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Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine has answered Konstantin Starysha's questions. Leonid Makarovich, a social and economic situation in Ukraine today, how much we can judge, is close to the critical. Debts on social payments have exceeded one
Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine has answered Konstantin Starysha's questions.
Leonid Makarovich, a social and economic situation in Ukraine today, how much we can judge, is close to the critical. Debts on social payments have exceeded one and a half billions , besides, that the grivna has strongly depreciated. Flashes of social discontent both in Kherson, and in Nikolaev and in Odessa were already observed. It is clear, that in the world and region the economic crisis storms, but from the party it seems, that across Ukraine it has struck most strongly

Is a truth. And the main reason - absence of a uniform sight of a uniform command on those economic, social problems which exist in Ukraine. At us it was generated three centres of the power, there is no strict, accurate definiteness and submission to one strategic course. Even the imperious coalition in parliament does not have uniform sight! The president and its command have the point of view, the government - the, in Parliament there is, actually, no point of view. As a result - the uniform point of view at the power - is absent. That is the main reason of that Ukraine so hard transfers an economic crisis, this absence of political stability. From here - and absence of the uniform anti-recessionary program. All are absorbed by open struggle in a triangle "president-government-parliament".

Me if it is fair, has surprised, that in the Ukrainian mass-media, the basic attention is given not to an economic crisis in the country, namely to dismantlings between the prime minister - the president in which the Supreme Rada, in my opinion, is also the active participant, but also the hostage of this situation

- Also it is the truth.

You have already told, that absence of political stability is aggravated with negative economic tendencies. From the party it seems, that Ukraine is uncontrollable today .

- It is possible to tell, that today the present power which has the accurate purpose, mechanisms of achievement of the purpose, the anti-recessionary program - in Ukraine is not present. Both the anarchy, and a diarchy always bears a trouble. It is struggle on destruction. They not are engaged in business, and destroy each other. Struggle between the president and the prime minister especially indecently looks. They have come to power at a time, as a uniform command. The president has appointed the prime minister. Then its second time has appointed, and second time does not perceive it. It is more than that: the president of Ukraine considers today, that the prime minister - the main reason of all our problems

- Accordingly, the prime minister considers, that the main reason of all troubles of Ukraine is the president...

- And local authorities, seeing such contradictions, in the centre, try in this to "muddy water as much as possible to snatch. A society corruption, everywhere - insubordination to the power supreme bodies, laws corrodes, Constitutions... Unfortunately, it occurs and top-level. Similar - it is inadmissible. The people wish to see organised, leaning against the law and the constitution working as a clockwork, the power. Here, at you on Sunday elections. But I do not see noise, chaos. At us, in Ukraine, constantly, on an extent 17th years, such impression, that elections tomorrow. Demonstrations, protests All is filled by negative human emotions.

- That you tell all, in Moldova is very familiar. Something similar was observed in 90th years when the president, the parliament and the government openly were at enmity with each other. And it has ended is pitiable enough - a default of 98th year, the deepest economic and political crisis. And since 2001 citizens of Moldova any more do not risk also the voices provide political stability in the country

- And it is correct. Believe to me, the person, 17 years living in the country which constantly storms and in which there is no elementary order in one of spheres. Therefore, when I have arrived to you and have looked, like in other world it would appear. You should protect, appreciate that is. I speak as the person who knows well Moldova. I remember 90th years when in Moldova has burst a confrontation. When tanks start to shoot, to operate the country it becomes impossible. But after all and the political conflict which does not cease all these years in Ukraine - is not less pernicious for the state

- I have paid attention that throughout several last years, from Kiev, the power centre, does not proceed any which would conduct to association of the people, various regions of the country which strongly differ from each other. We will tell, the idea of the introduction into NATO is divided in Ukraine far not by everything, but the power continues it to advance, and - it is a lot of such ideas. In today's Moldova - all in another way. The idea of a neutrality, the European integration, construction of strategic relations with the CIS countries, including - with Ukraine and Russia unites the people that sociological interrogations show. Perhaps the Ukrainian authorities should address to the Moldavian experience?

- All know, that in a democratic society which we build, the management philosophy consists in listening to the people. It is necessary to respond to its radical wishes, to consider its interests. At us, other philosophy has for some reason won: the people should listen to the power. At us it is really a lot of decaying points. They decay for a long time, and, unfortunately, the power does not promote that the different social classes, different parts of the country instead of "decaying", "hot" points found things in common. We want, that us respected in the world. But look, that occurs: today on international scene there is a president with one point of view, the prime minister - with another, opposition with the third. It is more than that: the situation gets confused that the opinion of opposition constantly varies. When it at the power, at it was one point of view as soon as became opposition - there was another. And, them ask: why you voted yesterday for NATO why you today against, what has changed? There is no answer. It is bad, when the country leaders do not have uniform position. So was and in Moldova till 2001. Result of political stability: gross national product grows, the salary grows, pensions grow Yes, they not such as it would be desirable, but the growth tendency, instead of the falling tendency, as in Ukraine is available. In laws an order. The calmness in international relations, and after all as was difficult in this sphere! The state conducts uniform, thought over, the main thing, the predicted policy, and people consider that in this state these people can be trusted. It is so important for the state building what to overestimate it is impossible. Therefore, when I compare a situation in Moldova, with that that is created today at us, at me heart, to tell the truth, is ill.

- Why?

- First, I do not see, I do not feel in Moldova any serious political problems. The tendency to mutual understanding, including - in sphere of international relations is obvious. Considering, that in Moldova lives many Ukrainians, for me it is very important. At you such decisions about which we in Ukraine speak for years recently are made. How many, for example, it is spoken about tax amnesty, capital amnesty, and it turns out nothing. Those who should vote, do not vote because owners of the largest capitals sit in parliament and it it is not necessary for them. At you at business registration the principle of "one window which reduces pressure of bureaucracy upon business operates. I have been simply amazed, when have learnt, that within one hour you have cancelled one thousand certificates which untied hands to the corrupted officials. At us today it is simply impossible. For this purpose it was necessary to show resoluteness. Moldova today, in my opinion, confidently goes on a way of political, economic, social, spiritual, interethnic consolidation. And if the country has followed a development way, has begun movement, - as is told in the Gospel, - road will master going, - if you have risen on this road it is necessary to go on it, not losing rate because then all again to begin at first - very difficult. Today in Moldova there is a main thing: an order, development, success.

- Besides you have listed, I can add, that within three years parliament in which there was a distinct majority, within the limits of a plan of action "Moldova-EU" has accepted more than 220 laws corresponding to the European standards. That is, finally all rests not only and not so much in resoluteness of the power, and all against the same political stability...

- Yes, in stability. Moldova - parliamentary republic. Means to it the parliamentary majority - firm, system, well knowing a situation is necessary. The president is selected the parliamentary majority, the government - the majority, laws are created by the majority, and it assumes overall responsibility for results of board. The people know, who and for what answers. I speak about it with skill as the Ukrainian people, unfortunately, do not know who corrects today in Ukraine. Here to what anarchy and absence of an order leads up. I wish to wish the multinational Moldavian people that it, critically estimating that has, nevertheless, did not change a course. If every day, each two-three years to change political, an economic course as it occurs in Ukraine, it is necessary to begin every time of a blank leaf, and to it there will be no end. Certainly, it is necessary to criticise those who badly works, to demand, that they worked better, but to keep that line which yields result. This most important thing in a life. I have enough lived, and have enough seen. Therefore firmly and resolutely I speak to everyone with whom I meet - protect an order, support those people who try to guide him.

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