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Small Hall of the Palace of the Republic has collected about 100 journalists at a press conference the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin.
Small Hall of the Palace of the Republic has collected about 100 journalists at a press conference the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin.
Dear friends, Exactly two weeks left before the conclusion of the campaign. Now is the time to let some so-called intermediate, outcome, and at the same time to answer your questions. So, how the current election campaign? How it differs from the previous one, which ended on 5 April?

First, despite the controversy, bitterness and division of the electorate during the campaign, there is a positive thing. It is that our political opponents began to speak about Moldova, its independence, the need of the whole society. They are actively trying to engage in the number of voters by representatives of national minorities. Communist Party welcomes this turn 180 degrees in the ideology of our competitors. And though their political practice has not made consistent with the slogans, we believe that this is a very significant overall achievement of our country. I am convinced that this change is the result of the efforts is the Party of Communists. As President, I am satisfied that on the emotional appeal «to protect our homeland!» Opposition parties responded like a slogan. This in itself gives us hope that after the elections, Moldova avoid a repetition of the events of April 7.

Secondly, I have not yet heard from the opposition party accusations against the authorities about possible fraud. I recall that the last time these accusations were made before the elections on 5 April. All this is undoubtedly a consequence of the fact that over the past 5 April time anyone has not been able to provide the public any evidence about the incorrectness expressed will.

And third, despite an aggressive ideological confrontation, which developed in the framework of this election campaign, I want to note that this is a confrontation with the rare exception not the boundaries of generally accepted democratic procedures. In many ways this is a consequence of the fact that all the political players who survived the events of April 7, trying to prove their commitment to democracy and European values, aspirations of Moldova's European integration.

But at the same time, it is now clear we are witnessing the formation of two political forces in Moldova.

On the one hand - this is Communist Party, which firmly adheres to the principles of social justice and sovereignty of Moldova and its territorial integrity, the integration of openness in cooperation with the EU and CIS.

On the other hand - this is four pravoradikalnye forces that are indifferent to the problem of reintegration of the country, they see no prospects for a strategic partnership with Russia, support for Moldova to join NATO, did not see in the state advocate for the majority, but a night watchman. Nothing about it - this is the logic of liberalism.

I'm not going to criticize our opponents today. It is their values, their worldview. But those voters who want to see Moldova in NATO, which does not need state support for education, health, social protection, relying solely on their forces, who consider the intervention of state institutions in resolving the economic crisis and the useless who see his ideal in the what's happening in the current Ukraine - let the party choose Gimpu, Lupu, Filatov or Urechean.
And it would be a fair choice. All four of these parties to determine their relevance to our strategic partnership with Russia. It is extremely critical and peremptorily. All four of these parties and their leaders continue to talk about rigged elections on 5 April, and that the communists have staged riots on 7 April. In addition, all these parties refuse to potential collaboration with the communists, and seeking to complete CPRM defeat in the elections. If this does not happen now, it is argued, are necessary in regular early elections. And so ad infinitum.

But for those voters who want to live in a neutral country, for those who believe that the majority of society, and that the elderly, women and children - in need of social protection for those who are our road Moldovan identity and the development of our 650 years of statehood ; for those who see in the multinational Moldova - not weakness, as a resource for the consolidation and development for those who believe that the course of European integration is not contrary to the strategic partnership with Russia, for those who sincerely wish to unification of our motherland - is Only a single batch. This - the Party of Communists. It is for this party to be given voice by those who, like all our European partners, believe in the Moldovan democracy and honesty in all taking place in our elections.

Dear friends,

Despite this division of public sentiment, Communist Party after the election is not going to exacerbate the existing no fault of ours public split. On the contrary, we believe that it is our party will have the initiative in the dialogue on a possible new parliamentary consensus. Regardless of the number of mandates obtained the party in the elections on 29 July, PCRM only be able to cope with the mission of consolidating the whole of society.
Already, during the campaign, we offer our political opponents refer to the principles upon which the future can be achieved consensus. The following principles.

First. Concerned work together to overcome the economic crisis on the basis of preserving the stability of the financial system, as well as current social standards, guarantees and commitments.

II. The joint legislative and political work on the European modernization of Moldova. It means a lot. Including the beginning (with the active mediation of the European partners), the negotiation process on the stabilization of inter-state relations between Moldova and Romania. The outcome of the negotiation process is seen between the two countries signed a treaty on the border and the basic political treaty. The same range of tasks include the further reform of the professional public Teleradio, and the demilitarization of the security forces, and increasing the immunity of our electoral system. And, of course, access to the signing of a new agreement with the EU, which will give Moldova a new level of freedom.

Third. Recognition of the reintegration of the country the main objective of statehood. Understanding that this problem can be solved only on the basis of the territorial integrity of Moldova, on the basis of the special status of Transnistria, based on the strengthening of our neutrality, and the complete demilitarization of the country.

Fourth. Further development of national policies in Moldova, based on strengthening and supporting the Moldovan identity, as well as ensuring the civil rights of all nationalities living in Moldova.

Fifth. Maintaining and building partnership with the Republic of Moldova Russian Federation, as well as the intensified efforts of Moldova to the development of multilateral cooperation within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In our view the implementation of these principles can unite our society. And I am ready to answer your questions.

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