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The old city of Chisinau - Moldova of the Photo Gallery, Railway station, end Х1Х of a century, to be exact, 1871. In two years Bessarabia from area will turn to province, but Kishinev already now reminds a brisk beehive. Number of inhabitants has almost
The old city of Chisinau - Moldova of the Photo Gallery, Railway station, end Х1Х of a century, to be exact, 1871. In two years Bessarabia from area will turn to province, but Kishinev already now reminds a brisk beehive. Number of inhabitants has almost reached 100 thousand - such unreal still a century earlier numbers. City centre have already started to pave a cobble-stone, it already can quite descend for a slice of the European city. Will pass as early as two years, and the waterpipe but while cheerful water carriers on the strong horsies slowly carry water in flanks will be put in pawn. But the civilisation inevitably comes. Попыхивают pipes distilling заводики - their quantity for last ten years has considerably grown, everywhere приглашающе doors of trading benches are open, peasants and handicraftsmen hasten on the market. On wide Aleksandrovsky local ladies slowly walk, Russian officers caracole on horses. City garden some years as is pride of townspeople - here even goats from neighbouring court yard - probably have ceased to get, have realised, that it is not necessary to stir to walks of noble misters. Decorum and rest of the centre are diluted strongly with former vanity and a dirt of suburbs, but, similar, it confuses nobody: the south, whether know.
Meanwhile, it is not necessary on a place and Europe. Here has passed decades as rich Europeans have found a new toy - the railway. However, began with industrial needs - passenger trains have appeared much later. Hardly Russia lags behind, but also there since 1837 passenger trains ply. Well, Bessarabia, similar, has reached turn and you. Here also you will not argue: manufacture grows, the requirement for transportation of wine and agricultural production increases. The local nobility has estimated all advantages of a railway transportation still in the forties. Already in 1844г. The Novorossisk and Bessarabsky governor general, count Michael Semenovich Vorontsov has prepared for the Emperor the civil-engineering design of the railway from Odessa to the village Parkany located on the left coast of Dnestr. However, "trains" should move forces of horses - remember legendary London конку? In this occasion in the answer of the Emperor it has been noticed what to project new road it is necessary thus that in a consequence it was easily possible to translate it with horse on the diesel draught, differently all costs will go for nothing. However, this unique note has not prevented Nikolay 1 to allocate money from treasury. Work has gone the turn - somewhere struggle for delicious successively, somewhere simply bureaucratic delays have removed an embodiment of a plan up to May, 1963 when there has been begun building. Through two and a half a year, in December 1865 стоверстная the branch has been solemnly opened, and бессарабское the nobility has reflected that would be necessary also capital with other world to connect. For a project embodiment even local gathering on 1 copeck with десятины the earths (approximately 1,46 hectares, but also the copeck was appreciated in those days much more expensively, than now бан) has been entered. In May 1867 enough means have been collected and the contract on carrying out of civil work with baron Unger-Shternbergom is concluded. A branch assumed to build from the bridge through Dnestr to Kishinev. Building of the bridge was not included into the contract, but has been begun practically immediately and finished in January, 1871. Hardly also building of tracks later has come to the end. On August, 15th: despite usual heat for this time, the set of townspeople has gathered on привокзальной the areas. They have already got used to a kind of a brand new building of railway station, but this day he should play for the first time the role: at 17-00 there has arrived the first train from Odessa which was in a way about seven hours. Yes, slowly, though, more conveniently, than in a carriage. On remained and until now to a habit, built then who in what is ready. Rails cast not having representation from such concept, as "standard" - who from a steel, who from iron, different length. Cross ties stacked that on sand, on gravel. All it very much stirred traffic safety and still long time, even with introduction of locomotive draught, any running person could overtake a train quite. So, under documents of those times speed of cargo structures in 1882 made only 9,6 km at an o'clock.
But about the Kishinev station of anything bad to tell it is impossible. It has been built up in 1870. Now in photos it something reminds a small fantastic palace - so turrets of this graceful three-storyed building are beautifully and lovely looked. Successful mixture of different architectural styles gives sensation of lightness and elegance. The interior corresponded to an interior, all conceivable conveniences to passengers of the first class, hardly waiting rooms of the second and third class is easier looked. Originally привокзальная the area reminded waste ground - after all it there was a suburb of a city. However, gradually the area was built up, nearby there was a female diocesan school, there were also apartment houses. Ancestors of modern taxi drivers - carriers - have quickly thought, that to what, and soon it was possible to guess train arrival on the stood in a row crews.
Unfortunately, the station building has been destroyed during Second World War bombardments.
Nadejda Degtiareva,

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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