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We go to parliament a uniform monolithic command - Interview of the president of Republic Moldova of Vladimir Voronina of radio station Echo of Moscow. It is printed with reductions. The full version - on a radio station site Echo of Moscow. A. Venedi

We go to parliament a uniform monolithic command - Interview of the president of Republic Moldova of Vladimir Voronina of radio station Echo of Moscow. It is printed with reductions. The full version - on a radio station site Echo of Moscow. A. Venediktov

And. - Vladimir Nikolaevich, to us on the Internet the set of questions which concern, first of all, fears of your fellow citizens concerning world crisis and how it will affect your country has arrived. At you very strong national currency - Moldavian pour. How it is possible to keep financial stability in present conditions?

Century - First, for us is honour, that in the world admit that fact, that at us - strong currency. According to British magazine \\\\\\\"Banker\\\\\\\" we have appeared on the fifth place on financial stability. And it is very pleasant, because all these years we really did much for currency strengthening, for preservation of stability of a financial position, simultaneously with economic situation growth in the country. For those years, that we are at the power, the total internal product in our country has grown on 65 %. It is not simple the money printed in printing house. These are the money supported in commodity weight. Besides, when we have come in 2001 to the power, all reserve of national currency made 222 million dollars. Today we have almost 2 billion dollars.

And. - whether Tell, please, you expect, what in connection with crisis both in Russia, and in other countries, your fellow citizens, losing the workplaces abroad, will start to return home? Whether can provide the Moldavian state with it workplaces in the homeland?

Century - We even are very interested in that they, having worked abroad, having typed by experience and qualification, have come back home. It is a question of experts in spheres of building, agriculture. We have developed very serious arrogant program on agriculture development, first of all, in a cultivation direction ecologically a net production. We are ready to accept a manpower and we accept them.

And. - Vladimir Nikolaevich, you met the Minister for Foreign Affairs Laurel, whether the theme of the Moldavian citizens working in Russia rose?

Century - Is not present, in this plan we do not have sharp corners. With the Russian Federation there is a corresponding contract. And any problems, our citizens concerning position, workers there, no.

And. is it is indicative, that the given theme did not rise Laurel. But to us many questions concerning forthcoming elections in Moldova and possibility of your fellow citizens who are outside of the country have arrived, to vote on April, 5th. There are, ostensibly, any letters that they are limited in the right to participate in elections.

Century - Anybody of any rights does not deprive of anybody. But there are norms. These norms are put in pawn in the international conventions. And, first of all, in the Viennese convention of 1962. The building of embassy of the given state in any other state is the property of the given country, and its territory is territory of the given country. Elections can be spent only in the territory. For those years, that we are at the power, we have opened in addition 14 diplomatic representatives abroad. And in all those diplomatic representatives which are officially accredited in the corresponding states, - as embassies or consular services - polling districts will be opened. In other countries we simply have no right to open a place for voting. Understand, this theme lifted by our opponents, is politized, but she speaks about their incompetence. Open any document of international law and look, whether the right the country to open polling district in the state in which it does not have diplomatic representatives! No.

And. - Time we about elections how citizens of Moldova who live in territory of Dnestr region, can vote on April, 5th?

Century - All citizens of Moldova, including those who lives in territory of Dnestr region, possess a general law to vote in Republic Moldova. All to the uniform. In Dnestr region for today of 340 thousand persons own passports of the citizen of Republic Moldova - the same passports what is and at me. To provide to inhabitants of Dnestr region the right to vote, the Central selective commission of Republic Moldova addresses to the Tiraspol authorities so that they have opened there polling districts. But, unfortunately, on all elections there is a same situation. The authorities of Dnestr region each time refuse. In that case people need - to pass one way Dnestr and to vote on other coast. Along all right coast of Dnestr in settlements polling districts settle down. And, as a rule, people come and vote.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, you became the president in 2001. Since then there have passed 8 years. Whether it is possible to say what for this time process of Dnestr settlement was put in motion?

Century - has not simply moved, and has gone far forward in many directions and components. We have entered the European control of border on a Dnestr site, and now contraband questions are practically solved. More than 500 economic subjects of Dnestr region are registered in official establishments of Republic of Moldova. Necessary conditions for simple citizens are created - variety of social projects etc. I responsibly has been introduced I declare, that democratisation of Dnestr region is very difficult process in conditions when the Tiraspol authorities of it do not want. But also here is having dug. There the public, non-governmental organisations already actively operate. And, the most important thing, a question of Dnestr region which had regional value earlier, now left on international scene and became a point of issue in the European structures, in the United Nations.

