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Soul of the country of Moldova. Two centuries ago the wonderful glade surrounded with century wood there settled down. For fragrant air, an abundance of colours and grasses named it Frumoasa (Beauty). And here once, in 1804 to the land owner from village

Soul of the country of Moldova. Two centuries ago the wonderful glade surrounded with century wood there settled down. For fragrant air, an abundance of colours and grasses named it Frumoasa (Beauty). And here once, in 1804 to the land owner from village Onishkan Efrem Iurcu the thought has come, that the place on the beauty surprisingly approaches for an eminence Supreme and true to it of service. He here also has decided to create a monastery. And monastery Frumoasa was born. In the autumn of the same year from known monastery Нямц under invitation Ефрема Юрку has arrived some monks, pupils sacred Паисия Velichkovsky. For them on a place of the future monastery the hut for wintering has been constructed. Monks read the books brought with self, prayed, waited spring. And here in April work has begun to boil - on a glade there were some cells, трапезная, and in 1806 from blessing of Metropolitan Veniamin the cosy wooden churchlet of the Assumption of Divine Mother has been put in pawn. There has passed time, building has ended, church have consecrated, and the slow monastic life has begun to flow far from wordly vanity. The first documentary mention of a monastery has appeared in 1807, in archives has remained donative to a monastery on the earth from 43 peasants of manor Бравичи. Since 1810 monk Eftimy, already known to us under name Ефрема Юрку, the monastery founder becomes the prior of a monastery. By the moment of joining of Bessarabia to Russian empire in a monastery there were 8 brothers and 17 novices. In a year Metropolitan Benulesku-Bodoni allocates a monastery with the monastery status.

The monastery developed and grew rich. Were during this time and large donations. So, boyar Merzak, presented to a monastery the real estate in Kishinev and helped to bring to a monastery water from a stream became one of ктиторов a monastery. However, the legend speaks about other. As if at night on the eve of celebrating of day of Archangel Gabriel, one of aged men has seen a dream how there was a stream from under the earth and has incurred the waters to a monastery. Having listened to the story about this vision, the prior of a monastery aged man Benedikt has remembered a place specified in a dream and has gone to wood. And it is valid in two kilometres from a monastery has found a source. And though anybody and has not turned a channel, but the spring began to supply regularly monks with water.

By the way, prior Benedikt in days of management of a monastery has made for the sake of prosperity of a monastery much: it both economy expansion, and acquisition of own mills and cattle. And the main thing, has opened for local children spiritual school. To exaggerate this act it is impossible, as in it those years the smog is trained the future metropolitan of Bessarabia Joseph Naniesku.

There was time. Thanks to efforts of priors, already to the middle of XIX century the wooden church has been replaced on stone, there were stone cells and трапезная. By the way, the history of occurrence of the village Frumoase located now near to a monastery is interesting. On building of stone church has arrived to many people from neighbouring villages. Some families have arrived with its full complement and have based new economy on the bank of the river Bichag. So has appeared the small has sat down Large village Гичаг which at the end of the century has been renamed into village Frumoase.

The monastery at this time, thanks to the beauty and riches, became one of the famous in province. On the end of XIX century the economy of monks has extended till the tremendous sizes: the herd of sheep totaled 766 goals, there were 32 bulls, 34 calfs, 25 horses, 24 cows, 72 кабанчика waited for the hour in spacious to a shed, and the monastic garden was decorated with 96 beehives. Agree, in half a century not each Soviet collective farm had such riches. By the way, if speech has come about the Soviet period, it is necessary to note that a monastery, as well as other has been closed. Since 1946 the summer church has been adapted under club, and with 1947 on 1965 in monastery territory the shelter for orphans has opened. But by the end of this term of orphans it was reduced, and instead of a shelter have opened a boarding school for deafly-mute children. 1973 for neighbouring inhabitants was marked by miracle - one of pupils of a boarding school has recovered. Whether because of it, whether for other reasons, but a boarding school practically at once have translated in other place, and old cells became a haven for juvenile criminals. But also they here have not got accustomed. In 1986 there is a fire in church of the Assumption of the Virgin, the colony is disbanded, and on its place will organise a boarding school for mentally retarded children. In 1994 all, at last, becomes on the places. The monastery is revived. By the way, the interesting fact. In destiny of monastery Фрумоасэ, and if officially Piously-Troitsk monastery, some times there was a full change of all inhabitants. It has been based as a man's monastery. In 1938, before the beginning of the Second World, becomes female. In 1996г. The monastery revives again as man's, and in 2006г. Again becomes female. With what it is connected - a riddle. But on beauty of a place, on greatness of spirit of a monastery it does not influence in any way. Do not trust? Go. In total in 60км from Kishinev, in Kalarashsky area to you the present miracle will open. As Michael Sadovjanu wrote in due time: «Фрумоасэ is a pure soul of our country».

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

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