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Interview of the president of Republic of Moldova of Vladimir Voronin to the State news agency \"Moldpres\" - Updating of Moldova is a project for which we were very seriously prepared
Interview of the president of Republic of Moldova of Vladimir Voronin to the State news agency \"Moldpres\".
Vladimir Voronin: Updating of Moldova is a project for which we were very seriously prepared.
Question: Date of elections will be just about declared. According to all interrogations, the trust to PCRM remains to the highest. But, you see, that the Party of communists which are at the power here already eight years, answering in Moldova it is literally for everything, it is necessary difficult enough. There will be those who will stand up simply for changes. And at this simple though also the abstract slogan for certain there will be many supporters. The party of communists is a party of stability or all the same updating party, party of changes?
The answer: Changes to changes рознь. Recollect the beginning 90. How many euphoria was. How many was enthusiasm. How many was beliefs in the forces and possibilities to direct a society on more humane way of development. And have come to opposite result. And in считанные months. Today 90th years - a symbol of a general trouble, the destruction, worthlessly missed chances and in vain dissipated possibilities. Let alone those uncountable bloody conflicts which torment till now separate parts and the Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet territory. Our country - the brightest to volume an illustration.

Changes is first of all creative, instead of a destructive problem. It is necessary to prepare for the present system changes carefully. It is necessary to possess resources, possibilities, scenarios, the ideas prepared by people, eventually. And the main thing, it is necessary to possess stability - economic, political, social, - and not to sacrifice at all its own прожектам. Experience 90 has learnt our party to it.

I will give an example. In 2001, right after elections, the group of ours then still absolutely young analysts has offered the project of the governmental program \"Moldavian break\". Good there was a program. But we have rejected it. Why? Because it is impossible to do repair during a fire! To execute such program in 2001 was all the same what to force the patient who is in resuscitation, to run cross-country. Namely in such terrible, desperate position were then both our society, and our economy. Then it was necessary to prove to people simple things first of all. For example, that in the country in general there is a power, that deputies, ministers, the president are not at war all day long with each other, and think of problems of simple people, solve them. It was necessary to deal with very prosaic problems - to accustom business to pay taxes, to accustom state employees to organizational discipline and responsibility. In our state office-work in general there was no column \"the control over commission execution\". Can such present to itself?

I will tell even easier: it was necessary to make everything that people have felt, that the life becomes predicted, that it can though somehow be planned. Well, at least for a year forward. Predictability and stable development was our main reform, the main change in Moldova. I then believed, that it is the major economic category, more significant, than any witty ideas about ways of an exit from then crisis. And we have achieved it. We have achieved that people have got used to that pensions are regularly paid, and the salary grows, that gangsters do not walk about carefree on streets, and are there where it is necessary to them to be. We have achieved that the electric power is not disconnected, and heat moves in houses, that gas comes to villages, and the areas of gardens and vineyards grow. Moreover, we have achieved that people have got used to that we carry out of all obligations. And, naturally, people, a society in whole, began to put before us more serious questions on the agenda, and not just questions of a daily survival.

In: And how you reacted to these new calls?

About: the Most interesting if to return and re-read that not declared program \"Moldavian break\" it appears, that we have executed it. Already in half a year after coming to power we have begun дебюрократизацию economy. In November, 2002 we have proclaimed strategy of the European integration. Reforms of the public health services, all social sphere, science reform, and then - fiscal amnesty, profit tax cancellation, asymmetric trade from EU, formation reform further have gone. Well and last reforms - modernisation of our legal field on the European curves - in general have system character. They have changed shape of Moldova. We became the country which closely has approached to the new agreement from EU, to opening for the country of all-European freedom. It could not happen for a year, for two.

I say it to that those who shout about changes in general, as a rule, on changes are not capable. In most cases are the real conservatives, people of the past, people without the future. Their changes is in all cases any stolen, fragmentary, another\'s ideas. \"Let\'s make as was till 40th year\", \"let\'s make how was at the tsar-peas\", \"let\'s make how at neighbours\", \"and it is better - let\'s cancel in general the Moldavian statehood, from it after all one problems\", - after all so they thought and think, and do not hesitate to speak about it. Who it stirred, let even in the populist purposes, to lower taxes? Who it prevented to go on a way of the European integration? Who it prevented to raise salaries? Anybody! So they speak about what changes? It turns out, only about such which will return us in the past, in 90.

So left, that in Moldova there is only one party of changes is ПКРМ. And I assure you: updating of Moldova is a project to which we very seriously approach, and with all responsibility we will realise.

In: And what means to be prepared for updating? To what updating? Perhaps, in the conditions of a global economic crisis in general to forget about this word? It is Perhaps better to take of extremely conservative position, on the contrary? To tell to people: any changes!

About: Any changes to the worst! It agree. But this effect is reached only by active advance.

Before us there are the most serious problems. How to be, for example, what all of us still mainly agrarian country? And it in the centre of Europe! How to be what our regional centres are while only simply big villages, and to realise the professional and human potential to their inhabitants it is possible only at the best in capital? How to be that the pension, let and regularly paid, still does not allow older persons to feel worthy and confident. Level and quality of a life demand main recesses. I repeat, changes to the best. I do not speak about more prosaic, but not less obvious things - about transport highways, an infrastructure. All it demands modernisation.

Someone tries to confirm: the pier, round Moldova storms crisis, therefore it is necessary to refuse similar ideas. It very much and very limited sight at economy! Crises cannot to try be stopped by means of antisocial, conservative measures. The processes similar to what we now observe in a number of the European countries otherwise begin: opposition, violence flashes etc. On the contrary, world experience of resistance to system financial and economic problems just testifies that only active social investments, resolute reforms of an infrastructure allow to overcome similar tests. Our experience - experience ПКРМ, come in 2001 in the power in critical, crisis conditions, also says that we on a correct way. This experience then was exposed to the most severe criticism, today it is scrupulously studied. It is interesting to all to know, how it is the small country resists to so serious economic calls. And I will answer: Therefore resists, that for a second does not stop before problems of social development. In neighbouring countries inflation storms, there are mass lay-offs, banks are closed, and at us the salary raises and the price for bread decreases.

We are assured today of the abilities and possibilities to open new page in history of our country. We is valid to it were seriously prepared. We have now rather unique competitive advantages. In 2001 at us such advantages were not.

The first is our personnel, professional potential. We were not afraid to involve in the power a large quantity of young, arrogant, perspective people. And it is not simple any technocrats without kith or kin, and people who, after a year-two of work, have appeared are united by the general values, experience of overcoming of the hardest social and economic problems. 2001 - payment peak Moldova external loans, 2002 - system political crisis, 2006 - embargo, 2007 - a total drought, 2008 - flooding, the beginning of this year - problems with gas deliveries. In all these cases when to us promised the next wreck, anything similar did not occur. And all because two operated not one, not, not five persons, the whole harmonious collective of adherents operated. And if there is somewhere the effective anti-recessionary command working simultaneously on economic, social, a political field today it is at us, in Moldova.

The second. We know, what exactly it is necessary to do. And today this knowledge practically completely coincides with our party ideology. If want, it follows from it. No contradictions are present. There are no contradictions between our nation-wide programs, strategy, concepts and our party program, between our ideology constructed on observance of social justice rules and those reforms of new type which we spend.

The third. One of the most significant resources is a trust of a society. To be two terms at the power and to keep the political authority - the big gain for our party. On its soil just also it is possible to solve problems on country updating even in most not simple conditions. For me it is important, that this trust in very big degree divides today young generation of the country. To win a recognition in their environment - very much and very much it is not simple. But when such recognition is, in the future it is possible to look confidently.

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