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The president of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has given interview to agency "NEWS-MOLDOVA". Vladimir Voronin: Changes to the best are possible only in the conditions of stability.
The president of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin has given interview to agency "NEWS-MOLDOVA". Vladimir Voronin: Changes to the best are possible only in the conditions of stability.
Vladimir Nikolaevich, elections passing in the country seriously differ from all previous. Many pay attention to a little bit prophetic: campaign goes unusually easy, the exchange of "compliments", certainly, occurs, but further it business does not go. It is not visible also any obvious and demonstrative foreign policy intervention. But, perhaps, this impression from the party. How you estimate this campaign?
In many respects you are right. It - not 2005 when opponents of party in power held an election not so much, how many prepared for attack of their possible results. Recollect, all heat of that campaign has been aimed at that in night after elections to develop protest actions and to achieve revision of results of voting. Adrenaline was much, experience of colour revolutions was too fresh and infectious. And the foreign policy context was difficult enough. Now all differently: there are usual, normal parliamentary elections. I consider, that this atmosphere - the big achievement first of all party in power. The opposition considers today, that is capable to win elections - well, it is the most true criterion of that elections go democratically, and after a possible failure she will have nobody to accuse, except herself.
Your opponents actively hang out street panels with the image of the leaders, members of a command. Why it does not do?
You consider, what people do not remember, how the President of the country and its command looks?
But after all and persons of present leaders of opposition to the people are known?
Well, I do not know Perhaps, to someone pleasantly to drive about on the country covered with huge portraits of favourite. Besides, it is quite good chance for self-affirmation in a circle of the family.
The party of communists confirms the authority in other, more effective ways. All of us were these eight years among people, were with the voter, we carried on fair and open dialogue. Daily on all country there pass hundreds meetings of representatives of our party with voters. Hundreds! And, know, you are right, atmosphere of these meetings and most this pre-election campaign unusual enough. Personally it something reminds me 2001. And I, apparently, understand in what business.
And in what has put? What main intrigue of these elections?
The word "intrigue" does not suit at all in this case.
The main thing, the country, society, economy have approached to absolutely new stage of the development. Today all understand: or changes to the best will proceed, or the country in will fall down months in a precipice. In 2001 too there was a question - to be or not to be. But then people had practically nothing to lose, by then all of them have already lost, they have simply voted for us as for last hope, they have seized for us as for a straw. Though, hardly someone from them has been up to the end convinced that to communists all the same will be possible to start the mechanism of economy and social changes. Also tell to people in 2001, that we for eight years will increase the budget five times, and almost in 8 times - anybody would not believe currency reserves of National bank. But we all the same have pulled out the country from a bog of that gloomy life. Today a situation other. To people already is what to lose. And they do not want returning in the past, they do not wish to begin all at first - with pension in 6 dollars, the salary of the teacher in 200 and the gangsters who are walking about day and night on our streets.
Our opponents for some reason attack today the voter the most negative information. To the country predict an inevitable financial and economic collapse. A pier, look, everywhere global crisis, and in Moldova it necessarily will occur. But this doubtful tactics works exclusively against our opponents. Nevertheless see, that stability in the country is provided with a present governmental command, that this stability is based on our patriotism, ability to think and operate independently, on professionalism. Nevertheless understand, that collapses occur today just there where there is no unity in a country government where governors are anxious by exclusively personal ambitions when they spend the energy for finding-out of relations with each other where they behave just as our various liberal opponents. Today all voters only also speak: If they in opposition create such if they even now could not unite that they will create in the power. God forbid! .
It is the serious miscalculation of opposition. Probably, it needed to build logic of campaign somehow differently. Not followed, probably, parade those parties of which oppositional ideologists are least competent, it was more useful to speak to the voter about something the friend. About what? - Not to me to give its advice. But in any case already - late. People were strongly convinced now of from whom exactly they should be afraid of crisis.
It is important, that on this new boundary we represent the present force. The force which has proved the ability to provide both stability, and continuation of a course of changes to the best, ability to protect citizens of our country from global hurricanes. Such creative, fresh, organised, political force is necessary today to a society. Not internal squabbles and conflicts, and trust, consolidation, association of all forces, hope for everyone. These are keywords with which we go to the voter, and the voter us very well understands. He waits for these words. And from us.
Vladimir Nikolaevich, in this pre-election campaign you - the main target of opponents . On oppositional channels there are offensive under the form and under the maintenance videoclips. How you personally transfer this squall of pre-election insinuations?
It will be incorrect, if I tell, that I am indifferent. To such to get used it is impossible. Especially, when you live interests the the countries 24 hours a day. Besides, for eight years of presidency I did not become less vulnerable, less susceptible.
But, thank God, Moldova - the democratic country and people, without the help, do conclusions of a similar sort of pre-election advertising. First of all, they do conclusions about authors of such propaganda, about their private world and values. Besides, all clearly understand, that if about the President of the country it is possible such to broadcast from screens then in the country a civil freedom really triumphs. For me as for the head of the state which has chosen the priority the European integration, the last is the most important.
Nevertheless, Vladimir Nikolaevich, to you from opposition says such personal "attention" that in you categorically do not see the leaving politician. In you see the politician operating and effective.
Know, my vanity is very long time ago already satisfied. To what I am indifferent, so it to compliments, especially to compliments such.
I am proud of that to me as to the politician as the leader managed to collect very capable command of adherents. They are enough young men, and for last years they have got such experience which at times and for decades you will not receive. Them did not beat on hands, did not hold down their initiative that is why they have managed themselves to show on the most difficult sites of our teamwork. I am absolutely sincere, when I say that many of them are capable to head our country today. It is important, that also modest enough people, they are the present command players who have well acquired all advantages of nominal such harmonious work, and realising that possible work as the president does not promise them any benefits that is the hardest cross.
The president, the Prime minister, ministers, parliamentary fraction is all major control links the state. Loss of any of links - and it already a problem. I somewhat see the mission as the politician in serving as a support of such unity, to be the guarantor and effective work of parliamentary fraction, and its interaction with the government and the newly elected president.
Though the main thing today really to gain an absolute victory.
But in Party of communists there is already a point of view about what part of responsibility will be taken up by Vladimir Voronin in case of victory ?
Not in posts business. Not it interests a society when it is set by questions who will be the new President or as whom Vladimir Voronin will work. A society more fundamental and significant things interest: whether it is possible to be assured of tomorrow, whether it is possible to predict the life and to plan on the future, whether pensions and salaries and when tariffs for utilities will decrease will raise. For this reason our further political development should be based on continuity, on a combination of knowledge and wisdom, a youth and experience. It is necessary to continue to create, not destroying to move to the future, not burning for itself bridges. I repeat: changes to the best are possible only in the conditions of stability. And the history has not thought up other recipe of positive changes.
I thank you for interview.

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