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Anti - home stupidity the 20 th century. Unfortunately, this political dementia evident today, a century after Thomas Mann delivered the sentence. Stories yet to figure out why the perverted form of this defect made its presence felt in April 7, it is in
Anti - home stupidity the 20 th century. Unfortunately, this political dementia evident today, a century after Thomas Mann delivered the sentence. Stories yet to figure out why the perverted form of this defect made its presence felt in April 7, it is in our country. However, as is why it is in Moldova - in this small country, located in the heart of Europe - in the 21 th century came to power the Communist Party, and not merely holds the reins of government for eight years, and with each new mandate strengthens its credibility. As events that followed the announcement of the results of parliamentary elections on 5 April, political upheavals, only strengthens the capacity of the PCRM, the true devotion to the Communist Party and people of faith in her. Therefore, the Party of Communists - the only political force that is not afraid of early elections. Early elections - a big problem for Moldova, we all tried to withdraw its forces from our country, so my conscience is clear to voters, - said Vladimir Voronin at PCRM zonal workshop in Comrat involving an asset of the party's 11 districts south of the country. We have repeatedly won elections in the civilized correct, and this time we will prove commitment to freedom and democracy, - said Voronin.
Moldovan people have to choose between the red and black, between party building and lots of destruction, because it is clear that the April 7 attack was caused not just by the Moldovan Communists ... If only the directors of those events were not informed on the principles of liberty, democracy, social justice, equal rights - principles that protect the Moldovan Communist Party, and several million members and supporters of the European left-wing party. Can not agree with one of the Communist Party, but you can not forbid to preach these values throughout Europe, where communist parties are about 20, not to mention the whole of the left-wing parties. And those who are April 7, threw stones at the windows the main institutions of the Communist authorities in Chisinau, in fact, throwing them into the millions of Europeans. As the leader of one of the European communist parties, Today, in the 21 th century, when the seemingly civilized and trained bitter experience of two world wars of Europe, once again showing symptoms of this political dementia, is becoming alarmingly for the European future.
Fortunately, the Moldavian people would not suffer the disease. In the end, people vote not for political parties, people vote for themselves. And PCRM is the only political force in the country, able to truly defend the interests of the people , - said Vladimir Voronin. And those who once again tries to cast doubt on the safety of our nation, the people of Moldova will receive a decent response because of their independence, well-being of their families and tranquility in the country, people will go to a popular movement. And this form of the ideological struggle is not meat nor any other party - it is with envy even recognize some members of opposition groups. They do not know the unity and dedication to the ideals - they have proven at least twice: April 7, leaving his supporters in the area and away from its involvement in these events, and June 3, feared the vote for president and tolknuv the country into new elections, which burden will fall back to its citizens. In fact, the third of June was not a symbol of opposition to the consolidation of the PCRM, and the result of their dependence on foreign directors, puppeteers, the result of treachery against their own people. And they have shown themselves not united opposition force, and knitted with fear and self-interest group.
Now liberal and liberal-democratic opposition is vulnerable as never before: dangerous games with the voters turned against them the same rating. Nevertheless, you can not underestimate the destructive role. They now suggest that may be even worse, pre-podstrahovyvayas a low appearance before voters in the upcoming elections, the falsification of the results of voting Communist ... There is no doubt that voters bore to the premises, this carnival from opposition politicians and the forthcoming early elections, he would point to this disgraceful phenomenon.
The struggle to be serious, desperate. Combat is no longer parties to the crisis, but with lots of destruction. We, as communists, have no right in it up. Do not spare himself, once again prove that we are - the most creative force in the country! , - Called on his fellow chairman of the PCRM.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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