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On Tuesday evening in Kishinev there has passed spontaneous protest action against results of elections in the Moldavian parliament. Some thousand the persons notified by sms, have gathered for the areas of Great national meeting to put candles in memory
The reporting from a place of events

Students and schoolboys have crushed buildings and parliament. Who will incur responsibility for them ?

On Tuesday evening in Kishinev there has passed spontaneous protest action against results of elections in the Moldavian parliament. Some thousand the persons notified by sms, have gathered for the areas of Great national meeting to put candles in memory of the lost democracy. And on Tuesday morning the many thousands crowd of young men, schoolboys and students has gathered for the areas, and instead of candles on prospectus of foreheads fires have flared.

In 10 mornings on the area of Great National meeting meeting has been planned. Among organizers there was an association "Hyde Park" and its leader Gennady Brega. However anybody from organizers did not assume, in what this demonstration will pour out. At press conference in agency ""

Gennady Brega, one of organizers of meeting, has declared: we assumed, that no more thousand persons will gather; provide and supervise a situation we could, if would gather to thousand participants.

However participated in the action of ten thousand persons. By noon Tuesday the basic events have moved from the area to a building . Absolutely uncontrolled, nobody the operated crowd has rushed to storm. As the weapon used a granite covering and a concrete basis , the leader from street to the central input in a building. It is literally disassembled on . These bricks completely beat out windows from the first on the third floor. Employees of administration of the president have been evacuated. Some person protected a building with the help and smoke candles. But by 15.00 the crowd all the same has broken inside. Some young men have danced on a balcony of the second floor and have hung out there flags. Some eyewitnesses say, that someone from the attacking pulled out under computers.

Simultaneously there was a parliament storm. When the correspondent of "NANOMETER" there has approached, before an input the fire from doors already flared and window frames - from this an improvised material which have managed to break before protection has lowered on entrance doors. Especially persistent others made the way there, got into ground floor windows, destroying in offices furniture and throwing out on paper street. In crowd I have made out one of employees of the device of parliament who has refused to make comments on an event and have left. In storm of this building took part not only students and schoolboys, but also adult people. A solid kind the woman with bags, whether passing by, whether the teacher any of lycées, whether the teacher has suddenly picked up a stone and has thrown it in a ground floor window, trace other stone, the third has departed... Other woman, the invalid, went with a stick, selecting for road stones too to start them in windows.

Adults was a little, the majority stood around and did not try committing excesses swells. Two women, having heard as I speak in a dictophone various young men throw stones in employees of group , began to shout, that it is good young men, that they wish to live in the democratic country and that I in general should speak in Romanian.

Employees of special division in full fighting equipment blocked lateral inputs in a parliament building. Against attacking they did not undertake any actions. Periodically from a building roof shumo-sound draughts downwards flied, their explosions for some minutes dispersed crowd, then all was started over again.

In perimetre of disorders was a little first aid. In one of them tied up a head to the guy who has suffered at storm (it was wounded with a glass splinter). As the doctor has told, their brigade have removed from other call and have sent on Great national meeting where in fight policemen have suffered. However, when the fast has arrived, policemen has not found out, but to doctors other people - who, as this guy that scratches to process who has stretched sheaves began to address...

By the way, by 18.00 some news agencies the information on two victims has not proved to be true. As have informed us in dispatching first aid, victims are not present. But number of wounded men did not name. We did not manage to contact hospitals: in a dispatching office have told, that it can give the information only, therefore we cannot specify the figure transferred by news agencies - nearby 30 persons.

In general, to give a full and objective picture of that occurs in a city. At present : varies constantly. But it is possible to tell about one with full confidence: people who have provoked the statements these disorders, have appeared are powerless in the face of crowd. Here the information which has been removed from site OMEGA.MD: Leaders of opposition deny the relation to defeat of parliament and administration of the president. They assert, that deduced by them on the area the youth left from under the control and operates spontaneously, nobody obeying. They have declared it to journalists on the meeting which is passing on the central area of Kishinev.

Before holding a meeting leaders Liberally-democratic party Moldova Vladimir Filat, the leader of Liberal party and the head of the Alliance Our Moldova have acted. They have urged participants of the action to refuse aggression.

Despite attempts of oppositional politicians to stop youth action, the situation is not supervised .

Representatives of the youth organisations who have deduced people on the area, declare, informs news agency OMEGA, that responsibility for carrying out of protest demonstrations in the capital centre appreciably is born by oppositional political parties: the Representative of organizational group Arthur Gureu has declared at the press conference which have taken place on Tuesday, that of results of elections opposition parties which have not offered anything the best, than that communists have offered are guilty.

Appreciably responsibility that occurs today, oppositional political parties which too have early counted itself as winners bear, have relaxed, and already saw itself erected to certain positions, - has underlined , having noticed, that the given formations have not offered anything the best, than that communists have offered, giving reason for the actions only to that they are bad, and we - good , - Arthur Gureu has concluded.

By this o'clock we did not manage to receive comments from one of oppositional politicians: all mobile phones either are switched off, or do not answer. But as the colleagues-journalists remembering mass demonstrations, organised in 2002 where schoolboys and students then there was an accurate organisation too took part have noticed. And such disorders that occur now, in the newest history of Moldova was not.

One of colleagues has told, that to the neighbour's boy have told to come on "meeting" school teachers. They will bear responsibility what can happen with their pupils?

Who in general will be responsible for what again involve children in a policy? I saw on the area, near buildings of parliament and tens boys of years till 12-13. What by it to do in this crowd? Who has released them from lessons? Whether their parents where there are their children in school hours know?

Amazingly, but adults with whom I discussed this situation, do not see here anything outstanding. To me have explained, that to children has bothered to live under oppression of communists. to boys has bothered? They have decided to make the protest? Do not make laugh, children.

Now on hours 19.00. The new information that occurs in the capital centre while is not present. It is not excluded, that "children" which have got tired for a day go home. Really tomorrow there will be a second series?

Julia ().

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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