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Sapozhnikov, Galina, Komsomolskaya Pravda - Moldova, we can lose - President Vladimir Voronin. Interview about past, present and future.
Sapozhnikov, Galina, Komsomolskaya Pravda - Moldova, we can lose - President Vladimir Voronin. Interview about past, present and future.

- I think, Vladimir, that in April, looking from the window to the crowd, you have experienced deja vu. I am not mistaken - you after all 20 years ago was something like this, when protesters surrounded the building and set fire to the MUP? What's the difference?

- That the crowd was more irregular. That was in 1989, the beginning of national recovery, against the backdrop of the events of the Baltic, which are trying to catch up with the difference in two weeks. We stripped them protest actions on 7 November. The day the police in 3 days, 10 th. It was a pretext.

And now another background, but the excuse they were prepared well before the election. A further one and a half months prior to April 5, just started the election campaign, the opposition forming started complaining that the election of April 5, will necessarily fraudulent. And this thesis is the inevitability of fraud brought all logistics. More or less self-respecting party got sociologists who received food and serve their purpose. Sociologists say: «You will get at least 20-30 seats in Parliament ...» Almost a hundred and twenty places, these sociologists, if everybody's taking, distributed to its customers instead of one hundred. And when ekzitpoll announced two hours after closing the polling results, there was shock. And on 6 April, on the second day after the election, they began the first bacchanalia. But the most interesting was the 7 th.

I stood on the third floor and watched as the filled square. Thousands immediately. And then stopped all operations, there gaper, even thousands. The first stones flew at the glass and the second - in the police, the Carabinieri (this we have the internal forces) - 18-year-old boys military service, such as children, as they are. And they started to beat. 200 carabineros beaten, wounded, mutilated ... Stones flew as bees.

In fact, our opponents were brutally, insolently those who contrive this case. Indeed, the OSCE has recognized the very democratic election, the relevant European standards and to this day months later, not provided with any evidence of fraud. And this is no accident.

I recall, we wisely gave the opposition leadership and the Central Accounting Chamber Guys, here we are, standing in front of you. Check us that want to do! And our openness worked. Nothing is confirmed. No case!

It is important to another. We have not succumbed to 7 April provocation. I was very cool with the Minister of Internal Affairs. I ordered: God forbid that someone in a gun holster! I was going to take risks. Can not stand the guys from the nerves. They protect public order, the Constitution, the country - and then come and start beating scoundrel. And beat them professionally. Terrible, it was to watch ...

But the risk justified. We do not shed blood. And because this is the first defeat of the Orange Revolution of all known cases.

I could not otherwise

- That the mass extradition of Romanian passports to good will not lead, we could see from a couple of years ago. Why you will not do anything? Afraid to lose the image of democracy? Underestimated the situation? Yesterday, in a leaflet that I have, I had read that you are a dictator ... And You do not decide to use force. What was the limiting factor for you?

- In the first series - the children ... But how? I do not think that can come to this, the full serious. I've been on Yuri Rosca wanted to say. He arranged our meetings ARE SUCH protests. Mother Mother! He was sitting at 6 months between the Presidency and Parliament, where the April 7, a crowd riot. But none камушек not fly anywhere. No policeman was zatseplen. We thought that the Moldovan people's mentality is that people do not dare to ever move known facet. And when they moved, the question that the use of force. But when I looked like a gikom and fun as a holiday, the children broke into the building ... So as to raise their hand? At my team disarmed the Carabinieri. But I could not have come otherwise.

- How can we explain the incredible level of aggressiveness with which they are destroyed?

- Attorney-General's Department is examining all of these things. I think this can be attributed to some extent crowd syndrome. A group of people who originally was ready to set an example. Whence came the stones in the center of the city? They are brought from outside. This was all planned and organized. But there is another abomination: We are accused of organizing all this. This is idiocy! We won the elections. No political party in Europe has not won so far. And we, for the joy of this victory, took and burned the Parliament building smashed Presidency? And they go to that stupid and quite serious talk that the team Voronin scenario prepared ...

Where is your dictatorship of the proletariat?

- I know that on 6 April, you wrote down an appeal to the people. It should have been made at the next day. And it was not ...

- I had to leave as president. Appeal to the nation on television and lies ... I wrote it, but was forced to withdraw to the other treatment.

- Well-known Russian economist Mikhail Delyagin recently shared with us konspirologicheskimi theories. He put forward a version that motivated the entire incident was a revolt against state authorities OPG. How do vplesti OPG in the overall mosaic?

- Only after the money. The fact that in the square were the guys from OPG, was visible on the shorn head.

- From Moscow, the situation was seen a little bit different: it seemed that Moldova razdiraema between the two phantoms past: the Romanian and Soviet. Here I see that everything looks a bit different ... you can draw a portrait of Moldova, which your people are at risk of losing when they hit those endless games of democratic? Moldova What can we lose?

