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"We live in other Moldova..." - the next conversation of the president of the country with group of the Moldavian journalists has begun with these words on air of television channel NIT on January, 30th. Answering a question, whether the head of the state
"We live in other Moldova..." - the next conversation of the president of the country with group of the Moldavian journalists has begun with these words on air of television channel NIT on January, 30th. Answering a question, whether the head of the state is satisfied by those results which managed to be reached for years of the presidency and a finding at the power of Party of communists of Republic Moldova, Vladimir Voronin has told: "citizens of the country for whom we and worked all these eight years can give the Best estimation of the passed way only. Today Moldova is other country in comparison with that which it was eight years ago. At the country other image, our citizens are in another way capable to perceive many things both in the country, and on international scene".
Sorcery was not, there was a work.
In 2001 year when the Party of communists of Republic Moldova has won for the first time on the elections, many foes, and even its some supporters, predicted to it crash and have been convinced of fast disappearance from a political scene of the country of this political formation. On what these belief were based? Basically on dogmatic representations and perception of this party. Many even named representatives "abnormal" and not the present communists. Voices and that to the country with communists at the power never to see eurointegration were distributed.
But has stood. It received the mandate of trust of voters twice. It has lifted the country from knees. It "has introduced" Moldova to Europe, let while and not in the European Union. No sorcery as the president has noted, answering one of questions on the formula of success of the power any neither black, nor white magic existed. The fatal flaw of all of those who with foam at a mouth proved frailty of the operating power, consisted that they could not make out the most important thing. The Moldavian communists, having passed in years of the hardest tests of times of the first decade of independence, being in the ranks of constructive opposition throughout many years, have radically changed the relation to existing realities of a modern life.
The pragmatical relation to economy market mechanisms, economy liberalisation, absence even when privatisation in the ninetieth years was carried out not by the most lawful, to put it mildly, methods, a basic change of the relation to religion questions, - all it confirms that fact, that the Party of communists of Republic Moldova is a formation of new, modern type.
The communism is the state of social justice.
"We never and anywhere did not incur the obligation to construct in our country communism, - Vladimir Voronin has noted. - Communists are first of all people who worked and will work for the sake of creation of the state of social justice. And the social state is a creation of conditions for normal and free development of all citizens, for the correct and attentive relation to all problems of a society".
Questions of creation of the social state lay and at the heart of acceptance of corresponding decisions by the country leaders. Each of them is based on careful studying of existing problems, on studying of experience of other countries in those or other areas of a life, on data of economic statistics and, naturally, on the basis of conversations with simple citizens. In particular, such by, the president has noted, the present authorities have come to understanding of revival of branch which in 2001 year was on the verge of disappearance. It is a question of consumers' co-operative society which is today the important tool of development of new market relations and creations of normal conditions for people in each settlement.
The majority of citizens of the country should interest today a question on the present president after parliamentary elections will be engaged in what.
"I remain in the ranks of the party and with the people, - the president in conversation with journalists has informed. - there is a Constitution of the country which is necessary for observing strictly, and after leaving from a post of the president I am intended to work for the blessing of this country and its citizens". The president has noticed, that there are many areas of our life in which it is necessary to make much. This revival of the Moldavian roads, creation of a modern infrastructure in a countryside, work continuation on reconstruction of monuments of culture and cults, many other things questions over which it is necessary to work during the forthcoming period.
Anti-recessionary party.
If to look back back the last eight years we with all responsibility can name the period of board of anti-recessionary party. According to the president, in 2001 year, our country was in a condition of the real crisis. That crisis has arisen not in 2001, its "base" was created in the first years of independence when there was a present plundering of national property.
Here questions which interest the president:

Where have disappeared after August, 27th, 1991 over five billions roubles from accounts of national bank?

Where huge riches from storehouses of so-called State Logistics Committee have evaporated?

In what have transformed agriculture throughout all those years?

Where money from accounts of collective farms of the country has got to?

Hardly someone can today distinctly on them answer, but sooner or later all the same it is necessary, if not before the law, before history.
Actually in 90th years in Moldova the same financial and economic crisis, as what has captured today all world stormed.
"We still then, - the president has noted, - have developed anti-recessionary measures and have created a basis for healthy development of economy of the state, and also for creation of the strong base to improvement of bank sector of the country."
Our work, the president has noted, was based first of all on a transparency of economic and financial activity and disposal of a society of shadow structures in economy. Not less important and responsible step from the present authorities was also the decision on repayment of historical debts of economic agents, except, naturally, debts in social fund. In other words, all measures taken by present authorities became as though a pillow of safety for Moldova in present global crisis.
For eight years of board of Party of communists from use of our citizens many economic concepts which characterised a society of the period of wild capitalism among which and a notorious barter exchange, both clearings, and intermediary offices about which many already and have forgotten have disappeared. All financial streams in the state are subject to the strict control. More than worthy result it is possible to name and the fifth place which was occupied with Republic Moldova in classification of level of the financial improvement spent by English magazine "Banker".
Continuity and responsibility of the power.
Concerning questions of responsibility of the president of Republic Moldova and party in power for destiny of the country, we should notice, that recently even more often speak and about continuity of the power, about that danger which threatens Moldova in case of arrival to a management of the country of people which excite own interests more, than destinies of the state.
"I speak with all conviction, - the head of the state has noted, - that for today there is a danger of return to the past, to that state of affairs in economy which was in 2001 year. All depends on its majesty of the voter which should tell firm" no "to destructive forces in a society".
In a context of forthcoming parliamentary elections journalists have taken an interest, and when the party in power without fears can transfer control levers the country to other forces? As though unexpectedly it has sounded, but the answer of the president was more than original and unexpected.
"The present continuity will come only then, - Vladimir Voronin has underlined, - when the policy will be left by those people who have been involved in various Soviet and party structures". Proving the answer, the president has noted, as then in the ranks of the CPSU existed two parties: party of fair and respectable communists which have won the Great Patriotic War, lifted a virgin soil and worked for the state blessing, and party of people which were torn by any ways in the power, discrediting the acts and the power, and the state.
Such people today we see and in our parliament. From them does not arrive any specific proposals, but they criticise and forge existing realities.
And how to be with that fact, what in over 24 percent the people consisting during Soviet times in the ranks of the CPSU make? The president is proud of them, because they have realised value and necessity of changes, inevitability and transition to new economic relations. Besides, the Party of communists applies a maximum of efforts for attraction in the numbers of youth, true patriots of the state to whom the country future tomorrow will be entrusted.
Over forty percent of present members people more youngly today make forty years. It is a question not only of rank-and-file members of party, but also those who occupy various supervising functions in the state. "The historical chance to develop in a family of the European people today is given us, - the president has noted. - therefore preparation of young generation in our party gets paramount value".
Not a secret, that throughout all eight years of board from Party of communists offers to opposition for teamwork for the state blessing repeatedly arrived. But, unfortunately, unique sober political force, according to the president which has responded to the given offers, as though strange it looked, were and its chairman Jury Roshka.
Followed add, that with similar examples of cooperation of opposite political forces for the sake of achievement of the uniform purposes the modern history of the European states is rich. But present opponents try to avoid these examples.
The president also has noticed, that forthcoming parliamentary elections become the original test for our citizens: or we wish to go on a progress and eurointegration way, or we will return again to the past. The third it is not given.

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