And. - In what the essence of those motions particularly consists in the permission of a Dnestr problem about which minister Lavrov spoke?

Century - First, I would like to tell about in what the essence of offers which we have stated to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation concerning the permission of a problem of restoration of territorial integrity of our state consists. We have developed a bill about substantive provisions of a special legal status of settlements of a left bank of Dnestr (Dnestr region) which, by the way to tell, in republic parliament have been voted unanimously. Such consensus on any problem at us never was. Considering, that all negotiating process last years has been designated in a format 5+2, we have sent to all parties of this format (which consists of EU, OSCE, the USA, Ukraine and the Russian Federation and plus two - Kishinev and Tiraspol) the project of this law. And I have asked Sergey Viktorovicha that the Russian Federation has stated the relation to the given bill. From other parties of negotiating process we have already received this opinion, and by the way high enough. In this bill so much powers for Dnestr region are put in pawn, how many, excuse for an example, is not present even at many subjects of federation in Russia. Both attributes - and own flag, and a hymn It is etc. unique - there were the questions connected with formation of bodies of the law and order, armed forces. But they remained, because demilitarisation is put as an overall objective in the decision of a Dnestr question. During conversation with Sergey Lavrovym we have agreed that the Russian side will consider this problem. Probably, our meeting with the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolevichem Medvedev with participation of the leader of Dnestr region will take place. Meeting terms will be still in addition so that it is all arranged. Most likely, it will be till April, 5th.

And. - whether the question of change of a format 5+2 Was discussed at a meeting with the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Century - To a format 5+2 we have come not at once, and in process of revealing of the comprehensible formula of negotiations for the purpose of the peace permission of the Dnestr conflict. So we have come to that for reception of guarantees of viability of that status of Dnestr region which will be developed, it is necessary to expand a format, to provide the international participation in it. And to change today a format 5+2 it is not necessary at all. EU which, as well as the USA, is the observer, represents 27 countries of Europe. OSCE - and that is more. These are the international guarantees of that that status which, eventually, behind a negotiating process table in a format 5+2 will be developed, will be realised actually.

And. - As you see prospects of development Guam, in the light of the conflict in South Ossetia?

Century - Our relation to Guam was generated much earlier - still when we have started realisation of those imperious powers which the people have given us in 2001. I then have told, that Moldova will be there where there will be its interests. We are compelled to ascertain, that in Guam for all these years any project which would interest us and for the sake of which we would roll up sleeves has not been presented and would start to work actively. And to build projects against someone, should it is interesting to us, but also it is dangerous.

And. - Vladimir Nikolaevich, instead of whether has called the conflict in South Ossetia into question a principle of the CIS?

Century - Is not present, after these events has passed two summits of the CIS. And I have noticed, that from presidents of the CIS countries there was a big interest to giving to work within the limits of Commonwealth constructivism. I think, that further this interest will grow only. Events in Georgia, on the contrary, have forced us to unite and rally even more, for the sake of avoidance of similar conflicts.

And. - Tell, you are happy with actions of the Russian peacemakers in territory of Moldova?

Century - As a whole I positively estimate peace-making mission which operates at us since 1992. And for this time, that we are at the power, we have done the utmost, that together with peacemakers to provide safety and calmness of citizens. And, maybe, among all measures which we have undertaken for these years in a question of association of the country, I would put it on the first place.

.: Vladimir Nikolaevich, now on the post-Soviet territory is actively discussed a question of the European integration - I even have paid attention, that the full post of your Minister for Foreign Affairs sounds as the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the European integration. Thereupon in Moscow differently perceive these positions. A present management of Moldova - it for the introduction into the European Union and into NATO, or not?

Century : Let\\\\\\\'s divide EU and NATO from the very beginning. And to begin I would like here from what. We consider the European integration as one of national ideas of Moldova. Therefore we have actively joined in this work and we consider it as a strategic direction of development of our country, and not only ours, by the way. Now as to NATO. In 1994, seven years prior to our coming to power, in the Republic Moldova Constitution the neutral status of our country has been stipulated, provides in any military blocks. Yes to us anybody also does not put any conditions, that here supposedly if you wish to become members of EU you should enter NATO. The management of NATO has officially declared that the neutral status of Republic Moldova at all does not contradict intentions of our country to enter the European union.

