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The different variants, different newspapers make comments on Interview to the Russian journalist Vladimir Solovev Prezident Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. New region, the Komsomol truth, Independent Moldova.
The different variants, different newspapers make comments on Interview to the Russian journalist Vladimir Solovev Prezident Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. New region, the Komsomol truth, Independent Moldova.

 Independent Moldova

About memory of ancestors and culture of the people.

According to the president of Moldova, preservation and restoration of historical monuments are not only a tribute of memory of ancestors and culture of the people, but also allow to bring up the citizen of the country. Restoration of monasteries and churches, monuments fallen for the Moldavian statehood - all it is links of one chain in education of the citizen of the sovereign, democratic and independent state, especially this year which is declared by Year of youth, - Vladimir Voronin has noted.

According to the head of the state, today in republic 860 monuments to the soldiers who have fallen in struggle against fascism are restored all, реставрированы or there are in this process monasteries and churches in many settlements of the country. Moreover, their number since 2001 has considerably grown. If in 2001 we had 636 churches today their quantity has reached 1380, and monasteries now more than 40, in comparison with 18 which were seven years ago.

Moldova - for development of relations both with Russia and with the European union.

The way of the European integration is not an obstacle in relations with the Russian Federation or other partners, - the president has declared.

He also has noticed, that Moldova - the small state and any statesman does not put before itself a problem to create any contradictions with partners, independently, they are in what part of the world. It is necessary to search everywhere for interests which promote development of our state. And if this interest consists in development of relations and with the European union, and with the Russian Federation we will do it, - the head of the state has noted.

According to Vladimir Voronina, world crisis or any other events of the European or regional scale should not "withdraw us from the main task - the European integration. Now to us give" green light "for signing in the first half of the year 2009 of the new agreement with the European union - Contracts about ассоциированном membership. With signing of this document will appear a lot of new преференций in relations from EU which are very necessary to Republic Moldova.

According to the head of the state, idea of the European integration today supports an order of 80 % of citizens of republic. The European control of border between Moldova and Ukraine, carried out by EU mission, has allowed to block illegal export from Dnestr region of arms which was made by 13 enterprises. These enterprises made various kinds of arms in a mode non-stop, including the best in the world a grenade cup discharge the "Cornflower" which samples have been found out without identification numbers in the Chechen Republic, and 40-stvolnye systems залпового fire "Hailstones". A turn of the given export of an order of 2 billion dollars. And now those who supported Dnestr region where they were - in Moscow, Kiev, Kishinev or other places, any more do not show such big interest to region as are not interested in a sharing of this huge sum, - the head of the state has noted.

Signing in 2003 of "Memorandum Козака" could become tragedy for the country.

Concerning discussed during interview so-called "Memorandum Козака", according to president Voronina, signing of this document in 2003 would be much more большей a trouble, and can, and tragedy for the country, than negotiating process continuation after settlement of a Dnestr problem. According to the head of the state, refusal to sign the document has been dictated by those problems and the purposes which dared and dare our country and for the sake of our republic. No opposition, for example, the same Russia, existed and could not be, - the president has underlined.

Vladimir Voronin also has noticed, that politically and legally territory the country is divided by nobody, as the Republic Moldova is recognised by the world community and is presented in the United Nations, other European organisations and forums within the limits of borders which were till 1991. Both the history, and a modern state of affairs say that this region has no neither political, nor economic, other preconditions to turn to any state formation, - the president of the country has underlined. In its opinion, people who have seized power in Dnestr region, play various state formations, and the simple people wish to live in the normal country recognised as the world community.

In this context Vladimir Voronin has underlined, that the Republic Moldova can enter and will enter the European community together with Dnestr region as the uniform state.

New region.

Voronin: the European Union has stopped export of the weapon from Dnestr region on $2 billion a year.

The president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has thanked the European union that it has stopped export of the weapon from Dnestr region which turn reached $2 billion a year. As transfers «New Region», the Moldavian president has declared it in interview to known Russian journalist Vladimir Solovevu.

In interview which was transferred by Kishinev television channel NIT, Воронин has declared, that when it has come to power in 2001, in Dnestr region «13 enterprises made arms in a mode non-stop».«There even let out 46-stvolnye installations залпового fire"Hailstones", and also launchers"Cornflower", - the president has told.

As he said, the turn from arms sale in Dnestr region made $2 billion a year. «By means of the European Union we managed to deprive of this interest of many people in Kishinev and other places», - has noted Воронин.

Nightingales has taken an interest, what at Воронина should be security service if he has dared to deprive of people of the interest estimated in $2 billion, on what the president has answered, that at it small protection.

«I in general on foot go for work, it is not far from my house. I live in which has received in 1989, being the Minister of Internal Affairs of republic", - has told, having noticed, that its area makes hardly more than 100 square metres.

The Komsomol truth.

Vladimir Solovev about the visit to Kishinev: "Itself Воронин - the person elderly, and its command - simply any children".

The Russian TV presenter after has spent transfer "Conversations with the president" on channel "NIT", has published impressions in the blog of impression about the Moldavian capital.

Yesterday was in Kishinev. Right after "Barrier" on Thursday has departed, all the day long has spent with our friends in Moldova, has written down interview to the president of Moldova Ворониным - it will go on local TV. Then with it of hour three spoke. A lot of interesting he has told. Impressions, of course, the strange: itself Воронин the person elderly, to it of 67 years, and its command - simply any children. "Any" - in good sense of this word. For example, to the first vice-premier 31 year. Children for some years have sharply accelerated economic growth before the kind, forgotten, tired out, poor country. Profit taxes, amnesty have cancelled, have understood with criminality. And, that else very much it was pleasant to me, - declared war «нанашистам». «Нанашисты» is not fascists, and not "ours". « Нанаши »are the planted fathers. When, for example, came any человечишка and round itself instantly set the relatives who supervised the whole branch. Here this phenomenon at them is called«нанашизмом». And the president with them has understood very rigidly at the expense of what the country began to live essentially better. Well, for example, pensions have grown almost four times. That, of course, it is still a little, but, in any case, the average pension there 200 with superfluous dollars, and still will grow percent on 20 %. Well, and the prices for all much more low. For comparison, the two-room apartment in style of"five-storey apartment block"in Kishinev costs thousand 25-30 euros. Thus the president with the family lives, as he has told,« in very big apartment ». I ask:« It is what? »Speaks:« 101 metre, to me it in 89 year gave. Three-room ». Interesting sensations, I can not tell, that all is clear.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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