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The State of Israel, Jerusalem, Kotel. President Vladimir Voronin in the working visit of the State of Israel, visited the Old Town. Theophilus III, Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine: "We anticipate that the light of the Holy Land will overshadow y
The State of Israel, Jerusalem, Kotel. President Vladimir Voronin in the working visit of the State of Israel, visited the Old Town. Theophilus III, Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine: "We anticipate that the light of the Holy Land will overshadow your country and bring prosperity and a better life in the very near future." Shimon Peres: the attribution of the highest awards the Jerusalem Patriarchate - the Order of the Holy Sepulcher - the policy - it is extremely rare.
In the past Sunday, June 21, Vladimir Voronin has visited with a short working visit to Israel. He has been a modest, no returns, no pathos. But:
Many in the media, including electronic, immediately began searching for a black cat in a dark room, making the most unexpected and fantastic motives oroy visit. Particularly affects the following passage: they say, the president. Decided to harness the spiritual forces of Israel to the Orthodox Church and Jewish holy sites help keep the power in Moldova in the upcoming elections.
Today, we inform the reader about everything that did Moldavian President (and, incidentally, has long had an official invitation from the Patriarch Theophilus III) for six hours Sunday in Jerusalem. Without the cuts and speculation. Relying solely on the facts, corroborated by pictures. And remember that for eight years in office, Vladimir Voronin has made so much for the revival of spirituality of the people, the restoration of monasteries and churches in our country, but has not been done ever.
The Holy City.
During a visit to Israel, President Vladimir Voronin, met in Jerusalem to the patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine Feofilom.

His Holiness welcomed the President of the Republic of Moldova in the Holy City of Jerusalem and the Patriarchate.
He noted that for many centuries between the Moldovan people and the Jerusalem Patriarchate, there are very close ties, and stressed the special relationship to the Holy city of Orthodox Christian people of the Republic Moldova.Feofil noted that the Patriarchate of Jerusalem built in the forefront of a number of monasteries, which have great impact on spiritual development of Moldovans. According to him, the holy monastery played a crucial role in the relations between the Orthodox Church and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, in particular the Orthodox Christians of our country have been always piety and sacrifice towards the Holy city.
Theophilus III, presented a high reward, Vladimir Voronin.

The Patriarch stressed that, having independence, Moldovan people has taken its place among the free nations of the world, and expressed hope that with the consolidation of independence and sovereignty of the Moldovan state will be strengthened and the political, economic, religious life in our country and the Republic of Moldova will become even stronger . In this regard, noted the willingness of the patriarch of the Holy city to continue to provide its full moral and spiritual support for the Moldovan people to achieve new successes.

Theophilus drew attention to the growing number of pilgrims from Moldova, who visit the Holy city, regarding it as a symbol of rebirth and change for the better. According to the patriarch, in the indivisibility of the Jerusalem Patriarchate and the Orthodox Christian Church of the Republic of Moldova is our collective strength, which is also in the unity and diversity of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Acquaintance with the holy relics.

Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine blessed by President Vladimir Voronin and the Moldovan people.

- We wish you, Mr. President, every success and good luck during the current visit to Israel. In the spirit of deep communion, linking the Patriarchate of Jerusalem with Moldova. We anticipate that the light of the Holy Land will overshadow your country and bring prosperity and a better life in the very near future. We shadow of our Patriarch love you in Christ and all the people of Moldova. The historical connection between the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Republic of Moldova is experiencing a heyday. And we believe it is your merit, in the name of Holy Church, - said at the conclusion of the welcoming speech, the Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine.
For humility and commitment to the Holy Sepulcher was the head of the Moldovan state is awarded the highest church award - the Order of the Holy Sepulcher. Theophilus III was awarded to Vladimir Voronin this award.
At the entrance to the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher.

Vladimir Voronin expressed his deep appreciation to the Jerusalem Patriarchate, which is the center of Christian spirituality, for this highly appreciated.
The Head of State noted that in the Republic of Moldova the role of church in society is very high. The President said that in our country, where more than 90% of the population is Orthodox Christian, in almost all localities have a holy monastery and operates more than 40 monasteries.
Vladimir Voronin also said that the Orthodox Church has always maintained and still maintains close ties with the Holy Mount Athos, stressing also very active cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church.
The President also said that the Republic of Moldova has a very good relationship between the state and the Orthodox Church for the benefit of its citizens. In this regard, the Head of State stressed that it is now in the Republic of Moldova in the reconstruction process there are many objects of worship and the government fully supports the process of revival of Orthodox Christian culture and traditions.
At Calvary Chapel.