- We are a democratic Moldova. We have declared a strategic objective of European integration. And three years successfully worked on a special plan proposed by the European Union. But our European special. We are not going to, for example, to join NATO.

We persevere and continuously implement all the requirements of the constitutional status of neutrality of our country. By the way, the entire opposition - pronatovskaya. But the entire country became pronatovskoy, it is necessary to change the Constitution. Please change. Type in a majority and change! Although such issues should be submitted to a national referendum.

And most importantly, that over 8 years in power, we prove that the Moldovan people has the prospects of Moldova as a sovereign, independent state. All what we have achieved: GDP, improving the level and quality of life in medicine, education and sotsialke born not on the basis that we have opened a new oil or gas. We did not, as there was in 2001. Same people, same people, the same land, the same climate. On the contrary, these years, we pursued the crisis: drought, a flood, the financial crisis, the wine. Despite these crises, Moldova proved that can develop. This is the most important thing that we have proved over the years. And someone wants us to have the Romanian province.

And because the people we support. We are told, what you communists? Where is your dictatorship of the proletariat? Where is your socialization? Where is your Expropriating? No!

Our attitude towards religion has changed, the attitude to property. I will answer them: but where is written that we must be other communists?

Note (shows his party ticket - Author.) - We removed the box «nationality». This international party in the fullest sense. I still do not know the nationalities of the party. And why?

There is no financial crisis. We have - economic.

- We also have in Russia can not understand: Russian surname - Moldavian language ... The President of Moldova - who is he?

- Father of the Irkutsk region. Served in Dubossary officer. He died in August, 41 th year. Immediately. Between Chisinau and Kiev. Then, in 1947 the first year, brought up with the stepfather - he was from Moldova. I was born in Transnistria, and when the President, saying I had a Dubossarskii. They speak a different Moldovan - Moldovan two words, and five Russian and Ukrainian, but all understand each other. I am now at the podium is still the language they speak. I say in Moldovan, Russian move on because the room we sat different audiences, and then again at moldavian, then again in Russian.

- How can you explain the absence of devaluation? Logically, the weak economy should overwhelm the first ...

- To our happiness, our stock market was poorly developed. Collapsed, only one commercial bank - and not because of the crisis, but because of the theft. The value of the property raised to European prices. And the bank collapsed. We had a unique solution: the bank with all the debts, assets and liabilities bought our former bank, where the state has a greater stake than the private sector, and solved the problem within two weeks. Therefore, we have no banking crisis, we have an economy. He explained that a very large income, about 70 per cent were of customs operations. In connection with the reduction in import trade (we bought a lot of materials, but now all dropped), we lose one-third of daily revenue. For us, it very much. Plus the whole summer ... Every day when I reported on the customs revenue, I just spoil the mood.

- Very soon you will have to say farewell speech. Then you have prepared? Will they regret about their own mistakes?

- We will not commit such a strategic error, which would be unfortunate. I can only say about situations and missed opportunities. We have posted more than could have been. We have a country with a gross domestic product of 30.3 percent from last year of Soviet power. 67 percent have been lost as a result of any privatization. And we have raised over these 8 years to 66 per cent of GDP in the country. We will not be ashamed, and after five and ten years. 8 years of difficult, serious, hard work, when one does not think about yourself - for me, they flew like an instant. We are 760 monuments of those who died in the Great Patriotic War, who are with us, restored. It was a national program. Memorial in the heart resulted in the order. His was built in 1965-th year, no it does not fit. Walk a dog, drug addicts, Spahn. We enclose. National Flag, Eternal Flame. All are human. Built a memorial in Sharpenah. This is a unique place where the head lay down more than 14 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers during Yassko-Chisinau operation. I like this monument: a cozy, heartwarming ... Defense Ministry handed over to, it is responsible for watering, the flowers, for cleaning. The neutral state than they should do? Flowers grow though!

In Moldova, the European bison and returned Dragosh

- It is true that in spite of your employment, you have to cultivate grapes and make their own wine?

- True. I have a unique class of the Republic of South Africa, from California, from Italy, France, Ukraine, Moldova. One bunch of - 5 - 8 kg ... What will I do when entering the pension? Policy do? Tired.

- I am at peace for your future. Are you interested. You have weight classes ...

- Mass! Bison in the forest returned, brought from Belarus. And for the first time in Moldova for many centuries was born zubrenok. Represent? His name is, you know what? Dragosh! As the founder of Moldova. I think he would not обиделся.

- So that's why you ascribe dictatorial zamashki ...

- The fact that we vote for the third consecutive time, answers the question: is not a dictator or a dictator. Otherwise, would not vote ... vote for the third time in succession in the heart of Europe for the Communists - it means that something is happening in spite of formal logic! In the West do not want to complicate your life and consider the most simple scheme correct. And it is not. In life increasingly difficult.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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