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Televised address of President of the Republic of Moldova Mr. Vladimir Voronin.
Televised address of President of the Republic of Moldova Mr. Vladimir Voronin.
Dear compatriots!
The last eight years in the country's history were the years of creation. And for me as a man who worked two full-time at the highest state post, exactly as remembered those years.
Moldova during this time proved to be capable of being a sovereign state and society that are worthy of independence and democracy. And let the epithet is not the richest country in Europe still pursues Moldova, but now everyone knows how and in what way you can in spite of the most difficult test to move forward. Moving decisively, consistently successful. The secret of this creative development is simple: just relying on his own people, on their own forces, on their own energy and creativity.
They believed we are in 2001, that every four years, we doubled the budget of the country in times to increase pensions, salaries and scholarships? Could we believe that we can truly eradicate organized crime and rid our towns and villages of the gang leaders and their lackeys? Who could have imagined then that a few years, Moldova will be released to the sea and become a country that has stood firmly on the path to European integration? Who could conceive that a poor country, devoid of significant mineral deposits and resources, can increase life expectancy, to restore and build dozens of hospitals and thousands of schools and kindergartens? Finally, how could anyone really no doubt in my heart believe that after some eight years in the country almost ten times increase the area of orchards and vineyards, the fields will return tens of thousands of the most modern technology, and the Moldovan virtually all villages will be supplied with gas , telephones, and the schools will come online?
Yes, all these plans and kind aspirations really overwhelmed our souls, our hearts. We did in 2001, came into power with a sincere desire to change the situation in Moldova for the better. But it is doubtful whether we could do and a fraction of all listed, if not based on mood, interests and aspirations of the overwhelming majority of citizens. It is these interests, we were guided and when out on the expanse of European integration, and when perfected democracy in the country, and when restored into oblivion centuries-old historical ties with Russia, and when exerted tremendous efforts to reunify our country. And, of course, when the whole world, the entire rebuilding of our national shrines - Capriana, Kurki, «Eternitate», Sherpas and thousands of other places in our national memory, faith, and glory.
And today I want to thank you, fellow citizens, for all this colossal work together for all these really phenomenal results, which we can be proud of. This is your result is your success.
I will not hide, with a heavy heart that I pass the reins of the country in the hands of the new government. Do not want to be cunning. I do not believe that politicians are grouped together only on the emotions of denial and denigration of the solid's own country and see the posts are able to offer the public a positive program. I do not believe in their ability to be a team, to run the state, based on your vital interests, rather than on own goals and interests. I am not aware of successful experiments of the Board, which would build on the idea of the elimination of their own country, the dream of its destruction. On this basis can only nurture despair, demoralization and hopelessness. And nothing more.
But nevertheless, I want to be optimistic. First, because half of the Moldovan society unequivocally and categorically advocated the continuation of our chosen course of reform and change. Secondly, because in our country only the people itself makes the final decision on how to develop it, where to go, to what purposes and to what heights of endeavor. Canada has proven that power in our country is changing solely on the basis of democratic principles, which means that our people will always be a chance to stop any malicious script and return to the path of creation. I am optimistic because Moldova was and should remain a democratic country. This means that our country has a future.
I leave the presidency in a time of severe global economic crisis. For years we have had an unequal struggle with the crisis and proved that they can provide decent resistance, even this kind of testing. But now the whole team of my colleagues and associates, we formed all these eight years, with me going into opposition. This, of course, is not the best use of our abilities and opportunities so not an easy moment for our country. Nevertheless, the turn came to our opponents to demonstrate similar qualities, abilities and skills. We are pleased that leave our successors a state without debts to society, with multiple reduction of external debt, huge foreign exchange reserves, with the established plans, strategies and national development concepts in all sectors, spheres and on all fronts - from foreign policy to social areas, from health to science. We leave our successors peace and stability on the Dniester, the confidence of society in the future and international consent. It will be a dangerous mistake if they reject a legacy of the last eight years and rolled on a different path of development.
But in any case, my dear compatriots, we stay with you. In some capacity, but will continue to protect your interests and your rights. And I am convinced that the time of creation will return to Moldovan soil. Otherwise, simply can not be.
I thank all those who those eight years he worked together with us, who believed in us, all those who want us to continue to build a modern and successful European country.
Bye! Goodbye!

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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