind. Spain has quickly understood, that that it is impossible to eradicate, it is necessary for itself to subordinate. From the beginning of XVII century the state monopoly for import and tobacco cultivation there has been entered. Spain on the blazed path was followed by France. In 1674 king Lui XIV, the King - the Sun as it named, has imposed high taxes to import of tobacco with a view of support of local manufacturers. At it tobacco has been entered for the first time into an army diet.
On territory of Russia tobacco has got thanks to the Dutch merchants, but, for example, the Zaporozhye Cossacks have got used to a tube approximately a century earlier. They named its "cradle" and concerned not less carefully, than a sabre and a horse. One of tragical examples - capture of Potatoes: "Also have made the way there were already Cossacks, and, maybe, truly fast horses as suddenly among most I run once again would serve them has stopped and has screamed:" Stand! The cradle with tobacco has dropped out; I do not want, that also the cradle has got to the enemy poles! ". Both the old ataman has bent down and began to find in a grass the cradle with tobacco, the permanent companion by the seas, both on a land, and in campaigns, and houses. And in the meantime the band has run suddenly and has seized it under mighty shoulders".
For all centuries-old history for manufacturing of tubes the most different materials were used. Indians preferred a red stone, . It was soft enough, easily gave in to processing. Europeans have tried set of variants - from the skin representing hardened remains of molluscs, to - a treelike heather. This material is considered one of the best for manufacture of tubes - it possesses a beautiful structure, is easy in processing, is steady against a burn-out. However, basically plants are used is more senior 80 years, and everyone approaches far not. All it, naturally, is reflected in the price. Make tubes and of usual breeds of a tree: cherries, an oak. These are the most "odorous" breeds, at smoking to a tobacco smell the smell of decaying wood is added. The lack at such tubes only one - decaying, a tree quickly enough burns through, so chain smokers of a tube should change more often, than it would be desirable. Tubes from the most expensive grades of a tree - pink, black, , with accurately expressed drawing - are very expensive. It is faster not pipes, and a subject of lawful pride and the quivering relation of their owner. By the way, practical Americans have appeared the most inventive in business of a choice of a pipe material. The passion to disposable subjects has extended and on tubes, their one time did of corn cabbage stumps: the such sample of manufacture without waste.
Mouthpieces of pipes do from more often. The Best mouthpieces turn out from an alloy of natural and synthetic rubber. Recently there were mouthpieces from acryle. The mouthpiece can tell also much about value of a tube. A necessary sign of high quality - a ringlet (salary) from amber, silver or an ivory before a mouthpiece. On all ornaments from precious metals test is necessarily put. Expensive tubes often have an amber mouthpiece.
To honour of inveterate fans of tubes, old, for a long time the smoked tubule is lovelier to their hearts, than the most expensive models.
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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