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Press Conference of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, abstracts, photos. Dear present, since the campaign began, to hold this press conference was held organizational capability headquarters PCRM. I am saying this, that no o
Press Conference of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, abstracts, photos. Dear present, since the campaign began, to hold this press conference was held organizational capability headquarters PCRM. I am saying this, that no one raised the question. The theme of the press conference stated quite clearly: early parliamentary elections and Moldova State.

Yes, in this section considers the Communist Party of the campaign. To be or not to be Moldova - this is the essence of the choice to be made to our constituents. For a categorical assessment of the upcoming elections, our party has every reason to. And that is why I say with full responsibility that the elections on 29 July will be a plebiscite in respect of our independence.
To begin with some important points which will open this position, as well as present you with information about the purpose and content of my recent international visits. So, first, why such a radical Communist Party raised questions about the content of these elections? Already heard the questions: What is a plebiscite?, Why escalate passions?, Why would divide society?. Have you noticed that the voicing of these are not rhetorical questions, I just repeat the comments of most opposition media.

The answer is this: it is not our initiative. Our position is simply that we have openly accepted the challenge, which we cast. And yet: we just call a spade a spade. Stop by our opponents hiding behind polunamekami and quotes. From today, all supporters of independence of the Republic of Moldova, we turn to a single call: Protect our Motherland!
Who divided the society?
Who brought it to the oppressive state of insecurity in their own security?
Who are systematically and consistently misinformed the public opinion of Moldova regarding the correctness of the recent elections in the country? Who has led thousands of young people in the destruction of state institutions under the pretext of rigged elections and has not shown that so far no one reality.

Who brought the youth in the area, using lies and slander against our democracy, and then threw it on the square.
Who unleashed a campaign of political necrophilia, fall asleep bodies, all the media and accusing the authorities of the country in terror? And again, without proof!
Who, finally, to the delight takes laurels revolutionaries overthrow the regime without fear, and here at home, hysterical vopit that the events of April 7 - this is the one who's a provocation by the authorities?
Who refused our outstretched hands and all attempts to restore the co hot pursuit social harmony?
Who tore off, finally, the election of the President of Moldova, and with it the stabilization of political and economic situation in the country?

The answer to all these questions, one: it was the liberal opposition!
I have not heard any refutation perturbed by the three liberal parties in respect of unionistskih statements, the President of Romania. Instead, the cries of satisfaction. How cool - Moldova beat! This unhappy creature Pact Molotov-Ribentropa .

I have not heard that the opposition leaders have condemned all those unionistskie slogans that were heard in megaphones the entire day on 7 April. So there was no rebuttal or an apology from the opposition calls for shedding blood, which were in the opposition press eve riots
April 7 ( Timpul). Or the newspaper Timpul, in your opinion, is also controlled by Communists?
What they are doing - this is not the political strategists, this is not a struggle for power. The whole logic of the liberal opposition to action - this is the logic of provocateurs. The purpose of the provocative one - destabilization. This goal is visible to all, without exception. Who now would turn its language to say that the social, economic and political destabilization in Moldova - it is the patriotic task?
All that worked for liberal opposition all these months, has demonstrated that it is not an opponent Party of Communists, a leading opponent of the Republic of Moldova, which means the majority of its citizens.
Yes, it's too tough issue. But this is not our radicalism. So, dear sirs liberals, be prepared to listen to an election and a different view of our motherland. And it will not view the Communist Party - it is the opinion of the people of our country.
Secondly. The political crisis which was triggered by the liberal opposition, has become a significant challenge to the principal foreign policy and domestic priorities of our state. And this is - European integration, the unification of the country, the consolidation of our society, the relations of partnership with Russia. The answer to this challenge and are my last visit to Serbia, Israel and Russia.

I think it is quite effective was my visit to Israel. I visited the country at the invitation of the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus. This award, which I was awarded the Patriarch - The Order of the Holy Sepulcher, of course, merely a pretext for the visit. Although in this case, recognition is not my merit, and merit of our society that have demonstrated over the past eight years, the ability to consolidate, spiritual unity, the Orthodox faithful to its values. I met with the High Rabbi Jonah Metzger of Israel, and President Shimon Peres. Pragmatics visit today is obvious. In the face of severe economic crisis, we need especially to work closely with all international partners in Moldova, to find investments to implement joint programs. Israel, with which we are closely linked, and a huge diaspora, and the current investment program, and the traditional relations of friendship, is a country with a specific perspective for Moldova.
And now, on my visit to Moscow. Canvas meet you all are well known. There are very eloquent, and the outcome of these meetings - and with Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. Policy decisions of Moldova a loan of 500 million dollars. His detailed, legislative support and consideration still needs to be, and Moldova, and Russia. Adopted as the decision to grant Moldova a grant of 20 million dollars to rebuild the Houses of Parliament. We discussed the topic and the Transnistrian settlement. It is important, of course, the willingness of the Russian authorities to immediately begin to implement a package of laws to protect the rights of our citizens employed in the Russian Federation. Lifted all restrictions on the export of goods from Moldova.
Then some talk about that trip Voronin to Moscow - another evidence of the change of foreign policy of Moldova, as well as the support of Russia Communist Party in the elections. Obviously, these speculations are profitable only to those who would like to Moldova has one on one with their problems. After all, how much joy was in the opposition press that the IMF suspended negotiations with our country.

For all the so-called analysts note: my trip to Moscow - this is yet another testimony of our efforts to ensure the stability and genuine economic sovereignty. And I am extremely grateful to our Russian partners for their understanding of the difficult situation faced by Moldova, and its independence after April 7.
And third. Hardness ratings of our categorical and appeals, with which we go to early elections, can not and should not affect the quality of this election campaign. I say in this case on the observance of democratic standards.
I believe that the CPRM - this is the only party that is sincerely interested in the fact that elections in our country were at the highest level. And we have already done so, and ready to be very bias to international monitoring.
There is one problem, which in some sense a headache authorities. This - Public TV and Radio. I am not going to discuss now in detail on this topic, suggest ways and means to further reform Teleradio. A just balance and quality of information in the presentation of a variety of public interest - it is a long way, coupled with constant retraining and professional improvement.

In the context of the current election campaign PCRM decided - to repeat its experience in 2005. Then all the officials the country of power while involved in the campaign, took the decision to completely eliminate their presence on public TV and Radio.
We remain open to the public TV and Radio in all that relates to coverage of our actions, initiatives and press conferences in the block of election news, which will affect all competitors in the election. And, of course, we will be participating in the election debate.
We do believe that the more people will see on the screen of our opposition, the greater will be our top. This, if you want, I reveal to you now chief polittehnologichesky secret PCRM in this election campaign.
Thank you for your attention.

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