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Drindl and traht (dirndl and tracht) - as it sounds interesting, you can not find? Try to guess what is it? To be honest, if it were not known, and the head would be broken. Sonorous drindl and landing traht - it is only on the national costumes of th
Drindl and traht (dirndl and tracht) - as it sounds interesting, you can not find? Try to guess what is it? To be honest, if it were not known, and the head would be broken. Sonorous drindl and landing traht - it is only on the national costumes of the Germans. German costume.
Interesting history of Germans in the territory of Moldova. Historians tell us more about the Great Migration, when a fairly large group of German peasants, along with children, the remnants of their miserable belongings and pets arranged for a stranger to them, quite a strange land.
However, for many such relocation was the only salvation, when in fact a better life elsewhere, but not at home: too cruel practices established at the beginning of the XIX century to the German lands. People fled from the constant wars with the devastated lands of the Church of arbitrariness in relation to people of other faiths, from hunger and destitution. Thus, the first major resettlement of Germans took place in 1813 -1817 years, and then in 1821, 1826, 1836 and in 1842 he. As the royal government was genuinely interested in the settlement of vacant land, the displaced have created a very loyal conditions: they are 50 years old was released from paying taxes, gave life to the enjoyment of 60 dessiatinas land; released from army service. German settlements in the Bessarabian land multiplied, and by mid-century, was recorded 21 German settlement. Settlers brought with them not only the notorious German order and formality, but the national costume. Besides that, immigrants come from different areas of Germany - Bavaria, Prussia, Virtemberga, Saxony and Bohemia, costumes, and they differed a rare variety. Although the main features of the national costume were quite similar.
Men are traht - national dress, which consisted of a bridge, frock-coat, white shirt, hats, gaiters and shoes.
Along very different from the Moldovan or Slavic costumes. Edakaya slapdash elegance here next to the tightly buttoned buttons and smartness of. In fact, until the XVI century the Germans used in their everyday clothes just brown and gray colors. The blue elements of attire allowed to include in a suit on Sundays. While such a rigor in the clothing is not only Protestants of northern regions of Germany, but also more free Lutherans. By the beginning of XIX century in the severity of clothes, there have been some breaks - long frock-coat has changed, there zalihvatskie a feather in the hat, jewelry.
Drindl - Women's dress, became the basis for a dignified fashion 60-ies of the last century: the rigid corset, very fluffy skirt just below the knee, fluffy sleeves flashlight. The typical silhouette of female costume, add remaining apron, hat or cap, thick shoes and gaiters. Incidentally, the German shoemakers were these magicians - shoes made with buckles, buckle decorated with who than can, until the gold and diamonds. In contrast to men's suits, women could decorate. Bead embroidery is so tightly braid jacket, he became for a few kilograms heavier. What should I do? I had to endure - it is, like many other nations, the solvency of the entire family.
By the way, having studied the influence of secret characters in clothes that show social and family situation, I began to admire the Germans. Remember how in the movie about the legendary Stirlitz: - If the pot is, the appearance is free, you should not - failure. Do not instruct for an exact quote, but the meaning, I think, is clear. So, in the old German costume, all the same: bow apron on the left side - she is free on the right - married, middle - a widow. Men mayachka role played long frock-coat: single preferred a shorter version, but married men are extremely long frock-coat. But at the trousers are not applied. It does not matter, short pants, or a three-quarters - is to pay attention only to the frock-coat. 
Nadejda Degtiareva.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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