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The president of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin учавствовал in government session in which course the head of the state has noticed, that a present governmental command can cope with any calls.
The president of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin учавствовал in government session in which course the head of the state has noticed, that a present governmental command can cope with any calls.
Vladimir Voronin has noticed, that last year, as well as the last seven years of board, was not simple and not a lung. Flooding have demanded from the government of considerable concentration of forces and means, the organisation, development and realisation of non-standard decisions. Consequences of a drought of 2007 have affected volumes of manufacture of a process industry, on animal industries and volumes of cattle-breeding production. End of year has appeared very strained in respect of receipts in the budget. The president has concerned also the difficulties connected with maintenance of the country by natural gas in the beginning of year which should dare operatively.

The head of the state has noticed, that, despite all these circumstances, the government managed to realise all plans. The president has noted gross national product growth in 2008 more than on 7 %, decrease to 7 % of a rate of inflation, and also continuation of all government programs. High rates of gasification have been kept, to газораспределительной networks the thousand settlement of the country recently has been connected; the program of maintenance was spent by water of settlements; updating of the planned sites of roads has come to the end; on 22 % the average salary on the country has grown; indexation of pensions on 20 % since April, 1st of this year is prepared; high rates incomes of teachers and медработников grow. The president has noted importance of re-equipment of 200 centres of health, maintenance with transport of 200 centres of family doctors, reconstruction of large hospitals and their equipment by the new equipment.

Vladimir Voronin has noted value of opening of International port Dzhjurdzhjulesht and building to it of the access railway way necessary for normal work of port.

Structural changes in agriculture have proceeded: process of consolidation of the earths was accelerated, 66 production co-operatives have been created, today them is 283. Have been opened 50 more mashinno-technological stations and 32 enterprises for storage and processing of vegetative production and as much again on processing of cattle-breeding production are put in operation. The president has noted increase in rates of a bookmark of long-term plantations: 3100 hectares of nut plantations, 5500 hectares of gardens, 5000 hectares of vineyards are broken. Manufacture of eggs has exceeded level of 2001 on 30 %, and fowl manufacture - in 1,6 times.

Vladimir Voronin has underlined, that these successes have been reached without easing of efforts in the foreign policy plan and at performance of the international obligations taken on. Thus, the Plan of action Republic Moldova - EU has been completely realised, to Moldova has accepted presidency in all structures of the CIS, cooperation within the limits of the international and world organisations has proceeded, there have passed numerous negotiations on political, economic, social and humanitarian questions with a number of the countries.

The president has especially underlined efficiency growth in use of public means and strengthenings of efforts in struggle against criminality and corruption.

Vladimir Voronin has noticed, that the government has shown well organised professional work, ability to work in a command, having expressed confidence, that it can incur responsibility for the further destiny of Republic Moldova, especially in present conditions when efforts on counteraction to an economic crisis are undertaken. Results about which it is not a shame to present government to report to a society have been reached, the head of the state has summed up.

The president has noticed, that 2009 - will not be a lung, are necessary not only discipline and the high organisation, not only efficiency and co-ordination of activity of the government. The boldness, hardness and creative spirit for acceptance of not ordinary decisions are necessary. It is necessary to make considerable efforts for preservation of macroeconomic stability. According to the head of the state, today the government main task consists in preservation and increase of an occupation level of the population and strict performance of social obligations of the state. It will provide preservation of solvent demand of a society that will allow to support home market and economy.

The president also has noticed, that in it and next year should give effect of a measure on increase in investment appeal of Moldova. For this purpose it is necessary to lower bureaucratic obstacles, really to support investment processes irrespective of, internal it is investments or external. In this context the head of the state has declared, that introduction of the project of a heating plant in Унгень will be followed by other large-scale projects.

Vladimir Voronin has noted necessity of preservation of the strict control over use of resources, first of all the state budget, having underlined, that behind efficiency of use of everyone state лея should watch closely both the government, and bodies of local public administration.

In summary the president has declared, that the present governmental command is capable to cope with any calls, to make independent decisions, vigorously and initiatively to work.

Prime minister Zynaida Grechannaja has thanked the head of the state for an appreciation of work of the cabinet, having noticed, that the reached results became possible thanks to comprehensive support of the president of the country, and also all society. The head of the government has declared, that the central executive office and will carry out further the constitutional functions for maintenance of social and economic stability and well-being of the population.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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