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Prospects for the development of human settlements Streshenskogo, Kelerashskogo and Nisporenskogo areas discussed with the President of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. It was attended by cabinet ministers, presidential advisers, representatives
Prospects for the development of human settlements Streshenskogo, Kelerashskogo and Nisporenskogo areas discussed with the President of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. It was attended by cabinet ministers, presidential advisers, representatives of local authorities.

  At the beginning of the meeting, Vladimir Voronin acquainted with all the special government commission analyzing the situation in Streshenskom, Kelerashskom and Nisporenskom areas. In line with this analysis, the three administrative and territorial units create a very difficult position in all areas and levels of development when compared with most parts of the country. A particularly difficult situation is observed in the agricultural sector.
The most acute problems faced by the agricultural sphere of the three areas are the excessive breakdown in the areas of agricultural land and use mostly manual labor.

Thus, in Kelerashskom an area of 21.4 thousand peasant (farmers') holdings of almost 16,3 thousand plots have an area of less than one hectare, and only two farms have land in excess of 100 hectares.

In Nisporenskom area of 20,8 thousand farms more than 11,5 thousand of the handle area of less than one hectare, while in the area Streshenskom such small plots are 7.6 thousand from 11.82 thousand farmers. In general, in these three areas is only seven agricultural cooperatives, which is considerably lower than in other regions of the country.

According to participants, this situation shows very slow progress by local authorities, policy of land consolidation as compared to other regions of the country in which this process takes place much faster. Thus, the consolidating selhozploschadey the whole country is 69%, the republic was established on the date, 225 agricultural.

Smaller sites do not allow the split to introduce advanced technology, which consequently leads to the degradation of soil, to obtain a low yield. For example, the amount received by winter wheat in Streshenskom, Kelerashskom and Nisporenskom areas does not provide the food needs of the population in wheat, is also a small crop of vegetables. In all three areas dominated by monoculture, mainly corn.

As the analysis shows that more than half of garden area Nisporenskogo and Streshenskogo areas and the fifth part in Streshenskom region are not processed. It also reduces the number of livestock, livestock products produced for own use and not for sale.

Possibilities of industrial processing of agricultural products also are not fully utilized. For example, in Nisporenskom area of the seven plants for processing of grapes, only one is equipped with modern equipment.

Based on the current situation, a government commission in line with the initiative of the Head of State has developed a conceptual proposals that will form the basis of socio-economic development Streshenskogo, Kelerashskogo and Nisporenskogo areas. In accordance with the concept, the program should be divided into five sections: economic investment, infrastructure, agriculture and land relations, environment, socio-cultural sector.

The program includes measures for the rational and efficient use of selhozzemel to reorient the owners of the land to the cultivation of intensive crops, which are small areas provide substantial revenues. In this sense, the President recommended to take into account the specific characteristics and traditions of each locality, as well as to advise the owners of the land. To ensure the development of intensive cultivation is required to restore irrigation systems in the region, including the use of the waters of the Prut River to irrigate fields in Nisporenskom area.

Referring to the restoration of the livestock sector, Vladimir Voronin said the feasibility of establishing a modern small farm, and drew attention to the importance of developing a network of small enterprises on processing agricultural products, as well as on the package. Another problem that must be addressed - stand in the affected areas from landslides.

The meeting participants discussed the issue of financial security and socio-economic development Streshenskogo, Kelerashskogo and Nisporenskogo areas. Possible funding sources were identified as the state budget, regional and local budgets, foreign investment. It was also asked to consider the possibility of providing incentives to economic agents, who will invest in the development of industrial infrastructure in the localities of these three areas.

Vladimir Voronin has insisted that in the development and implementation of the program consulted with the residents of these areas, and in this framework were laid out exactly the wishes of local populations of these three areas.

The President stressed that all the proposed measures to change in the lives of the inhabitants of the areas of the country, while stressing that care for each citizen of the Republic of Moldova in particular was a priority for the authorities. In this regard, the Head of State stressed the need to pay greater attention to the development of social sphere of the three areas.

At the meeting it was noted that in the context of the intensification of socio-economic development of these three areas the center of the country and identified issues that must be quickly addressed, in Nisporenskom district has already begun implementation of several pilot projects, the huge social importance, the Government carried out in collaboration with some non-governmental organizations . After completion these projects will be implemented throughout the country.

So, this summer in the area will be introduced Nisporenskom three medical-social project, priority of which was installed in the Nisporenskogo Medical Board as a result of the analysis carried out by local health agencies in collaboration with the Ministry of Health on health and access to health services. These three projects relate to the provision of dental services for children, medical home care for the elderly and disabled; specialist advice provided by professionals of national health-care facilities.

The first project, implemented the Ministry of Health and Dental Association, the five mobile teams of highly qualified doctors arrived with the necessary equipment and materials in Nisporensky District to provide dental care to children of the settlements. Already in the first phase of the project has proved its effectiveness in relation to the high demand for these services in Nisporenskom area, indicating the need of quality medical services in the administrative-territorial unit. In accordance with a special schedule of mobile dental teams will visit all the settlements Nisporenskogo area to provide access to dental advice and a greater number of children.

The second project on health care at home for the elderly and the disabled introduced the National Medical College (NMK), in partnership with the Association nursinga Moldova. Its feasibility has been confirmed by users. The project, about 30 students, accompanied by NMK doctors and teachers and nurses provide medical care and medical-social services at home as the elderly or disabled.

This project is considered a very successful example of cooperation between state and civil society, and is also a model of high civic and social responsibility shown by non-governmental organization.

In the third project with the participation of 35 highly qualified specialists of national health-care facilities, counseling and medical examination in a number of settlements Nisporenskogo area. This project will benefit not only the population of the region, but local doctors who can improve their skills, experience of borrowing from their Republican colleagues from clinics.

Many participants expressed their regret and bewilderment at the fact that in some localities Nisporenskogo district local government - the opposition pose different barriers to the successful implementation of these important social projects. It was hoped that in response to the initiative of the country's leadership to encourage the development of three areas, local authorities will take a constructive approach to overcome the common efforts of the problems faced by residents of settlements.

Despite the circumstances, the central authorities will make great efforts to improve and increase the welfare of the population in this zone and the country as a whole, he said in conclusion, the head of state.

The President demanded that the development of socio-economic development Streshenskogo, Kelerashskogo and Nisporenskogo areas were completed before 1 September 2009.

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