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Any other political force in Moldova does not preach in such measure of idea of polyethnic tolerance, as PCRM which is unique party of the present internationalists. Such statement was made by the president of Republic of Moldova, chairman PCRM Vladimir V

Any other political force in Moldova does not preach in such measure of idea of polyethnic tolerance, as PCRM which is unique party of the present internationalists. Such statement was made by the president of Republic of Moldova, chairman PCRM Vladimir Voronin on Saturday at a meeting with representatives of the ethnocultural organisations of the country.

Chairman has told, that any party participating in campaign for parliamentary elections, did not find for itself necessary to bring in the lists of Russian, , Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Jews as it was made by the party in power. This unity and the understanding which has been established in our society after 2001, we should keep, - has told , having called on fifth of April to make a choice in favour of the world, the consent and stability. We choose not party, we choose the power, and what this power will be, depends on all of us, - the president has underlined.

The chairman of Russian community of Republic Moldova Lyudmila Lashchenova named natural that fact, that on forthcoming elections she will choose . Not there are not enough members of our community are party members of communists and overwhelming majority are its supporters. I - member also do not hide it as openly I divide ideology of social justice, equality and internationalism, - have declared . It has expressed confidence, that the common sense will prevail on parliamentary elections, and the people that unique party, which on a shoulder the care of well-being of citizens of the country again will select.

The representative of Association of the Ukrainian youth Stanislav Skritsky has reminded participants of a meeting about heavy 90th years, when the Moldavian society has been divided into those who considered the country independent, and those who saw in it only an appendix of other state. I remember fights a wall on a wall and on the single living in one court yard, but talking on different languages. I remember, how in high schools groups with teaching in Russian were reduced and closed. It is unpleasant for recollecting, but it should be remembered more never to admit, - Stanislav Skritsky has told. As he said, measures on statehood strengthening, support which undertakes throughout eight years, have born fruit. For this reason youth - for ! Youth - for stability!, - has concluded Skritsky.

The chairman of the Bulgarian society "Revival" Ivan Zabunov also has recollected politicians of 90th years which have admitted international enmity in the Moldavian society. As on a threshold of independence of Republic Moldova thoughtless masters could refuse one third of representatives of the state?! I remember seized us then feelings of detachment and grief that we lose our Moldova, and I hope, that in 2001 this shameful page has been turned for ever, - has underlined , having noticed, that one of the greatest merits is returning of belief in the law, the right and in the future of the Moldavian state.

Ivan Zabunov named achievement of the international consent by a civil feat of the present president of Moldova to which for very short from the historical point of view time period managed to return to the people, to culture and a civilisation as a whole spiritual and church values of the Moldavian history. Thereby you have executed the humanitarian mission having the all-European importance, - has told , addressing to Vladimir Voroninu.

The chairman of "Revival" has called representatives of all national, living in Moldova, not to give in to false slogans of politicians from the opposition, trying to pass in country Parliament on trustfulness of citizens. Over this friends one law supervises, and this law is not the Constitution, and algorithm of arrangement and a sharing, - Ivan Zabunov has noted. It is impossible to admit, that this monstrous algorithm has filtered into Parliament, - he has warned.

On its belief, only has real chances to be selected because only the Party of communists possesses the soldered command of the professionals, capable to stand before any difficulties. All the others - are capable only of slogans, threats and payoff. They have not got used to operate, they have got used to correct.

Ivan Zabunov has urged to make on fifth of April a choice in favour of Party of communists that later not to become a laughing-stock of the future generations of the people.

Alexander Pinchevsky, the chairman of the Jewish community of Republic Moldova also has noted the personal contribution of leader of Vladimir Voronina to preservation of the world and friendship of the multinational Moldavian people. As he said, the adoption of law about the rights of national minorities, changes in the Law on citizenship, the Concept of a national policy - all it not in words, and in practice confirms adherence of the Moldavian communists to ideals of the world and the international consent. Pinchevsky has thanked the country leaders for conditions which have been created to the Moldavian Jews for preservation and development of their traditions, culture, language. It has reminded, that in Kishinev the Jewish kindergarten, two Jewish lycées operate, newspapers and books on a Yiddish are published, and at Institute of interethnic relations of Moldova there is a whole Department of history and culture of Jews of Moldova. Taking an opportunity, Alexander Pinchevsky has congratulated all Jews of Moldova on a coming holiday - .

, the chairman of the Society of rums of Republic Moldova, has told, that a vote of confidence which the people in 2001 have given , should be confirmed and on parliamentary elections of 2009. has told, that the party in power understands expectations of all nationalities. Us, the gipsy, accuses of all troubles: at first accused of crisis because supposedly to work we do not want, now, here accuse that to communists a victory is predicted. But unless we are guilty, what the card so lays down?!, - the chairman of the Society of rums of Republic Moldova has concluded.

, the representing Congress of Azerbaijanians of Republic Moldova, has suggested to establish a monument which would symbolise Republics Moldova in Kishinev. In its opinion, it would testify to an appreciation given by representatives of all nationalities, living in Moldova, to the top management of Moldova.

The representative of the Armenian community Sergey Asitjan also has urged to vote for on forthcoming elections to keep the course of stability begun in 2001. It has been supported by Nikolay Pomuzhak representing of Moldova. All should vote on fifth of April per lot communists - unique mature political formation of the country, - has told . He has urged to unite to people of different age, creeds, the people for the sake of a general victory on elections - for the sake of the world and calmness of our general native land.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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