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Dnestr settlement and participation in it of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, EU program \\\"East partnership\\\" and participation of Republic of Moldova in it - the President of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin about it and a
Dnestr settlement and participation in it of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, EU program \\\"East partnership\\\" and participation of Republic of Moldova in it - the President of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin about it and about many other things answers Vladimir Soloveva\\\'s questions, the newspaper \\\"\\\".
- You wait for what results from a forthcoming tripartite meeting across Dnestr region?
- Consultations across Dnestr region between all participants of negotiating process of a format 5+2 (Moldova, Dnestr region, Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, the USA and Es. - \\\"\\\") are extremely necessary. And I consider a forthcoming meeting as consultation on forthcoming steps on negotiating process restoration. Besides, I wish to hear an estimation of our law on a special legal status of Dnestr region which to us officially yet have not stated neither Russia, nor Dnestr region. All other reasons have stated. So it will be a meeting of advisory character.
- That is to sign it is planned nothing?
- Probably, there will be a certain statement to inform the public. But no preliminary preparations at us are present.
- And whether the joint declaration what the parties will solve the conflict only on the basis of territorial integrity of Moldova can be accepted?
- If (the head pridnestrovja. - \\\"\\\") will help to realise it and we leave on such variant it will be the best result. And such document should be signed not me and Medvedev, namely me and . But about it to speak early, such declaration while even in the project does not exist.
- But at Kishinev and Tiraspol considerably opposite points of view. What (or is more true who) can pull together your positions?
- The greatest hope in such situation, naturally, to Moscow. Though it is unpredictable. Not casually it after a recent meeting with Laurel in Moscow has called in on the way home to Kiev and there was the head a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko. After this meeting all Ukrainian and international public is excited by the next suspicions to Kishinev. The pier, Kishinev is not ready to leave a format 5+2 almost. This inappropriate and artificial agiotage is not necessary to us. The trust and an openness of all intermediaries in such uneasy question, as Dnestr settlement is necessary for us.
- And nevertheless, there is an opinion, that this meeting is more necessary to you and Moscow as public relations: to you - to show progress before elections, to Moscow - to show to the West peace-making successes.
- Categorically it do not agree. We with Sergey Lavrovym have come to conclusion, that if at us something does not turn out in respect of preparation of this meeting, we will spend it after elections. Anybody forces nothing. Simply it would not be desirable to miss time.
- One year ago in interview \\\"\\\" you declared, that definitive settlement is close as never. Why it has not occurred till now?
- I meant, that all file of measures which are for this purpose necessary is prepared. And the main thing, the law on the status of Dnestr region. We have transferred it to all parties of a format 5+2 and waited from them for a response that then to sit down and about all to agree. We will not sit down for a negotiating table on any other subjects, except as on a bill about the status. Today we have on this law positive responses from OSCE, EU, the USA and Ukraine. There was Russia. I hope, during a tripartite meeting in Moscow we will hear, that the Russian authorities suspect this account. It is clear, that speaks about other. But I think, that, having received responses on the law from all parties, we can discuss all. After all sometime the problem needs to be solved, despite the fact that, wants it or not. I think if to spend rather free interrogation to Dnestr region, we will see, that there the majority wants association.
- Eight years ago you have come to power under the slogan of joining to the union of Russia and Belarus. Now it is actual?
- In our program then it has been written down so: \\\"to Study possibility of joining to this union\\\". Now it is irrelevant, because for these years anything radical in this association has not occurred. Also there is nothing to study here. Has disappeared by itself.
- During your board Moldova did not express special desire to be integrated into such associations on the post-Soviet territory, as and where your country is the observer. Why?
- In we cannot enter, as it our neutral status does not allow. As to it would be interesting to us to participate in separate projects within the limits of this organisation of investment, power, transport character.
- What stirs?
- To us do not offer. To us, by the way, and it is attractive, as at us close connections with China were established. We will study possibilities of cooperation with .
- Recently many Post-Soviet countries during this crisis period address to Russia for credits. Moldova did not ask the help?
- While we do not require it. Separate investment programs are necessary to us. But we are connected by obligations to IMF and the European bank of reconstruction and development. There by consideration of questions on reception of credits there are certain specifications. For example, China has offered us the favourable credit in $1 under 3 % on building of roads. But the IMF has reared, that we it did not take. They give us credits under 0,4 %, but they to give billion to us do not want. And it is necessary to us to close a question with roads. I am ready to take this billion from Europeans under 0,4 %. But if will not give, we take from Chineses.
- Moldova have included in EU program \\\"East partnership\\\" along with Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus. What you from it wait?
Is reminds the CIS-2. What for to us to create one more CIS under EU control? It is similar to a ring round Russia. We work till now in the program across the southeast Balkans. Also it is constructive work. And \\\"East partnership\\\" is European prospect, let Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan which is rather far from them do not take offence at me. We for these years have achieved essential progress in an eurointegration direction.
- But this program provides the financial help.
Is all sweets which in such cases are distributed.
- Your party is aimed at what result on parliamentary elections coming on April, 5th?
- At least - the parliamentary majority, and in an ideal - constitutional.
- And what for to you now the constitutional majority?
- There will be a necessity of change of the constitution.
- For what?
- In case of the permission of the Dnestr conflict it is necessary to make serious changes to the organic law. And we should have possibility it to make, not arranging the auction with other parties.
- In case of a victory you will have a possibility to hold a post of the prime minister or the speaker. What of them imposes you more?
- Now it is difficult to tell. It is necessary to approach to this choice. To get support of the majority of voters, to win elections. At us the parliamentary republic, therefore work in parliament, certainly, is very important.
- That is the speaker is faster?
- We will solve with a command. But to stand aside I is unequivocal I can not. The post of the speaker is important from the point of view of maintenance of a consensus of political forces. And the post of the prime minister is important in sense of decision-making and influence on managerial process by the country. We will finish elections and we will look.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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