During the meeting, Vladimir Voronin invited the Patriarch to visit the Republic of Moldova to become familiar with the changes occurring in our country in light of the revival of Orthodox Christian Church.
Then, accompanied by a representative of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the president visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where he held a few minutes in prayer at the Holy Sepulcher - the most holy place for Christians of all nationalities, and Calvary Chapel Stone anointing.
While in Israel, President of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, accompanied by the Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, and the Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
In the Western Wall

Yona Metzger read a hymn, prayed to God to open the spiritual gates, and heard expressed by President Vladimir Voronin, the request for the flourishing of state and people of the Republic of Moldova, as well as personal well-being.
In the Western Wall after the manner of the president left a note and a few minutes to pray.
Then, talk with the two heads of state rabbis. The meeting was held in a special room that was built more than 2 thousand years ago, reflecting the high esteem in which very few people are honored, including heads of state.
During the meeting, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, expressed his gratitude to the Moldovan authorities for the very positive attitude towards the Jewish community in Moldova, for his personal contribution to the establishment of the Head of State other than the relationship between the two nations.
Yona Metzger said that the recent delegation Rabbinate of Israel made a working visit to the Republic of Moldova, noting that this event fits into a number of activities that contribute to the strengthening of cooperation and friendship between the two countries and peoples.
The same day, President Vladimir Voronin met with the President of Israel Shimon Peres.
Shimon Peres welcomed Vladimir Voronin, in Israel, stating that takes him as a friend of his country and as a leader who respects people and the liberty of citizens.
Vladimir Voronin, and Shimon Peres.

Peres said that the sympathy of the people of Israel to the Republic of Moldova in the natural force existing between our countries multi sincere friendly relations.

The President of Israel expressed satisfaction with the fact that the Republic of Moldova, despite the difficulties it faces, has achieved considerable success in development.
Vladimir Voronin said that glad to see Shimon Peres after their last meeting, which took place in 2004 during an official visit to the State of Israel.
The Head of State noted that the work experience has inspired Shimon Peres - a prominent policy with 60 years experience of political life, particularly in situations involving the reintegration of the country.
President Vladimir Voronin noted between the two states are very good relations, which laid a solid legal framework, and one of the founders faced many friends of our country in Israel, many of whom were born in Moldova. Citizens of Israel, the people of the Republic of Moldova, actively contribute to the development and promotion of bilateral cooperation in various fields, Vladimir Voronin.
The President also noted between the two countries for effective interaction and internationally.
In addition, the head of State spoke about the political developments in the Republic of Moldova, including those which occurred after the parliamentary elections on 5 April.
Vladimir Voronin stressed that the Republic of Moldova is interested in borrowing the experience of Israel in the application of advanced information technology in the process of organizing and holding elections.
The Head of State also noted the measures taken by Moldovan authorities to implement the European aspirations.
In this context, Israel's president expressed confidence that the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovan people deserve a European future.
The discussion touched upon the possibility of Israeli investment in the economy of our country, including in infrastructure development and tourism.
Shimon Peres has congratulated Vladimir Voronin awarding him the highest award of the Jerusalem Patriarchate - the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, noting that this exceptional case, when the Holy city gets a reward policy.
After the meeting, in Shimon Peres, Vladimir Voronin gave a short interview with the Israeli and Moldovan journalists. The head of the Moldovan state, describing the objectives of the visit, in particular, noted that Moldova needs more investment projects and broader bilateral relations, because we have a lot of friends who once lived in Moldova and now are citizens of the State of Israel. They are respectable people and our relationships can help us to improve the investment climate to increase the volume of export and import operations. The second part of my visit is a spirituality. This is our Orthodox religion, which unites all of us on earth. With great pleasure I wish to point out that by the patriarch of Jerusalem today, I was awarded the highest award of the Jerusalem Orthodox Church. The award is a recognition of the contribution that we made in our country in the reconstruction, renovation and construction of churches and monasteries. More than 90 per cent of Moldovan citizens are Orthodox believers.
- Mr President, this is not your first award of the Orthodox Church. What is the value you represent today?
- So far, all the awards I have received on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is part of the Moldavian church. This award comes from the center of world religion and world Orthodoxy. I regard this as an important reward for all Orthodox believers of the Republic of Moldova.

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