.: In this connection a question. As you know, the USA to place bases in Romania, that is, near to you, and also in Hungary, and is possible, in Bulgaria. Whether see you in it threat?

Century : Basically, any military base where it has been placed, any armed person represents threat. Therefore we also say that after the decision of a Dnestr problem, full demilitarisation of the country should be our following step.

.: Still a question connected with language - whether you with Laurel discussed Russian question in Republic Moldova and how to you now sees - whether there are here problems?

Century : Problems are not present. Russian at us is very seriously protected by the law, and also the concept of the National policy of our country which too is confirmed by parliament. One of the main results of our activity for these years are an achievement of that consensus, that consent which is established in a society. Moreover, I am deeply convinced, what exactly this interethnic consent and has allowed us to achieve positive dynamics of activity both in economic, and in the social plan....

.: Thereupon very important question - in the Strasbourg court under human rights will be considered on April, 5th and 7 so-called Rybnitsky business, concerning an interdiction local authorities of Dnestr region to teach in lycées of region on the basis of a Latin drawing. But the claim is submitted on Republic Moldova. At you the double position turns out: you should answer in front of Europe what the Dnestr authorities do?

Century : the Republic Moldova is a member of the United Nations Organization, we are a member of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, we have signed the Convention on the European court in Strasbourg, - and we will answer, at us other variants are not present.

.: And last question. You state remarkable plans, but you have no right to the third term... Elections - on April, 5th and, without dependence from results of your party, you lose the status of the president. Than you will be engaged, as a matter of fact, after that also whom the party if she wins elections, will offer on your place?

Century : If it is possible, at all respect for you, I will correct one word in your question - \\\\\\\"does not deprive\\\\\\\" of the status of the president, and \\\\\\\"releases\\\\\\\" from the status of the president.

.: Well, it is the linguistic amendment - I accept it.

Century : For someone linguistic, and for me personally it is very serious. Recently we have noted the 15 anniversary of formation of new Party of communists. \\\\\\\"New\\\\\\\" I use a word not only because on a historical calendar the Soviet union has broken up, the CPSU has broken up and now the new Party of communists that is why that is really new party, with absolutely new ideological platform, with absolutely new concept, with absolutely new problems is created. And we go to parliament a uniform monolithic command. All of us - different, with the special abilities, characters, but in parliament we go as a single whole. So was always. We for all years did not have any treachery. And for this solidity, for this unity I all time struggle. It is possible to argue and use weight of arguments in fraction but when we come into a hall of plenary sessions, we - a uniform voice of party and the people which has selected us. Moreover - we never said, that we represent only those voters, which for us. When we pass in parliament, we represent interests of all country, all state. I am a president of all people of Moldova, and not just that part which for me voted. And now I remain the chairman of party. And whoever I was after elections - the party will supervise over fraction which will work under my management. Yes, you have correctly told, in case of our victory and necessary quantity of mandates - party, according to the constitutional norms, will offer the candidate on a post of the president, members of the government.

.: When we had one year ago elections, all knew, that Vladimir Putin, as well as you, the chairman of party. But thus all knew also that Dmitry Medvedev will offer it on a post of the prime minister. Also there was not simply a command, and there was a tandem: Medvedev-Putin. I wish to ask once again to you a question - whether you know, what official post, except the chairman of party, you will occupy? You have solved, or still are not present, what you personally will hold a post in the state structure of the power? After all in parliamentary republic the important, solving person can be both the chairman of parliament, and the prime minister. In a word, whom after April, 5th there will be Medvedev if the meeting across Dnestr region is after elections? Whether the party whom she will put forward on a post of the president of republic has solved? Or it is postponed?

Century : we have such parties-dwarfs which have already started to distribute supervising places in the formations. One are going to be presidents, others - prime ministers. The people have laughed, and on it all has ended, and I protect both advantage, and honour of members of our command. Yes, I can name 5-6 probable nominees on a post of the president because for these years we have spent very big work on increase of professionalism of our shots: in the country leaders there was a young galaxy of heads, modern managers, not knowledge of the centralised Soviet system of planning. And I very much value them and is assured of their faultless reputation, that is very decent and fair people, patriots of our state. Well, we will wait.

.: That is, most likely, the new president will be contemporary Dmitry Medvedev?

Century : the New president is very known and prepared person, and I think, that it will be apprehended by the majority of the people without any doubts - assured.

.: Thanks big, here with this confidence till April, 5th we also leave Vladimir Voronina, the president of Republic Moldova.

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